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[:en]AlkaViva Athena H2 water ionizer & purifier [:de] AlkaViva Athena H2 Wasser-Ionisator Reiniger ! [:ro]purificator ionizator apa AlkaViva Athena H2 [:es] PURIFICADOR IONIZADOR DE AGUA ALKAVIVA ATHENA H2 [:it] PURIFICATORE IONIZZATORE D' ACQUA ALKAVIVA ATHENA H2 [:fr] PURIFICATEUR IONISEUR D' EAU ALKAVIVA ATHENA H2 [:ru] НОВАЯ СИСТЕМА ОЧИСТКИ ИОНИЗТОР ВОДЫ ALKAVIVA ATHENA H2

The NEW AlkaViva Athena H2 water ionizer (7 electrodes ) & purifier (2 water filters)

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The NEW 7 plate AkaViva Athena H2 water ionizer & purifier (2 filters X 13 stage water filtration)

AlkaViva mid-price water ionizer offering state-of-the-art DUAL water filtration, DUAL Auto Reverse Cleaning DARC , all the latest features including & cutting-edge Hydrogen Infusion Technology!

Premium 13-stage DUAL water-filtration –cleneast  , healthiest mineral water.Cleaner, healthier and better Tasting water! Step up!

Seven Advanced SmartDesign Electrodes.

Fully Automatic DARC-DUAL Auto Reverse Cleaning System –reliable, long lasting water ionization performance , -ORP & H2

Real-time Water Flow Control System.

AutoAdjustTM optimizer –real time adjustment of the power applied on electrodes –  apply the optimum power needed for water ionization depending on the input water hardness & other  VARIABLE parameters

Top Certifications.

AlkaViva's 13 years in business means you can trust the Athena H2 water ionizer & purifier from AlkaViva and our manufacturing!


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Product Description

The NEW  water ionizer (7 electrodes) & purifier (2 water filters) AlkaViva Athena H2  

  AlkaViva TOP quality, mid-price , 7 water ionization plates water ionizer & purifier offering state-of-the-art DUAL  water filtration, DUAL Auto Reverse Cleaning DARC , all the latest features including  AutoAdjust, SMPS   & cutting-edge Hydrogen Infusion Technology!

Launched in 2007, the Athena JS 205 water ionizer & purifier( 2 water filters) is a legend in water purification & ionization industry . It truly created the mid-priced water purifier & ionizer category, and for good reasons.

With top performance and extreme reliablility, the Athena JS 205 water ionizer & purifier( 2 filters)  blew away water purifiers-ionizers twice its price.


The NEW AlkaViva Athena H2  water ionizer & purifer( 2 filters) has been updated to a 7-plate water ionizer model with a next generation SMPS power supply, AutoAdjustTM  ( as the AlkaViva Vesta GL 988 water ionizer – purifier(2 filters) ) and DARC cleaning(as the Athena JS 205 water ionizer & purifier( 2 filters).

Keeping the smaller and efficient standard, it is redesigned with Hydrogen Infusion Technology that specifically optimizes water ionization performance, especially the production of molecular hydrogen or H2. Hence the new name – AlkaVIva Athena H2 water ionizer & purifier.

It performs especially well in –ORP and H2 at lower drinkable levels of pH -thus you get the desired high levels of antioxidative potential-ORP & H2 in the water you will drink(7< pH < 10) as opposed with other water ionizer companies that output higher – ORP values only once the PH get’s higher(>10 ) as well.  

You get the new water ionization performance standard along with the same solid AlkaViva reliability all beautifully packaged in an updated and more attractive design.

Everything that made it so trusted and popular before is now vastly improved. Step up to the new leader in mid-priced category: The Athena H water ionizer & purifier(2 filters) –  a Legend for the future!


The New Athena H2  water ionizer & purifier offers you:


