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Biostone 0.01 Micron (.01M) for Jupiter, EmcoTech,AlkaViva water ionizers(Venus Neptune Microlite JP107. Melody ISIS JP 104,Athena JS205, Orion JP109 , UltraDelphi IO400 U)

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  • Hollow Fiber Membrane Technology Removes All Water Borne Viral & Bacterial Contaminants!
  • NO bacteria can pass  by this filter(click here)
  • Reccomended for well water surces
  • Biostone filters remove chlorine AND chloramines.
    Read about the Danger of Chloramine Here.
  • Can be used in the latest Ionlife Water Ionizers (but do not clean as well as the new UltraWater filters)
  • Biostone filters include vortex technology for improved performance.
  • All ingredients are put into the filter housing where sealing is achieved by using high motion heat friction thereby avoiding the need for any harmful chemicals.
  • manufactured in the USA using NSF approved ingredients.

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Product Description

Also called a Hollow membrane filter this filter is the same size filter that is used in kidney dialysis.

ultra filterIt is the finest (smallest micron) domestic filter available and will remove virtually everything except for the essential alkalizing minerals.


Typically, if on city water we recommend the regular Biostone filter but for well water and where there is hyper-allergy issues we recommend this .01M Biostone filter.

We also recommend using a Professional Water Testing service  if not sure about the quality of your water.

The picture above shows a single .01M filter magnified 40 times. Hundreds of these are in a Biostone Ultra Water Filter.

The Biostone .01 Micron (.01M) Granulated Silver-Impregnated Carbon “Ultra” Filter removes chlorine, bad taste, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, all other common water micro-organisms and other contaminants from the incoming water.

What remains is great tasting, CLEAN & HEALTHY water with the essential alkalizing minerals still intact.

The filter also includes a layer of calcium with magnesium plus a layer of tourmaline.

Composed of the highest quality materials

  • The Activated Carbon in the filter comes from the UK and is NSF certified
  • The Calcium in the filter comes from Japan and is certified by the Japanese Government
  • The Ceramic Biostone in the filter is produced in Korea and comes with Korean FDA certification
  • All ingredients are put into the filter housing where sealing is achieved by using high motion heat friction thereby avoiding the need for any harmful chemicals

Filter Composition

– Hollow Fiber Membrane:

The 0.01 micron super-minute porous structured fiber system allows minerals pass but easily eliminates viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites.

NO bacteria can pass  by this filter(click here)

Reccomended for well water surces

– Silver Impregnated Carbon: .

Silver is also impregnated into the carbon to ensure NO bacteria click here can grow in the media.

Because it is embedded, or impregnated, into the carbon the silver does NOT leach into the water. Tests done by the Seoul Department of Health show that NO silver is released from these filters.

The filtering function uses active carbon which is carbon created by burning palm trees at high temperature. This is a secondary pollution-prevention function

– Special Textile Filter:

This filter contains a triple textile filter, so no need to worry about germ propagation.

– Tourmaline Ceramic:

The tourmaline in this patented, state-of-the-art filter really makes a difference in the ability of the water to carry an ionized charge naturally. As the water passes over the tourmaline crystals the ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) is naturally decreased and the water made more bio-available. What this means is if water passes through your water ionizer –even with the power turned off – the water will come out more ionized!

This material produces an 0.03 mA electric current. It has composite functions such as absorption / repulsion, anion formation, etc, that are highly effective for activating tap water.

– Calcium:

Enhances electrolysis capacity, provides an important mineral and improves the taste of the water.

Calcium not only helps to slightly remineralize the water but also naturally sweetens the water and changes volatile fluoride molecules into a benign compound (calcium fluoride).


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Capacity: 1000 gallons
Best Used For: WELL Water
Filter Media: Hollow Fiber Membrane, Calcium, Silver Activated Carbon,  Tourmaline
Estimated Life (1-2 people): 9-12 months
Estimated Life (3-5 people): 6-9 months
Fits Models: Alkal-Life 3000SL, AMWater Actify AK-8000,Aquarius JP-108, Athena JS-205, Melody JP-104, MicroLite JP-107,  Miracle JP-102, Neptune JP-101 Orion JP-109, Regency X, Regency Elite,Ultra-Delphi IO400U, Venus JP-107
Bottom Line: At 1/100th of a micron filtration size, this filter is perfect for filtering out minute particulate matter, such as with well water. But, this filter doesn’t really have the capability to remove chemicals, so you would NOT choose this filter if you own a single-filter water ionizer and have chemically treated municipally supplied water. 
A list of water ionizers that can use the AlkaViva UltraWater Filter are:

  • Alkal-Life 3000SL,
  • AMWater Actify AK-8000,
  • Aquarius JP-108,
  • Athena JS-205,
  • Melody JP-104,
  • MicroLite JP-107,
  • Miracle JP-102,
  • Neptune JP-101
  • Orion JP-109,
  • Regency X,
  • Regency Elite,
  • Ultra-Delphi IO400U, 
  • Venus JP-107,

If you own a model of water ionizer that is not on this list, but this water ionizer filter fits your water ionizer  , please let let us know through our contact page so we may add your model to this list. 

