Comparing Ionized Water Filters with Other Methods Of Water Treatment

Comparing Ionized Water Filters with Other Methods Of Water Treatment

It is difficult to directly compare Ionizing Water Filters with other forms of water filtration because a water  ionizer is so much more than a water filter. However as many customers have asked us to do so, we present below our comparisons, based on many individual tests and research.


Charcoal Water Filters utilize charcoal derived from coconut husk as a water filter medium. This absorbs impurities as the water passes through. This form of water filter comprises possibly 95% of those in use domestically, because they are simple to install, relatively economical, and filter out the most deadly of water contaminants, Cryptosporidium and Giardia. An average charcoal water filter will last a family 6-9 months. Some charcoal water filters are enhanced by the use of activated silver, which provides extra antibacterial protection. Minerals in solution can still permeate a charcoal water filter. These minerals are essential to health.


• effectively remove pollutants (herbicides, pesticides,
• remove chlorine;
• does not remove useful mineral;
• improve the taste of water;
• reduced cost;
• suitable for water from the public network;
• very common.


• lose effectiveness over time;
• may allow the development of anaerobic bacteria
• does not remove bacteria and viruses that may be in  water;
• does not filter the water form  heavy metals.

KDF water filters 

• Effective water at high temperature;
• are recyclable;
• Remove heavy metals;
• remove chlorine;
• inhibit bacterial growth.
• do not remove pollutants (herbicides, pesticides,
• Do not remove bacteria and viruses that are in

Reverse Osmosis water filters use a fine membrane to filter through osmotic process. They take everything out of the water, leaving pure water . Usually installed under-sink, they require a serviceman to come every few months to install a new membrane.

note: Water filtered with reverse osmosis is NOT healthy to drink .Dangers of reverse osmosis filtered water  click here, here (update link ) & hereupdate link) 

Distillers use electricity to heat tap water to boiling point. Impurities are left in the boiling container and the purified water  condensate drains back into a clean container. They require a fair degree of power and cannot give immediate supply, because the boiling process must be completed before water is available.


• removes nitrites and nitrates;

• removes bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, parasites;

• suitable for water from wells .


• do not remove pollutants;
• do not remove chlorine;
• high price and high maintenance cost;
• very slow filtration process 2-10 liters of water per hour;
• filtered water collection tank required;
• de-mineralized water;
• electricity consumption;
• high consumption of water: 3-8 liters per liter of purified water;
• need to be connected to the carbon filter remineralization and active filters .

note: Like Reverse osmosis filltered water, distilled water is NOT healthy to drink .Dangers of distilled water click here, here (update link ) & hereupdate link) 

UltraViolet water filters use a UV light to kill bacteria in the water. They are very seldom seen in domestic units because of the problem of keeping the light clean. Some water ionizers have small UV lights fitted but they have been shown to have little or no effect.


• Sterilizes water;


• limited lifetime of the bulb;
• require careful monitoring of operation
• not effective if the water contains
• complementary to different systems
of water filtration.


 Ceramic water filters

•  used as portable water filters. • do not remove chlorine;
• do not remove pollutants;
• require periodic washing of the filter.

Backflush water filters: Every now and then a ‘new’ system appears on the market claiming to offer extremely long life without water filter changes. This is usually a backflush system. There are no proven long-term backflush systems on the market – probably because their claims of long life without water filter change never live up to the facts. They are almost always two to four times the cost of the basic charcoal water filter unit, but justify this by their claims of longevity. 

None of these groups provide ionization


There are many forms of water filters and all have some merit. These include:

Magnetic water filters

Fundamentally, this involves passing the water over or through a magnetic field. This has the effect of rearrangement of ions. Without the fundamental ‘splitting’ of ions that occurs in the Water Ionizer (H2O to OH- and HO) lasting change is not possible, although many claims are made by the manufacturers. Free standing magnetic water filtration units do not filter the water or change it’s pH. We have tested units that utilize magnetism and have found a wide variation in results.

