Molecular Hydrogen – ANTItumor effect

Molecular Hydrogen – ANTItumor effect

Hyperbaric medicine is medical treatment in which an ambient pressure greater than sea level atmospheric pressure is a necessary component. The treatment comprises hyperbaric molecular hydrogen therapy (HBMHT), the medical use of molecular hydrogen gas at an ambient pressure higher than atmospheric pressure,

Hairless albino mice with squamous cell carcinoma were exposed to a mixture of 2.5 percent oxygen and 97.5 percent molecular hydrogen gas at a total pressure of 8 atmospheres for periods up to 2 weeks in order to see if a free radical decay catalyzer, such as molecular hydrogen, would cause a regression of the skin tumors.

The 2-week treatment of hyperbaric 97.5% molecular hydrogen gas H 2 gas in the absence of explosion risk caused a significant regression of skin tumor or leukemia in animals (Dole et al., 1975; Roberts et al., 1978)

They found that the skin tumors regressed and proposed that hydrogen might be useful for the treatment of other types of tumors by suppressing free radical production .

Later, Roberts et al. [2] examined the responses of five established transplantable mouse tumors and one mouse leukemia to hyperbaric molecular hydrogen and found that molecular hydrogen H 2 gas could suppress the growth of tumor cells. The actions of molecular hydrogen were established as antioxidant (and therefore anti-oxidative stress), anti-inflammatory, and anti-apoptotic in animal systems [3].

Marked aggression of the tumors was found, leading to the possibility that hyperbaric molecular hydrogen gas therapy might also prove to be of significance in the treatment of other types of cancer.

Molecular hydrogen H2 can be administered as a gas(i.e. hyperbaric), in  saline implants or infusions, as topical solutions or baths or by drinking molecular hydrogen H2enriched water.


One can benefit from molecular hydrogen  H2 regardless of the method of administration, including from drinking molecular hydrogen water wich proved to be far superior than inhaling hydrogen gas for example – read more about

Modalities of molecular hydrogen administration(in water, gas or saline) to animals, humans, and plants

Molecular hydrogen-rich water is expected to be easily used in place of regular everyday drinking water and will effectively treat chronic maladies such as lifestyle-related diseases. In addition, molecular hydrogen water is both safe and easy to drink at home( we think it’s easier to drink molecular hydrogen water than injecting molecular hydrogen rich saline or inhaling molecular hydrogen gas)

Drinking molecular hydrogen wate is the easiest and least costly method of administration.

There are no safety issues with molecular  hydrogen; it has been used for years in gas mixtures for deep diving and in numerous clinical  trials without adverse events, and there are no warnings in the literature of its toxicity or long–  term exposure effects of molcular hydrogen.


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