UltraWater filter Testing expanded by 45% to 249 Contaminants


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UltraWater Testing expanded by 45% to 249 Contaminants, including “Forever Chemicals”!


  • After 6+ years UltraWater and its original test results are still unrivaled in our industry. We hear from many of you that it’s our #1 selling point. We’ve now updated UltraWater testing to include 249 contaminants including:
  • “Forever chemicals” or PFOA’s (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) which has been all over the news the last year. PFOA’s cause cancer, reproductive damage, liver damage and thyroid disease.
  • THM’s or trihalomethanes are primarily produced as a by-product of chlorination during water treatment (yes treatment solves one problem and creates another BIG one). THM’s cause cancer and reproductive damage. Testing shows a 99.9% reduction.
see test results for AlkaViva UltraWater filter

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