Energetic water filters 

These are usually attached at the entry of water to the home. They ‘align’ the water using various methods based to varying degree on the works of Viktor Schauberger, a pioneer in water research. Although they do ‘soften’ the water, they do not change the pH or the REDOX (Positive or negative charge) of the water, nor do they filter the water. In our experience, water filters attached to systems with previously installed Energizers work extremely well.

Vortex water filters 

A number of units use vortex flow of water prior to output. They also appear to soften the water, but do not filter, ionize or change the REDOX potential of the water .

Chemical Additive

The most well known of these is MICROHYDRIN, a tablet that when added to water, changes the REDOX dramatically. Normal dose requirement per person is 4 per day at about $0.50 each.

A new entry to the market is “Unique Water” which is ordinary spring water with added magnesium carbonate. This wholesales at $0.55 per 600 ml bottle, and for minimum recommended therapeutic use, two bottles per person per day is recommended. For a family of four this comes to $1584 per year and slightly less than 3,000 plastic bottles per year. The water is not ionized.

Pi Water filtration

PiWater is the combination of conventional water filtration (sand bed, charcoal) with magnetic, mineral addition and FIR (Far InfraRed) energetics. It acts like a standard countertop water filter but it also adds beneficial minerals to the water, changes the molecular structure, magnetizes and energizes using a unique form of ceramics. The Pi-Filter will last up to 3 years with normal use before needing replacement.

water filters with resins -ion exchange

• retain lead and other heavy metals. • filtering is used in combination with activated carbon to complete the spectrum of the filter.

These above are some of the technologies filtration water purification and processing common today.

The range of domestic water filters for AlkaViva  water ionizers  is wide and can solve any problem your water  may have  

We provide domestic water filters that filter water water all contaminants known (disinfectants: chlorine, chloramines, trihalomethane, halo-acetic acids, etc.. Chemical: fluoride, pharmaceuticals, agricultural waste, industrial detergents, volatile organic compounds, PCBs, etc. , heavy metals: lead, arsenic, aluminum, asbestos, copper, mercury, chromium-6, et x, even withradioactive particles Radionuclide: Radium, Uranium, Alpha and Beta particles. etc ) and other harmful contaminants with amazing accuracy 99 9%  Water filters designed to filter water and fluoride and arsenic among other contaminants from those described, water filters designed to filter allmicroorganisms, viruses, bacteria, water filter sediment , etc..

All filters water filters AlkaViva excellent water contaminants and keeps the body essential minerals naturally present in water (we even a water remineralization over 70 minerals (calcium, cesium, potassium, rubidium, etc.) for depleted mineral waters) and most technologies include filtering / processing machine of the above water as well as others such as tourmaline, which involves:

-Reducing the size of micro-cluster – micro-structured water naturally 
Naturally-alkalizing water 
-Increasing DO (dissolved oxygen) water naturally 
Increased taste and odor minimizing water 
-Energy FIR (Far Infrared) that Tourmaline naturally emits causes a resonance in the body at the same frequency as water,

We and other water filters besides those described above to address and resolve any issues you may have water (eg water too hard or too acidic water, etc).

We can solve optimally and reasonable price.

CONTACT U.S. for a free consultation (possibly with a laboratory analysis of your water)

For example, f iltrele Biostone alkaline water, calcium tourmaline containing layer in a multilayer carbon water filter, anti-bacterial. Allow beneficial minerals to pass and come in two versions:

One. Filtering water with precision 0.1-Micron water filter Biostone Plus

February. Precision water filter 0.01 Micron – Hollow Biostone water filter(which filters water ALL microorganisms, viruses, bacteria , etc.)

  • One. F iltra alkaline water Biostone Plus .1 M

Domestic water ionizer water filter, water filter with 0.1 micron accuracychlorine, chloramines, bad taste, fluoride, Guardia, Cryptosporidium, ALL other micro-organisms and other contaminants common in water.

What remains is the water clean and healthy, including essential alkaline minerals remaining.

