AlkaViva Vesta GL988 VS Enagic SD501

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Compare AlkaViva Vesta GL988 with KANGEN  ENAGIC SD501

AlkaViva Vesta GL988 ENAGIC™ SD501
Vesta Water Ionizer Enagic SD501 Water Ionizer
Overall Rating Overall Rating * *
Price Suggested Retail $2995 $3980
Silver State Certified Independent Lab Performance Rating* pH at highest setting Not Yet Tested 9.46
ORP at highest setting Not Yet Tested -578.7 mv
Flow Rate 3 LPM 8 LPM
Important things to consider about the manufacturer Manufacturer EmcoTech /GL Group EnagicTM
How long making water ionizers? 30 years 12 years
How long in US Released 2012 10 years
Manufacturer Assembler? Manufacturer Manufacturer
True R&D Capability?
ISO or CE Certification ISO9001 & 14001 and CE ISO9001 & 14001 and CE
Safety Certifications?
Verifiable (can you find them?)
Category Rating 2 4
Important things to consider about the company you will buying from How long in Business? Ionlife 14 years EnagicTM USA 10 years
Warranty Limited Lifetime 5 year parts Parts & Labor
Guarantee 60 day money back 15% restocking fee 3 day full money back 20% restocking fee
Water Expertise? Can they help solve your water issue? WQA Water expert on staff / full line of specialty filtration WQA Water expert on staff
Customer Support Full office staff including customer support Full office staff including customer support
Service Center  Factory trained – Dedicated  Factory trained
Headqrters / Warehouse Reno NV, Vancouver BC Torrance, CA
Category Rating 5 3
Electrode Plate Information Number of Electrode Plates 9 7
Electrode Plate design Standard flat Plate Standard flat Plate
Manufacturing process Electroplating Electroplating
Plate source Emco Tech / Japan EnagicTM / Japan
Category Rating 5 4.5
Ionization features Mineral Port? Saline injection
Hot Water Alarm
Flow Rate Indicator
Can unit regulate flow? Onboard Tap only
Category Rating 5 3
Cleaning System / frequency / convenience Cleaning type / frequency Pre/Post cleaning Simple Reverse Polarity / 30 seconds every 15 gals
Eliminates Mineral scaling on plates
Do you have to wait while cleaning? No Yes
Category Rating 5 3
Installation Options How many ways can you install it? 2 Options: Countertop and direct line To tap with diverter only
Category Rating 3 1
Filtration Features Filtration Rating (in microns) .1M & Sediment 5 Micron
Filtration Media GAC with Calcium& Kdf GAC with Calcium
Filter Life indicator Yes, by counter Yes, by timer
Replacement cost $99 $120
Category Rating 5 3
Electrical Power Electrical Supply Advanced SMPS Transformer
Power Consumption 250w 230w / 2.5amps
Category Rating 5 5
Other features to consider Number of pH levels Adjustable to 48 7
Color changing Control Panel?
PH and ORP Display? Yes No
Category Rating 5 4
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