Calcium Cartridge Inserts (2 pcs) for water ionizers Jupiter, EmcoTech, AlkaViva,BionTech


  • Increase water alkalinity by adding natural calcium and magnesium
  • Vegan/vegetarian safe source
  • Each insert lasts for approximately 1 month
  • Pack of 2 inserts

Useful for increasing pH where water is slightly soft(lacks minerals, acid/ low pH). Also may be useful in cases of severe calcium deficiency. These inserts are usually not needed as typically there is plenty of calcium in most parts.

For AlkaViva water ionizers that have an optional mineral cartridge port.

Water ionizers without mineral cartridge port or very soft water areas can use  the internal REmineralizer Max filter which provides a much more sufficient amount of minerals for your water ionizer to operate correctly (or EXTERNAL WATER REMINERALIZER FILTER  if you have a single water filter water ionizer or a water ionizer that is not compatible with  internal water REmineralizer Max filter) that add over 70 essential natural trace minerals back into your low mineral water.


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