In addition, it provides naturally structured water, water alcalinina, apc level c rescale DO (dissolved oxygen), water taste and odor increased dueTourmaline produces a body resonance at the same frequency as water,

Biostone water filter Plus .1 Micron (.1 M) granulated carbon water filter 9 layers, contains no silver impregnated

biostone plus filter

biostone plus filter

“” Plus “in the name refers to the recent re – engineering a water filter to remove chloramines additional (cancer-product of chlorination of water).

What remains is the water clean and healthy, including essential alkaline minerals remaining.

To give you an idea of ​​how good this water filter – there are 25,000 microns in an inch. There are 250,000 in a 0.1 M inches.

ONLY Biostone Plus water filter water ionizers AlkaViva (IonWays) include ingredients to help filter water chloramines and heavy metals.

9 stages water filter “state-of-the-art” Premium water filter that usessolid carbon block technology hydraulic & centaur vortex ..

Features nine-stage water filter Biostone Plus:

Centaur Carbon Block Technology
Biostone Plus filter is designed to remove the water of chlorine and chloramines; filtering water trihalomethanes, phenols, sediment, odor, sour taste, organic waste, lead, pesticides and bacteria of all kinds. Activated carbon, granular standard contains space “negative”, which allows water to pass through them without coming into contact with the media. Solid block technology forces water to pass through a “wall” solid carbon that makes each water molecule to come into contact with the media.

Biostone Plus uses superior grade Centaur carbon and solid technology – block – both industry firsts filtration – water ionization!

Centaur Carbon Block Water Filtration offers,

a) surface 150 times more than the surface granulated activated carbon

b) 20-fold more than the adsorption capacity of granular activated carbon,

c) 10-fold faster than the rate of absorption of the activated carbon granules.

Technology “Cutting Edge” KDF

Increasing contact time for better removal of contaminants increased flow rates, and a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process that produces less waste. This type of recently improved KDF filter provides high water and chlorine bleach, most of the heavy metals (such as iron, mercury and lead), plus manganese and hydrogen sulphide.

Vortex hydraulics technology
New body Biostone Plus contains stunning natural properties of hydraulic vortex, which reduces “channeling” and ensures optimum performance and longevity of water filter.

In addition contineO jewelry / gemstone that naturally emits infrared energy, which initiates negative ion creation even before the water is ionized and reduces the surface tension and all about tourmaline The benefits mentioned above ..

  • Biostone HOLLOW 0.01 micron

Two. Biostione HOLLOW has a 100 times better precision, 0.01 micron respectively – not pleased and water filter membrane Hollow this filter is the same size filtering water used in kidney dialysis

Alkaline water filter home with the best accuracy (lowest range micron) available water will filter virtually everything except essential and necessary alkaline minerals organism.

Typically, if you have the source of water – Municipal water is sufficiently alkaline water filter Plus Biostone but spring water or drilled or hyper-allergy issues this alkaline water filter is the most suitable

It is best to use a water testing service professional if you are unsure of your water quality

ultra filter

image shows a single .01 M filter increased 40 times. HUNDREDS of it are in a water filter Biostone HOLLOW.

Biostone alkaline water filter Micron .01 (.01 M) Carbon Silver impregnated Granular – chloruri filter, bad taste, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, ALL other microorganisms, funghi, bacteria and viruses and other contaminants from your water source.

What remains is the water clean and healthy, including essential alkaline minerals remaining.

Compare this with your pure water / Purified – purifying water, distilled water (deuterium depleted water), water filter reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier filter water purifier and other make pure water / purified dangerous for domestic consumption, where you get pure water, which is often highly acidic and all the essential minerals removed!

This filter water contains calcium and magnesium layer plus onetourmaline.

Composed of the highest quality materials:

  • Activated carbon water filter comes from the UK and is NSF certified
  • Calcium in water filter comes from Japan and is certified by the Government of Japan
  • Biostone ceramic water filter is produced in Korea and comes with KoreanFDA certification
  • All ingredients are placed in the filter housing the sealing water, where the sealis achieved by the use of stronger high heat of friction so as to avoid the need for any harmful chemicals

Composition Biostone water filter HOLLOW
– Hollow fiber membrane:

0.01 micron super – carefully – structured porous fiber system allows minerals to move, but removes viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites.

