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The following are steps we suggest to help you quickly made an educated choice about water purifiers , filters & ionizers. If you have any further questions you are warmly invited to Contact Us. We do not use sales pressure and treat all information with complete confidence.

If you are completely new to water purifiers / filters & ionizers we suggest the following:

What are water ionizers & purifiers and how do they work?
Why water ionizer & purifier instead of bottled water or other water purification methods?

water ionizers guide

When purchasing a water ionizer & purifer/ filtering unit , be sure to choose the appropriate one to meet your personal needs. Please consider the following information before making such a major purchase ,  often costly:

#electrodes in the water cell  

#sistems to cleanse the electrodes and their impact upon water ionizers performance & durability

# water ionizers buyer guide

water ionizers performance factors 

water quality impact upon water ionizers performance & durability

#water– Ionizers compared- click

The ability to produce high concentrations of molecular hydrogen at a pH of around 9.5 is probably the most important thing to consider when choosing a water ionizer.



We have sold many top brands water ionizers(Kangen Enagic, Toyo, AlkaBlue, Nexus, KYK, Tyrent, Life Ionizer EmcoTEch, BionTech)

 AlkaViva is the oldest direct importer in the USA. Between our two founding partners you get over 30 years of USA-specific water ionizer industry expertise. Virtually all our USA competitors started with us as dealers including Life IonizersTM, Tyent, Echo and Chanson. We have helped develop and launch major new water ionization technology that have been emulated by many others, such as MESH electrodes/plates and MARC/DARC improved electrode cleaning systems. We have been instrumental in launching and supplying water ionization components for commercial applications. Most notably, we supply Tennant Company, water cells for their Ec-H2O floor cleaning product line. Ec-H2O was the first commercially successful application of water ionization technology and has won numerous international awards.

Together, our OEM partners offer 69 years of water ionizer manufacturing and are the largest in South Korea . They both hold ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, own patents too numerous to list, and have won many awards for their business practices and products. Both are firmly rooted in ongoing research and development and in quality management practices.

we focus in water filtration power, technology , sophistication & design(i.e.:SMART electrodes & DARC II electrode cleaning systems,AutoAdjust optimal performance with low power ), manufacturing quality and durability. Our unique focus is on the importance of clean water. AlkaViva’s UltraWater filter performance (and testing ) is unique . We are the only company who represents two top manufacturers offering water ionizer models that fill different niches. We offer you the best of the best – in water filtrationwater ionizer performanceelectrodes , electrode cleaning system & durability and customer experience. That is choice. That is smart.

for a detailed list of the innovations AlkaViva has brought on the market -click here

You can trust that our history, experience, knowledge and partnerships allow us to source top performing products from the best manufacturers in the world. Manufacturers that carry the best certifications and the latest cutting edge technology in water ionizers- ensuring you will make the best purchase.



certificates-AlkaViva Ionpia H2 diatomic molecular hydrogen water generator and purifier hydrah2
certificates-AlkaViva Ionpia H2 diatomic molecular hydrogen water generator and purifier hydrah2
AlkaViva water ionizers purifiers certifications
History,Awards, Patents   Emco Tech(Jupiter Science) HereCERTIFICATES of AlkaViva water ionizers & purifiers (filters)
AlkaViva Vesta H2 water ionizer & purifier certifications
AlkaViva H2 water ionizers & purifiers certifications

AlkaViva(IonWays) / EmcoTech(Jupiter Science)  water ionizers & purifiers (filters)are certified medical devices ,are approved by Korea FDA and  by Japanese Health Ministry  AlkaViva(IonWays) / EmcoTech(Jupiter Science)  water ionizers & purifiers (filters) are approved by multiple countries’ Health Departments  AlkaViva(IonWays) / EmcoTech(Jupiter Science)  water ionizers & purifiers  (filters) have been ENDORSED by New York Best Selling Authors, Dr. Robert O. Young, author of “The pH Miracle”, and Dr. Ben Johnson author of “The Healing Codes”. AlkaViva(IonWays) / EmcoTech(Jupiter Science)  water ionizers & purifiers (filters) are the choice for Dr. Ted Baroody, notable author of “Alkalize or Die” and Sang Whang, scientist and author of, “Reverse Aging”.

AlkaViva(IonWays) / EmcoTech(Jupiter Science)  water ionizers & purifiers (filters) have been chosen for a variety of ionized water applications by professional athletes, physicians, embassies, health practitioners, hospitals, commercial companies, horticulturists, executive chefs, alternative health centers, and more.

What water ionizer & purifier (filter) model do I choose?

  1. AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer

    AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier-2 water filters ,DARC 2-DUAL AutoReverse Cleanse for electrodes, 5 electrodes SmartDesign, SMPS & AutoAdjust, Hydrogen water Infusion,RealTime FlowControl
  2. AlkaViva Athena H2 II water ionizer

    AlkaViva Athena-H2-Water-Ionizer-purifier - 2 PREMIUM water filters , DARC 2 DUAL AutoReverse Cleanse for electrodes, 7 electrodes Smart Design, SMPS & AutoAdjust, Hydrogen water Infusion H2,RealTime water FlowControl
  3. AlkaViva DELPHI H2  UnderSink water ionizer

    ionizator apa AlkaViva Delphi H2 banner
    AlkaViva Delphi H2 water ionizer banner
  4. AlkaViva VESTA H2 water ionizer

    AlkaViva Vesta H2 water ionizer & purifier - 2 water filters, 9 electrodes Smart Design , SMPS & AutoAdjust, DARC2-DUAL AutoReverse Cleanse electrodes,Hydrogen water Infusion, RealTime water FlowControl
  5. UltraWater filter

    ultrawater ionized alkaline water filter-tested & certified US EPA
    ultrawater ionized alkaline water filter
  6. AlkaViva Elite Pure H2 US & CT water ionizer

    ionizator apa non electric ALKAVIVA Elita Pure
    ALKAVIVA Elita Pure water ionizer non electric
  7. AlkaViva Elita CT 700 – CounterTop ionized water filter

    AlkaViva Elita CT 700 - CounterTop ionized UltraWater filter - non electric Counter Top water ionizer - clean , mineral,alkaline, antioxidant, hydrogen water
  8. Elita US 700 – UnderSink ionized water filter

    non electric water ionizer filter elita 700 alkaviva pitcher
    non electric water ionizer filter elita 700 alkaviva pitcher
  9. Ionpia H2 hydrogen water generator

    molecular hydrogen water generator AlkaViva IonPia H2 668300
    molecular hydrogen water generator AlkaViva IonPia H2 668300

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World reknown experts such as  Dr Robert O. Young about alkaline ionized water:

AlkaViva(ex IonWays) a

AlkaViva(ex IonWays) was recently featured in a fantastic PBS documentary. To see the  American Health Journal ,  documentary on ionized alkaline water, uincluding scenes from Vilcabamba Ecuador.

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