    • Seven Advanced SmartDesign Electrodes. We do not believe in over-sized or over-powered electrodes, which are often a sign of inefficient design. Due to electrode size & power applied on them they degrade faster and have questionable effect in water ionization performance. AlkaViva’s SmartDesign Electrodes are engineered to deliver top water ionization performance, absolute (time tested) reliability and to run with maximum efficiency and lasting durability(time tested). The Athena H2  water ionizer & purifier gives you an ideal balance of seven highly engineered SmartDesign Electrodes, the right amount of power to run them, a good water flow rate and solid, optimum  water ionization performance.
      • How many water ionization plates or electrodes does the Athena H2 water ionizer have?
        The Athena H2 water ionizer is engineered around a water ionization cell with 7 SmartDesign electrodes. Our old model , Athena JS 205 water ionizer & purifier( 2 filters)) . had 5 electrodes. This is a huge upgrade – getting 2 extra, high performing water ionization plates – for the same price!
      • What is SmartDesign electrode ?
        SmartDesign electrodes use state of the art engineering and manufacturing to specifically be super-efficient in regards to water ionization at lower power applied on the electrodes.  We have found the higher the power density used in water ionization, the less H2 stays in the water. Plus the greater the risk of electrodes malfuntion in time.To get the benefit of H2 it has to be in the ionized water. In addition to water ionization performance, running lower power stresses the electrodes /water ionization plates less, which leads to increased water ionizer durability and water ionization performance – especially over time.
      • Are the electrodes solid or mesh? Are they dipped or electro-plated?
        SmartDesign electrodes are the most advanced solid plate design. They are optimized specifically for water ionization efficiency. To achieve the greatest water ionization efficiency, they are electro-plated using a process similar to all our other water ionization plates.
      • What are the electrodes/ water ionization plates made of?
        SmartDesign electrodes are the highest grade platinum and titanium available. The raw materials come from Japan.
    • H2 in ionized water performance at lower, drinkable levels of pH that taste great! Most other water ionization purification systems can create at least a low level of H2. Anything that creates decent H2 also creates it in water that is dangerously high in pH – always well above 10 pH. Not only is it questionable & bad in health terms, but water that high in pH tastes bad! The Athena H2 water ionizer & purifier is better than other water ionization& purification systems in its mid-range price category at delivering H2 in ionized water performance, especially at lower more drinkable – and safer – pH levels of ionized water . Cleaner, healthier and better Tasting water! Step up!BENEFITS OF BIATOMIC HYDROGEN IN WATER-click here
    • Fully Automatic DARC-DUAL Auto Reverse Cleaning System. Clean with every use. Keeping your water ionization plates /electrodes clean is essential to getting water ionization performance, durability & great H2 in ionized water performance. We pioneered lasting water ionization performance with our DARC cleaning system for water ionization plates. The Athena H2  water ionizer & purifier continues that tradition, giving you the convenience of never having to think about cleaning the water cell/ electrodes. water ionization plates or wait for a cleaning cycle. Ultimate insurance!This is a critically important point in regard to H2 , -ORP & other things in regard to water ionization performance. DARC has proven to keep electrodes/ water ionization plates clean and therefore water ionization performance high – especially over time. This is another huge selling feature.
    • Real-time Water Flow Control System. Optimal water flow rate is also critical in achieving optimal hydrogen & water ionization performance. The Athena H2  water ionizer’s Real-time Flow Control System provides you an LCD display and a selectable water flow valve that allows you to set easy and precise control of your water flow rate – every time you use it.
    • AutoAdjustTM optimizer automatically adjusts the water ionizing power giving the Best Water Ionization Performance & depending real time on the water you put into your water ionizer With AutoAdjust the power can be adjusted to the optimal level for your water ensuring you get peak H2 in ionized water performance each and every time you use your Athena Hwater ionizer & purifier
    • Premium 13-stage DUAL water-filtration. Don’t buy an expensive single water filtering system or one with only simple carbon or vitamin C water filters. The Athena Hwater ionizer & purifier ‘s 13 stages of cutting edge water filtration give you healthy water that is pristine clean
      • What about the water filtration?
        The water filters are at least equivalent to our BioStone Plus water filters in regards to water filtration performance. At this time, onboard UltraWater filters are not available for the Athena H2 water ionizer. There is however an external UltraWater filter. We will be developing onboard UltraWater filters for the Athena H2 water ionizer in the future and will announce the release. They will be compatible, and customers can upgrade seamlessly to UltraWater filters once they are available.
      • Does the Athena H2 water ionizer & purifier come with UltraWater filtration?
        Not at this time. However, the Athena H2 water ionizer & purifier is available with UltraWater filtration through the purchase of an external UltraWater filter and housing.
      • Do we have test results on the factory water filters?
        We have been awaiting the production models to test. It didn’t make sense to test the prototypes. Testing will commence November 2015, and we will publish the results as soon as we receive them. We expect the factory water filters to return excellent water filtration results.
      • Does the water filter add any minerals to the water?
        No. The water filters do contain CaSO3, or calcium sulfite, the same as all our water filters. It is in the media formulation for chlorine/chloramine and some heavy metal reduction. It is industry standard.
      • What is the water  filter life?
        1000 gallons of filtered water.
      • Does the Athena H2 water ionizer have a mineral port?
        Yes, it is located in the water filter(see DVD). It accepts the same Scale Guard and calcium baskets as the old Athena JS 205 water ionizer & purifier( 2 filters)) .
      • Do the Athena H2 water ionizer & purifier filter counters count at the same rate?
        Yes. Unlike our old Athena JS 205 water ionizer & purifier( 2 filters))  model, that counted water flow at different rates (customers had to replace the water filters at different intervals) the new one counts at the same rate, and the water filters are replaced at the same time. This is a huge upgrade in customer experience!
      • Do the Athena H2 water ionizer & purifier’s water filters replace at the same time?
        Yes. This upgrade in customer experience cannot be understated.
    • Top Certifications. AlkaViva’s 13 years in business means you can trust the Athena Hwater ionizer & purifier from  AlkaViva and our manufacturing!The Athena H2 water ionizer actually carries more certifications than the old Athena JS 205 water ionizer & purifier( 2 filters)) . The certification logos are right on the web page.
    • Athena H2 water ionizer & purifier certifications
      Athena H2 water ionizer & purifier certifications