Microorganisms, viruses, bacteria can not pass through this filter (click here)

Suitable for water sources drilled / spring

– Silver impregnated carbon:.

Silver is also impregnated carbon to ensure that bacteria can not grow in the media.

Because it is embedded, or impregnated carbon, the silver does not leak water.
Tests conducted by the Department of Health show that Seoul no trace of silver is not released from these water filters.

Function uses charcoal water filter that is created by burning palm carbon at high temperature. This is a function to prevent secondary pollution.

– Special filter cloth:

This filter contains a filter fabric triple, so no need to worry about the spread of germs.

– Ceramic Tourmaline:

Tourmaline in this patented alkaline water filter onizata / patented “state-of –the-art” and really make a difference in the ability to carry a load water ionizer naturally. When water passes over the tourmaline crystals the ORP (oxygen reduction potential) is naturally decreased and the water becomes more bio-available.
What this means is if water passes through this filter water ionizer right offelectric – Ionized water will come out!

Does composite functions such as absorption / repulsion, anion formation, etc., which are very effective to enable drinking water from the tap, and the previously spoken about tourmaline

– Calcium:

Improves the capacity of the electrolysis, and provides an important alkalinemineral water enhances the taste.

Calcium helps not only easy remineralization of water, but also naturally sweetened water and volatile fluorinated molecules changes in the benign compound (calcium fluoride)


  • Water Filter Ultrawater

Remains the ultimate water filter water filter patented AlkaViva Ultrawateroffering free, in addition to standard water filters to purchase any device filter – water ionization Alkaviva

Curative mineral water filters

ONLY water filter that filters water from all contaminants known water(disinfectants: chlorine, chloramines, trihalomethane, halo-acetic acids, etc.. Chemicals: fluoride, pharmaceuticals, agricultural waste, industrial detergents, volatile organic compounds, PCBs, etc. , heavy metals: lead, arsenic, aluminum, asbestos, copper, mercury, chromium-6, et x, even withradioactive particles Radionuclide: Radium, Uranium, Alpha and Beta particles. etc ) and other harmful contaminants with amazing accuracy 99 9%.

NOT filter and minerals necessary and beneficial organism, naturally present in water


ONLY water ionizer filter tested in an independent laboratory to U.S. government standards EPA / NELAP, Certificate.


ONLY ionized water filter designed using PCA certified water specialists, engineers and doctors.

Healthy Water Filters

Created with doctors and do not eliminate natural mineral water healthy (aspurified water, distilled water (deuterium depleted water), water filtered by reverse osmosis (RO and others).

Natural water filters

100% natural materials, no chemicals, all natural and sustainable media,including tourmaline.


Reduce the amount of plastic waste by 95%.


Say NO to bottled water forever.


He created a revenue stream to help others enjoy clean water and healthy.

Compare with purified water-purifier water, distilled water (deuterium depleted water), water filtered by reverse osmosis (RO) s have bottled water


Cleaner, Green, Natural, Healthy, CERTIFICATE UltraWater_logo

We and other water filters besides those described above to address and resolve any issues you may have water (eg water too hard or too acidic water, etc).

We can solve optimally and reasonable price.

CONTACT U.S. for a free consultation (possibly with a laboratory analysis of your water)

These water filters are water filters AlkaViva domestic water ionizers AlkaViva, proprietary standards developed in U.S. EPA certified NELAP.