How do I know when my water ionizer filter needs to be replaced?

All water ionizers that use this filter have either a digital numeric readout or a progressive bar indicator. When the numeric readout reaches 9999 (or 999 on 3-digit readouts) or if all of the water ionizer filter bars are lit up, generally a water ionizer filter light will begin to blink letting you know that you’ve reached the maximum capacity of the water ionizer filter. This can also be accompanied by the water ionizer playing a constant tune. This can happen anywhere between 6 to 12 months, depending on the amount of water your family uses. When that occurs, it’s time to change the water ionizer filter. Also, you should change the water ionizer filter at least every 12 months, whether the filter use light is blinking or not.

It has been two years since I changed my water ionizer filter last, but I don’t use the water ionizer that often. Do I still need to change the filter?

YES. Even though you may only be using the water ionizer once in a while, the water ionizer filter media and housing is filled with water. The integrity of the internal filter media will begin to diminish over time, and the inside of the filter will degrade. Therefore, it is imperative that you change your water ionizer filter at least once every 12 months

Is the .01M Biostone Ultra Filter appropriate for city-supplied water?

Not really. Even though the filter contains a small layer of carbon which can absorb chlorine and a few other chemicals, this internal water ionizer filter is not meant to reduce all of the contaminants you would normally find in treated municipal water. However, if your water ionizer has two water filters then you can use this water filter in one of the water filter compartments, while using a more appropriate water filter in the second water filter compartment. But, if your water ionizer has only one water filter, and you have treated city water, it would be best to use the AlkaViva UltraWater Filter instead… which is meant to remove most of the harmful contaminants associated with city-supplied water.

Do I need a filter adapter to fit this water filter into my water ionizer? 

Many water ionizers require a filter adapter to insert this water filter into the water ionizer. When changing the water filter, be sure to remove the filter adapter from the old water filter and insert it onto the new water filter before installation. Otherwise, the water filter will not fit. For those water ionizers that do not use any filter adapters, the water filter fits directly into the water ionizer. If you have lost your water filter adapter contact us.

What does the term “Biostone” refer to?

Biostone refers to the addition of a ceramic formed of the semi-precious mineral tourmaline within the filter.

What is tourmaline & how does it effect the water in my water ionizer?

Tourmaline naturally emits far infrared energy (FIR) and changes the surface tension of the water, making it:

(a) easier to process for the water ionizer and

(b) beginning the negative ion creation process.

In practical terms it means you’ll get better water by far, even with the “Purified Only” water setting, and you’ll get more antioxidant effect with the alkalized water, without an accompanying increase in alkalinity. It’s like an antioxidant ‘supercharger’

.What is the source of the calcium in the filter?

The calcium in the .01M Biostone Ultra Filter is premium food grade calcium and comes from natural Japanese mineral mines.

Is this filter made by AlkaViva?

No, this filter is made by Jupiter Science in Korea, and sold exclusively through AlkaViva in the United States. You can always tell which filters come from Jupiter Science because they are bluish-green in color. 

Finally, rest easy that you have the best price and quality from AlkaVivaIf you’ve been shopping around, tell us what any other model has that this doesn’t.

Buy with confidence. We are an authorized AlkaViva distributor and guarantee caring and professional customer service.We guarantee top value and service and no dishonest discounting on inflated prices!

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  • Helps prevent and even reverse many degenerative illnesses that are due to acidosis(over acidity of cells) by raising your cell alkalinity
  • Decrease in the symptoms of most common illnesses.
  • Cleans & detoxifies our body while delivering a powerful antioxidant.
  • Increases your vitality and energy levels as well as reduces your biological age.
  • Improves the effectiveness of the nutrition from your food,supplements and medicines.
  • Discover the latest and most up-to-date research, including a Nobel Prize winning scientist (update link).
  • Hear what leading health professionals are saying regarding benefits to their patients (link).
  • Learn the most common mis-understandings about alkaline and ionized water(link).
  • Comparison of ionization to distilled, reverse osmosis, tap and spring water.(link)
  • Comparison of water ionizers (including with Kangen Enagic)(link)
  • Oldest, Most Trusted and Successful Water Ionizer company in the World.
  • IonWays(formerJupiter) has manufactured and sold millions of water ionizers world-wide since 1981
  • It holds the most patents on the process & has the lowest return rate in the industry thus can provide BEST QUALITY at DECENT PRICES.
  • The only water ionizers with CE (European), CSA and UL certifications and “Medical Device” certifications (Japan & Korea); 
  • US Lifetime guarantee on ALL our Water ionizers.
  • Free full water consultation to determine best water solution for you.
  • Ten-years-plus experienced Water Experts, to educate and inform.

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