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ALKALINE RANGE Alkaline pH 8.0 – 10.00* check Alkaline pH 8.0 – 11.00* Alkaline pH 8.0 – 11.00*
ACIDIC RANGE Acid pH 4.0 – 6.0 check check check
ORP RANGE ORP -250 to -400 (tested to over -800 ORP) ORP -250 to -850 ORP -300 to -850 ORP -300 to -850
CLEANING FREQUENCY Cleans after every 10 liters patented MARC (Monitored Auto-Reverse Cleaning); Cleans after every use in background  & protects plates from scale buildup => constant TOP PERFORMANCE & DURABILITY patented DARC (DUAL Auto-Reverse Cleaning); cleans while you ionize & NO  scale buildup on plates=> constant BEST PERFORMANCE & BEST DURABILITY patented DARC (DUAL Auto-Reverse Cleaning); cleans while you ionize & NO  scale buildup on plates=> constant BEST PERFORMANCE & BEST DURABILITY
WATER FILTER TYPE Comes standard with the best filtration on market – the UltraWater filter. See details ONLY UltraWater can remove 99.9% of ALL water contaminants (including chlorine). A .01M Biostone  Hallow filter is also available to  get rid of  micro-organisms(well -waters). USA Manufactured checkFREE UltraWater filter INCLUDED EXTRA. checkBEST FILTRATION with  TWO FILTERS (including UltraWater filter, Ultrawater FLUORIDE Arsenic Shiled, Ultra -Sediment Shield,01M Biostone  Hallow ,etc) checkFREE UltraWater filter INCLUDED EXTRA.
Medical Approval: No. 610 MINISTRY of HEALTH and WELLFARE KOREA & JAPAN check check check
INSTALLATION 1Diverter that comes with the water ionizer  at purchase to attaches to kitchen or bathroom faucet. 2Can also be attached to a gooseneck faucet or 3direct to water line below counter. 4 wall mountable checkIDEM checkIDEM Exclusive TOP  of line dedicated UnderSink water ionizer. Able to fully control water ionizer through touch panel on above-counter tower. Easily CONVERTIBLE to CounterTop
UNDER COUNTER OPTION? Yes with purchase of patented undersink  kit. check check dedicated
ADVANTAGES The Venus is a solid, reliable water ionizer  that comes with the latest technology from the world`s leading manufacturer. It has some TOP level features  nice features including automatic cleaning, state of the art electronics, patented polymer ion separation technology, biostone filter plus touch screen and water control knob. Exceptional value and backup support from an exceptional company. Also the only model available with true one-touch operation (if installed direct to cold water – you just hit Power). Guaranteed to be one of the most reliable and durable water ionizers on the market. And in all ways one of the most user friendly and superior models available. at an exceptional LOW price. MOST POPULAR ENTRY level WORLDWIDE The Melody is by far the MOST POPULAR retail water ionizer WORLDWIDE. As well as offering all the features of the other above counter models the Melody has the patented ability to allow the user to continue collecting alkaline water even while the unit is self-cleaning using our patented MARC system that also prevents scale buildup on plates thus maintaining  TOP performance constant & extending lifetime. FIRST water ionizer in the world to come with LIFETIME WARRANTY  Very user friendly,  proven reliability & durability. ORP has been tested to over -800 (an industry record). Preferred and reccomended by experts such as Dr. Robert O. Young PhD, Dr. Ted Baroody, Sang Whang State of the art electronics and patented polymer ion separation technology. Also able to be installed as an undersink model with the purchase of a conversion kit.  . Arguably the most elegant water ionizer available in the West and the first NOT to be designed for the Asian market. As well as having ALL that Melody offers, the Athena offer new MESH coating on their cells giving even stronger water ionization without the need to use larger or more plates plus a DUAL FILTRATION  system PLUS  the patented DARC(“DUAL MARC”)  system that COMPLETLY eliminates mineral scaling protecting your water ionizer`s long term  BEST performance.As with our water ionizers  there is a LIFETIME warranty in US  and Canada and more than whatever competition will offer the rest of the world. All the features of the Melody  PLUS Athena’s DARC system , MESH technology but in a dedicated Under-Sink format Easily CONVERTIBLE to CounterTOP.
SUMMARY The Venus is well worth the money. It replaces the Micolite (on market 5 years) and has the features that earlier models do not have – a better filter, stronger ionized water, modern features, fully-automatic cleaning and impeccable, updated technology. If you are looking for the BEST VALUE water  ionizer with all the necessary BASIC features then the Venus is the way to go. Very user-friendly push buttons and quality design. If you are shopping for the BEST VALUE HIGH-END water ionizer available then the Melody is for you. This unit sells for over $US 2,000 in Japan. Enjoy the exceptional filtering capacity,  constant alkaline water even when cleaning and, most of all, TOP performance & DURABILITY  due to the MARC system Uses the most advanced patented output technology witn fully featured LED display and micro-technology. Can be connected to faucet or directly plumbed. High quality finish upgraded in 2007. The Melody is simply excellent in all ways and we believe it is the best value water ionizer available, regardless of higher prices charged for inferior ionizers elsewhere. Also available as undersink model using adaptor kit (not included). If you shop for and expect the BEST of the BEST then the Athena is for you. Same quality Emco Tech technology inside – different look outside. Enjoy the exceptional ,BEST, DUAL filtering ,constant alkaline water even when it is cleaning & most of all, BEST performance & DURABILITY  due to the DARC(“DOUBLE MARC”)  system. Has all that other models on market offer PLUS much more. Outside a distinct high quality finished to suit any kitchen. Inside the same quality technology with dual filters. We guarantee you will not find a better ABOVE-sink ionizer anywhere, regardless of price. This is why Emco Tech models continue to lead in sales and popularity. No compartison when it comes to style and performance. All the benefits of the Melody & Athena but in a dedicated UnderSink water ionizer easily convertible to AboveSink
OTHER INFO Year Introduced 2009 2005/7 2007 2007
  • 1300$


Lifetime Warranty US & Canada,

MIN 5 yrs EU


FREE UltraWater filter  (120 $) IN ADDITION to preinstalled water filterorder now


FREE SHIPPING Lifetime Warranty US & Canada,

MIN 5 yrs EU

FREE UltraWater filter  (120 $) IN ADDITION to preinstalled water filter   order now


FREE SHIPPING Lifetime Warranty US & Canada


 FREE SET of UltraWater filters  (240$) IN ADDITION to preinstalled water filters order now


FREE SHIPPING   Lifetime Warranty US & Canada,  

MIN 5 yrs EU

FREE UltraWater filter  (120$) IN ADDITION to preinstalled water filter order now

CERTIFIED Water ionizer certificates
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