In addition, and especially in water filtration and pre-filtration as described above for water (cleaning contaminants and contaminant only, not what is beneficial organism) and pretatare water (natural alkalizing, natural dissolved oxygen, natural antioxidant, bioavailable, biofeedback water body, etc.) plus ionization WATER (electricity, electrolysis)

ONLY electrically ionized water (electrolysis), after having been previously filtered acquire properties that no other water today no longer has:

Apa IONIZATA AlkaViva are multiple proprietati si beneficii pentru sanatateUNICE ( pe care nici un alt tip de apa nu le poseda) printre care: apa minerala FARA contaminanti, apa structurata cu legături de hidrogen, apa structurata molecular în grupuri/clustere apa de 4 – 6 molecule H20 , apa cu formă hexagonala ( ca un fulg de zăpadă ), apa alcalina cu  un pH EXTREM de alcalin ( de 100 la mii de ori mai alcalin decât orice alt tip apa ), apa bogata in oxigen activ (toate celelalte ape sunt lipsite de acest beneficiu) , apa cu milioane de ioni de hidroxil per sticlă si apa ce ofera un puternic ANTIOXIDANT , numit -ORP , apa VIRGINA – apa ” PURA “ – apa a carei memorie electromagnetica EMF a fost RESETATA la ZERO , apa VIE ( NUMAI apa ionizată alcalina are această calitate) , apa cu proprietati super conductive , apa care are o tensiune joasă de suprafață, apa cu polaritate pozitivă .

Apa alcalina ionizata este foarte pozitiv perceputa de organsim si fiintele vii.  

Apa alcalina ionizata este de mii de ori mai sanatoasa pentru corpul tau decat orice alta apa .

Ce sunt ionizatoarele de apa și cum funcționează ?


Atunci cand achizitionati un aparat filtrare – ionizare/ ionizat apa , asigurati-va sa alegeti in cunostiinta de cauza unul adecvat nevoilor dvs personale. Va rugam sa luati in considerare urmatoarele informatii INAINTE de a face o astfel de achizitie importanta si de multe ori, costisitoare si cu potential impact (benefic sau nociv) asupra sanatatii dvs:

NU am comercializat intotdeauna ionizatoare apa EmcoTech. Impreuna, noi cei de la AlkaViva, am importat si produs filtre apa si oferit suport si chiar am detinut si alte firme precum Kangen EnagicTM, Toyo , AlkaBlue, Nexus , , KYK, Tyrent,Life Ionizer si multe alte firme de TOP ( nu ne referim la marci ieftin construite China/Taiwan precum Chanson, etc) . Cu toate acestea, de-a lungul timpul;ui , am ajuns la concluzia ca ionizatoarele produse Emco Tech sunt cele mai bune si acestea merita promovate si sustinute prin garantie service si suport, filtre apa speciale, kituri conversie si multe altele de catre noi, echipa AlkaViva.

Dacă doriți doar pentru a COMPARA aparatele filtrare-ionizare apa Alkaviva cu alte firme va propunem:

Din MULTIPLE MOTIVE SOLIDE, aparatele filtrare – ionizatoare apa AlkaViva sunt CELE MAI BUNE din LUME (LIDERI LA NIVEL GLOBAL) -click aici


Acestea sunt motivele pentru care aparatele filtrare – ionizare de apa AlkaViva/EmcoTech sunt cele mai bune (plus bine vandute , recunoscute si recomandate de cei mai multi experti cat si utilizatori ) din LUME.

Ce model aparat filtrare- ionizare apa AlkaViva să aleg ?

Un aparat apa hidrogenata / ionizator apa AlkaViva este un dispozitiv/aparat filtrare – ionizare apa ALL IN ONE:

– un EXCELENT dispozitiv/aparat FILTRARE apa de TOTI contaminantii si NUMAI de contaminanti, NU si de minerale benefice , datorita exceptionalelorfiltre apa brevetate AlkaViva Ultrawater , oferite GRATUIT , IN PLUS la filtrele apa standard cu achizitionarea oricarui aparat filtrare – ionizare apa Alkaviva

-un aparat ionizare / ionizat apa ce filtreaza apa si de fluoruri si arsenic , filtreaza apa de microorganisme, virusi , bacterii, filtreaza apa de sedimente , etc PASTRAND mineralele esentiale organismului prezente in mod natural in apa (ofera chiar si o remineralizare a apei cu peste 70 minerale (calciu, cesiu, potasiu, rubidiu, etc) pt apele saracite de minerale)

Si ORICE ALTA problema ar putea avea apa dvs (de exemplu apa prea dura sau apa prea acida, etc) o PUTEM rezolva in mod optim si rezonabil ca pret.

