water ionizers -user troubleshooting

Water ionizers Trouble shooting

Please check out the following water ionizers troubleshooting suggestions before calling for repairing an water ionizer.

Symptom  Possible cause   Resolution 
The display panel of the water ionizer does not light up. Is the power cord plugged in correctly to an active outlet?  *Plug the power cord in properly.
Switch does not work. * Is the power plug connected to the outlet properly? * Is the fuse on the back of the water ionizer blown? * Plug the power cord in properly. * Check the fuse on the back of the water ionizer and replace it if necessary.
 Water does not flow out or the water ionizer unit has stopped functioning. * Is the source water valve line closed? * Is the source water line properly connected to the water ionizer? * Is the white water  hose bent? * Is the input water pressure too low? * Is the main water supply turned on or is the line frozen? * Is the water  filter clogged? * Running the acidic water on Acidic Level 3 for 10+ mins. through the water ionizer? * Turn the water supply valve on. * Be sure the water supply hose is connected properly. * Be sure the water line is not bent. * Replace the water filter. * If the water ionizer unit is leaking, turn off the water supply valve and contact customer service. * Replace the water filter. * Turn off the water  ionizer at the power switch for 5-10 minutes to allow for a reset period then turn the water ionizer back on.
Water is leaking from one water hose at the attachment to the water ionizer. * Check to see if the water  hose is disconnected from the water ionizer   Connect the hose snugly to the attachment to the water ionizer.
 The ionized or filtered  water has a strange odor or tastes bad. * Has the water ionizer been unused for a long time? * Has the drain water hose been immersed in water?  * Let acidic ionized water flow through the water ionizer & filters for 3minutes or more. If the water does not improve, replace the water filter. * Remove the drain hose from water
Even though the filter has been replaced, the filter life indicator still shows no-life. * Did you reset the water filter counter?  * Reset the water filter by pressing the filter replacement button \
There is a strange noise coming from the water ionizer. * Unknown. * Switch off and stop using the water ionizer and contact customer service.

Calcium in ionized water When filling your cup with alkaline water, white flakes are seen floating in the cup. * This large quantity of mineral flakes in the water may occur right after a filter change or first use of the water ionizer. There is no problem with drinking this water as it is mostly calcium which is not harmful to consume. When high alkaline water is left in a container, the water will form a white film around the edges or on the bottom. The substance is CaCO2 – bonded calcium, which falls to the bottom of the container. If you prefer to not have this white substance in your water, adjust the pH to a lower level which will reduce the possibility of calcium bonding. Calcium flakes form by bonding with hydrogen which is abundant in alkaline water. The presence of calcium is a sign that the water ionizer is functioning properly. If you would like to clean calcium out of any container, put a spoonful of vinegar in the container and fill it with water. Vinegar will dissolve the calcium. Leave the water in the container for 1 hour and shake the water out.   FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US FOR ANY HELP: +40758638401 Kindest Regards!   AlkaViva Team

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