      Rate Voltage:  120V / 60Hz

      Power Supply:  Next Generation SMSP with AutoAdjust

      Power Comsumption:  150W

      Dimensions:  12.5” x 14.5” x 5.5” (WxHxD)

      Weight:  12.75 lbs (14.75 Shipped Weight)

      Water Pressure Available:  15~90 psi

      Tap Water Temperature Available:  40 ~ 86F

      Water ionizer Protection Devices:  2 built-in temperature sensors

      Electrolysis / Water Ionization  Method:  Continuous

      Electrodes / Water Ionization Plates:  7 SmartDesign Platinum / Titanium

      Ionized Water Generating Capacity:  Standard (1.5L/min. at 28psi), Max (3.5L/min. at 90psi)

      Ionized Water Settings:  Alkaline Water (5 Levels), Purified Water, Acidic Water (2 Levels)

      Water ionization Plates /Electrodes/  Water Cell Cleaning:  DARC Cleaning SystemDual Automatic Reverse Cleaning

      Water Filters Replacement:  Cartridge Type (2 Filters)

      Water Filters Life: 1,000 gallons

      Voice Recognition:  Yes

      Display:  Negative LCD

      Display Control:  Full Touch Screen (Letter and Image)

      ON/OFF Water Flow Valve Method:  Real-time Flow Control System

    •  AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizers Manual-Melody H2, Athena H2, , Vesta H2
    • AlkaViva Athena H2 water ionizer FAQ

5 years Warranty & FREE SHIPPING

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    • AlkaViva H2 water ionizers compared(Melody H2, Athena H2, Vesta H2)
      AlkaViva H2 water ionizers compared(Melody H2, Athena H2, Vesta H2)
  • How does the water ionization performance (-ORP, H2, etc) of the Athena H2 water ionizer compare to the Athena JS 205 water ionizer & purifier( 2 filters)?
    We have had a Athena H2 water ionizer prototypes since May-water ionization performance is AWESOME. It is approximately 40% stronger than the Jupiter Athena JS205 water ionizer. To put that in perspective, with our Reno tap water, which is typically fairly soft, the Athena JS205 water ionizer would produce -250 ORP on the highest alkaline water ionization setting and at full water  flow. On the same water and water ionization power settings, the Athena H2 water ionizer produces greater than -500 ORP(that is Oxydation Reduction Potential aka the antioxidant power of ionized alkaline water ). The Jupiter Athena JS 205 water ionizer & purifier( 2 filters))  produced .3 to .5 ppm of hydrogen at the highest alkaline water ionization setting on full water flow. With the same water ionization power settings the Athena H2 water ionizer produces .5 – .6 ppm of hydrogen. Of course, we can increase hydrogen production (just like ORP production) in ionized alkaline water by slowing the water flow (i.e. from the water flow control valve) . We have seen the Athena H2 water ionizer produce .9 ppm at a water flow rate of 1liter in 45 seconds. It is important to note that the Athena H2 water ionizer produces these results while maintaining a lower pH of ionized alkaline water(drinking water). Other water ionizers must hit very high pH (generally over 10 pH) of ionized alkaline water to maximize –ORP and H2 output in ionized alkaline water. We think the lower pH of alkaline ionized water approach is safer health-wise and certainly makes the ionized alkaline water better tasting. Because we use less power applied on electrodes(aka water ionization plates), we safeguard against electrode/water ionization plate deterioration, so water ionization performance is sustainable over time. Those are very important selling points.
  • What are the dimensions and weight of the Athena H2 water ionizer?
    The full specifications are on the website The Athena H2 water ionizer  is approximately the same size as its predecessor-Athena JS 205 water ionizer & purifier( 2 filters)) . Because it uses SMPS it is approximately 30% lighter.
  • Can the Athena H2 water ionizer be installed under sink?
    At this time, no. We are currently having the required parts machined. We will announce the undersink conversion kits for AlkaViva H2 water ionizers-Melody H2, Athena H2, Vesta H2 as soon as they are available.
  • What is the price of the Athena H2 water ionizer?
    While we have made significant improvements to the Athena H2 water ionizer , we have been able to maintain the current mid pricing model. Your customers will get a substantially upgraded water ionizer that is more market relevant (especially hydrogen) for the same mid price!
  • Where is the Athena H2 water ionizer manufactured?
    Like our other water ionizers, the plates originate in Japan and final assembly of the water ionizer is done in Korea.

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Weight 6 kg
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