CONTACTATI-NE pentru o consultatie GRATUITA (eventual cu o analiza a apei dvs)

-un PERFORMANT dispozitiv/aparat ionizare apa ( alcalinizare OPTIMA, similara cu apa alcalina naturala din vaile longevitate si imbogatire apa cu antioxidanti (apa minerala alcalina antioxidanta) sau de acidifere apa),GARANTAT sa DEPASEASCA IN PERFORMANTE ionizare apa cat si in DURABILITATE ORICE ALTA FIRMA, INDIFERENT DE PRET. REZULTATE TESTE LABORATOR STAT , GUVERNAMENTAL, INDEPENDENT, CERTIFICAT EPA SUA -click aici

– un PUTERNIC dispozitiv/aparat generator apa vie , dovedit si in teste Canada-click aici

Un dispozitiv ce genereaza apa IONIZATA AlkaViva are multiple proprietati si beneficii pentru sanatate UNICE ( pe care nici un alt tip de apa nu le poseda) printre care: apa minerala FARA contaminanti, apa structurata cu legături de hidrogen, apa structurata molecular în grupuri/clustere apa de 4 – 6 molecule H20 , apa cu formă hexagonala ( ca un fulg de zăpadă ) , apa alcalina cu un pH EXTREM de alcalin ( de 100 la mii de ori mai alcalin decât orice alt tip apa ) , apa bogata in oxigen activ , apa cu milioane de ioni de hidroxil per sticlă si apa ce ofera un puternic ANTIOXIDANT , numit ORP . (nici un alt tip de apa NU are acest avantaj incredibil) , apa VIRGINA – apa ” PURA “ (apa a carei memorie electromagnetica EMF a fost RESETATA la ZERO) , apa VIE (NUMAI apa ionizată alcalina are această calitate) , apa cu proprietati super conductive , apa care are o tensiune joasă de suprafață, apa cu polaritate pozitivă .NICI UN ALT TIP DE APA NU ARE TOATE ACESTE PROPRIETATI SI BENEFICII SIMULTAN.

Apa alcalina ionizata AlkaViva este foarte pozitiv perceputa de organsim si fiintele vii. Apa alcalina ionizata este de mii de ori mai sanatoasa pentru corpul tau decat orice alta apa .

Pentru cei ce doresc sa vada cat de PREMIATA, CERTIFICATA si PATENTATA pe plan INTERNATIONAL este tehnnologia AlkaViva-click aici

TOATE de mai sus de la ionizatoare apa la un pret mult mai rezonabil si accesibil decat ofera/cere competitia pentru produse inferioare ca PERFORMANTE, CALITATE, FIABILITATE, DURABILITATE.

Credeti ca nu va permiteti un ionizator de apa de CALITATE AlkaViva(oricum mai rezonabil la pret ca alte firme cu produse demonstrate a fi inferioare ) sau ca acesta nu isi amortizeaza costul in termen foarte scurt ?Faceti dvs un calcul simplu (nu dorim sa va influentam ) si comparati cu cat cheltuiti pe apa imbuteilata tipica ( nu ASD la 25 lei litru ci “ieftina” apa imbuteliata “doar “cativa lei sticla 2 litri), ca famile, la un cosnum zilnic mediu de 2 litri per membru, doar intr-un an.
Veti ramane surprinsi cat de RENTABIL este de fapt un aparat filtrare- ionizare apa de calitate AlkaViva ,care eo investitie pe ..ViATA!

Premii, certificari, brevete , aprobari medicale , sustineri si recomandari din partea unor prof. doctori si experti pe plan international : Dr Robert O Young, Dr Baroody , Shang Wang , studii stiintifice si teste clinice efectute in spitale, pe sportivi:

– sunt de toate, datorita experientei UNICE de peste 30 ani in acest domeniu.

