What is water ionization?

What is water ionization?

What are the benefits and unique properties of  ionized  alkaline water is and ionized water from an AlkaViva water ionizer  superior to  any other types of water nowadays ?

is Ionized alkaline Water important for health and wellbeing or it is just a myth ?  is there any evidence in this regard ? are there scientific studies , clinical trials on ionized alkaline water and molecular hydrogen water  ? What do the doctors and experts have to say about ionized alkaline water and molecular hydrogen water ? What is the truth about ionized water and molecular hydrogen water ?

what is water ionization?

Every breath we take, every move we make…so goes the song.

Yet every move we make does depend on every breath we take and every drink (or meal) we take, because our movement is fueled by energy that we store in the body. We receive our energy from the triune sources of air, food and water.

Energy doesn’t just ‘drop’ out of the air, food or water that we ingest. In its usual form it is not chemically available. It can’t always be called upon to support every move we make because it is not always ready for chemical reaction.

For any chemical reaction to occur there needs to be two molecules involved, and each of these molecules must have something to ‘trade’, in the form of compatible atoms that are either positively or negatively charged. Positively charged molecules (and the atoms within them) will easily and naturally unite with negatively charged molecules of equivalent and compatible charge.

Put simply, all of your body functions rely on the energy released from the unity of the ‘charge’ of the molecules in it and the opposite ‘charge’ in food water or air that enters it.

So what is an ion?

An ion is any atom that has a positive or a negative charge. A positively charged ion will seek a negatively charged one to unite with, have a glorious ‘coupling’ and then turn into something totally new and available

So why do we rave on so much about negative ions? Because the result of every move you move (a net spending of energy) is a positively charged body. The molecules in your body are left holding a positive charge. They are unavailable for future ‘couplings’ unless we get a new batch of attractive and giving negative ions in quickly.

As we hear so often these days, things aren’t what they used to be. The air is different. Putting it very frankly and unscientifically, it’s full of crud. Positively charged crud. Nothing ever ‘goes away’ on our little green planet and every exhaust, every chimney plume, every cowfart, stays within our thin and fragile ionosphere. It stays in the air we gulp as we run along the beach, it stays in the water we drink, and it stays in the food we eat. And all of it this pollution is useless for energy production within the body.

The air we breath in our garden, only 500 meters from the beach, contains only around 150 negative ions/cc/sec. but it also contains around 700 positive ions. This means that even as we lay on the beach doing absolutely nothing, our bodies are getting short-shifted by 2000 (required) plus 700 positive less 150 negative ions = 2550 ions/cc/second.

Because the environment can no longer supply our basics, our bodies have to negatively ionize the air, water and food that enters our bodies just to get bareminimum ionization needs, and lying there in the sun, they are working non-stop just to supply enough available energy for us to get up off the sand and walk to the car!

Did we always have to do this?

No. We have managed to take our beautiful planet from garden paradise to techno trash in less than a century, and we have done one helluva ‘good’ job. Where once clear air and spring or glacial water gave us all the negative ions we needed, today the same basics actually rob our bodies of energy.

Like the idea of drinking pure rainwater?

Don’t. It robs you of electrons. It is also acidic, having combined with CO2 and pollutants as it falls from the clouds, and so it only contributes to the acidic state of your body.

Want to go to the beach and reinvigorate on pure ocean air?

That air just blew all the way from a Brazilian chemical factory and now it’s your turn to breath it in.

So we are suffocating in our air, drying up in our water, and toxifying as we eat our clean supermarket food.

In a radical state, radical action is required – and we are indeed in a radical state of personal bodily survival. We have lost the negative ions, the life energy we need to even breathe freely.

It’s not hard to understand how we age the way we do. Suddenly we are old and we wonder how it happened. Yet it’s been happening for years because every day our wonderful, amazing bodies have been slugging it out and losing the battle to keep aging at bay. Instead of performing daily housekeeping functions, it is flat out ionizing water food and air to make it energetically available for energy storage.

In 1838, deHufeland wrote in The Art of Prolonging the Life of Man,

” A careful study of the phenomena of the vital force in the organized world leads us to recognize in it the following properties ands laws:the vital force is the most subtle, most penetrating, most invisible agent we have known until now in nature; in this respect it surpasses even light, electricity and magnetism, with which in other respects it seems to have the greatest analogy…We find a striking analogy between the vital force and magnetism. The life force can exist in a free and latent state, and in this respect has a close analogy to heat and electricity.”

More recently, French Scientist Dr J. Belot said,

“When we consider organic life in the light of biophysics, we find that electrical phenomena are at the root of all cellular life and we conclude that the end of everything is an electrical charge.”

In March 1968, 36 years ago, Le Monde reported that the presence of negative ions or ionization facilitates oxygen absorption, aids elimination of CO2 in the alveoli of the lungs, yet positive ions have precisely the opposite effect. Gases, dust, chemical fumes, all enter the body as positive ions, trapping the tiny negative ions in their large absorbent form, rendering your air technically ‘dead’.

When we read the work of Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel Scientist, we begin to understand the absolute importance not only of oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, but the utter importance for our longevity of their entry into the body in negatively charged form. We also begin to see the extent of the effect of common-use substances. A plastic seat (I am sitting on one now!) will accelerate mental fatigue, as will plastic wall coverings. Objects covered in polyethylene produce fields of between 5 and 10,000 volts/meter. In a space enclosed by polyethylene the rate can skyrocket to 100,000 volts/meter. Certain synthetic clothes are strong enough to set up a field that repels all negative ions in your immediate vicinity! Go stand on a mountain; it won’t help much if you’re wearing your favorite synthetic ski jacket!

Without adequate negative ions, we are literally working ourselves to death and we don’t even realize it. Yet the technology now exists to replace the body’s load, to support the immune system, and to promote not just a long life, but a strong, vital life.

With water ionization, you are now able to derive huge quantities of negatively charged ions as Hydroxyl ions in a microclustered form that will flow between cell walls and react with acid wastes that are causing energy loss, lethargy and a predisposition to many illnesses

Furthermore you are able to obtain an incredible antioxidant and antiinflamtory agent called molecular hydrogen H2

What are water ionizers & purifiers and how do they work?

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