(Română) Metastazele cerebrale dispar complet în cancerul pulmonar cu celule non-mici folosind hidrogen: caz clinic [:en ] brain tumors remission using hidrogen

We present the case of a lung cancer patient with multiple metastases (diagnosis established in 2015) who, after the failure of the targeted oral drugs (chemotherapy), multiple cerebral , bone , adrenal gland and liver metastases have reappeared .

4 months after molecular gas-hydrogen therapy as a UNIQUE TREATMENT, the size of brain metastases / tumors was significantly reduced, and the amount of intracranial fluid was significantly reduced.

12 months of SOLE treatment with molecular hydrogen, ALL brain tumors entered FULL REMISSION and the liver and lung metastases remained stable and the survival time was prolonged.

For copyright reasons I will not reproduce the entire article but I invite you to your read it  here 

Regarding administration  of molecular hydrogen – can get a similar effect with hydrogenated water?!


A comparative review conducted on the consumption of molecular hydrogen H 2 -rich water, ip or intravenous administration of molecular hydrogen H 2 -rich saline, and inhalation of molecular hydrogen H 2  gas in regards to Molecular hydrogen (water) in the treatment of Conditions of acute and chronic neurological (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.) .

The results Showed That although molecular hydrogen H 2  Concentrations in the brain either tilt to be high after inhalation or intravenous administration, have not been Observed Significant differences in comparison with the Concentrations after the consumption of molecular hydrogen H 2 -rich water and ip administration of molecular hydrogen H 2 -rich brine. Thus, although variations There have been based on the administration method, all Methods have been found to result in the presence of molecular hydrogen H 2  in the serum and brain tissue .

Liu  et al.  )  Measured molecular hydrogen H 2  levels in the arteries, veins, and brain tissues after the inhalation of 2% molecular hydrogen H 2  gas. They found That arterial molecular hydrogen H 2  peaked at 30 min after administration, whereas brain tissue and venous molecular hydrogen H 2  peaked at 45 min after administration. They Reported That molecular hydrogen H 2  levels in arteries and similar Were brain tissues.

This demonstrated That molecular hydrogen H 2  migrates to the brain tissue Regardless of the method of administration ( Thus, the studies have been Might well as molecular hydrogen Performed Using INSTEAD of molecular hydrogen gas water or saline molecular hydrogen ).

Furthermore, keep in mind That crossing the blood-brain barrier  ( BBB ) is a very difficult task to Achieve for many Substances, thus the FACT That  molecular hydrogen H 2  Crosses the BBB and migrates to the brain tissue Regardless of the method of administration ( Including molecular hydrogen by drinking water – Which is the easiest method of administration molecular hydrogen ) That is a strong indicator of can benefit from one molecular hydrogen drinking water just as much as from any other method of administration molecular hydrogen

A dose-response effect of molecular hydrogen is molecular hydrogen Observed in drinking water-rich [ 94 ,  97 ] .

A similar dose-response effect is inhaled Also Observed molecular hydrogen in the gas [ 1 ,  17 ,  98 ].

However, when molecular hydrogen Concentrations in drinking water in the inhaled gas and is compared, dose-response There is no effect.

Molecular hydrogen-rich water shows generally the more prominent effect than molecular hydrogen gas, although the amount of hydrogen Taken up by hydrogen water is ~ 100 times less than that given by hydrogen gas [ 11 ] .

I invite you to read and yet this article to a better understanding of molecular hydrogen administration and related effects 

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