AlkaViva e NUMARUL 1 pe GLOB din multiple motive SOLIDE-click aici

Totusi, AlkaViva e NUMARUL 1 PE GLOB si datorita faptului ca , desi are zeci de premii, brevete, certifcari, aprobari , sustineri, departament impresionant de R&D (cercetare- dezvoltare) si nu in ultimul rand PRODUSE DEMONSTRATE si TESTATE IN TIMP a fi cele mai bune din LUME ( nu doar in testele laborator independent) , este si o firma profesionista si corecta in afirmatiile facute: afirmatii NEargumentate NU isi au locul .

Pentru TOT ce afirma poate prezenta zeci de dovezi.Analizati bine piata inainte de a face o astfel de investitie in sanatatea dvs .



Analizati bine piata inainte de a face o astfel de investitie cu potential impact in sanatatea dvs .

Cum va poate ajuta apa vie produsa de ionizatoarele apa Alkaviva(inclusiv teste clinice, studii stiintifice, medici si experti ,etc) -click aici

Pentru orice nelamurire sau intrebari va rugam sa ne CONTACTATI -chat, mail, telefon




  • Companiile partener cuvechime maxima , cele mai de încredere și de succes indomeniul ionizatoarelor de apa din LUME.
  • EMCOTECH( ex Jupiter) a produs și a vândut milioane de ionizatoare de apa la nivel mondial inca din 1981 si esteLIDER MONDIA L ce conduce prin PERFORMANTE ( asa cum rezulta din teste laborator independent, stat, certificat EPA ) ,calitate, fiabilitate si DURABILITATE (prinsistemele brevetate auto-curatare testate si dovedite in timp ) ,
  • Singurele ionizatoare de apa cu certificari CE (Europeana), CSA și UL și certificări “dispozitiv medical” (Japonia Coreea si multe alte state);
  • tehnologie 100% japoneza(NU China, Taiwan) , placi 100% platina-titan ( NU iridium )
  • ALKAVIVA (ex IonWays importatorul) are mai multa experienta decât TOATE celelalte mărci impreună(>16 ani) si completeaza cuCELE MAI BUNE si SANATOASE FILTRE APA EXISTENTE ( filtrare apa certificata laborator de 99.9 din TOTI contaminantii apa, FARA demineralizare –oferite acum CADOU IN PLUS la filtrele standard),SPECIALISTI APA CALIFICATI(care sa va ajute cu rezolvare problemelor apei dvs specifice GRATUIT) , SERVICII SI SERVICE CLIENTI IREPROSABILE (evaluare maxima A+ cu BBB) si GARANTIE MAXIMA
  • USA Lifetime Warranty 5 years EU
  • Over 30 years experience of our experts in water and c onsultaţii FREE water to determine the best solution for your
  • The best range of appliances-ionization filter water for all needs and budgets
  • Identical to those found decent prices and overseas partners AlkaVIva
  • Official Partner AlkaViva (not just import EmcoTech)involving all the above advantages and the certaintythat we will be present for support, service, spare parts and filter the water long after other companies have come and gone.


– means water ionization

– What is Ionized Alkaline Water pH, ORP

– properties and unique benefits ionized water

– ionized water and skeptics


Introduceti adresa dvs de email pentru as primi GRATUIT TOATE cele de mai jos si multe altele

water ionizers guide


  • IonwaysLogo-n

Clientii nostri si experti internationali precum Dr Robert O. Young vorbesc:

AlkaViva(ex IonWays) a aparut , printre altele si in Jurnalul American Sanatate, American Health Journal , documentar PBS.

Partea 1:

Partea 2:

Partea 3:

Partea 4:

Mai multe video despre AlkaViva pe canalul VIMEO AlkaViva -click




These comparisons on water filters are derived from our own experience and research. This comes from factory supplied test data plus certified laboratory tests we have had commissioned. We do not guarantee that every result is correct because we rely on data given us by suppliers.

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