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AlkaViva products ( Water Ionizers, filters, etc)  Warranty:

The warranty on AlkaViva products (water ionizers, filters , taps) etc begins on the original purchase date.
For NON electric water ionizers we offer 3 years warranty and full technical service – water ionizer repair
For ELECTRIC WATER IONIZERS(and HYDROGEN WATER GENERATORS) the warranty covers the original purchase for 5 years on all water ionizer parts (not accessories).
100% of water ionizer repairing labor costs are covered in the first 2 years.
After the first 2 years the purchaser is responsible for any water ionizer repairing labor costs (60 USD per hour) – up to a maximum of $199.
please NOTE
1. a tipical water ionizer repair takes about an hour.
2. as far as we know we were the first in EUROPE to offer full 5 year limited water ionizer warranty 
3 we repair water ionizers in EUROPE with full technical support from USA  .
4 we can try to help you with all kinds of repairs and technical service for  AlkaViva / Ionia / Jupiter / EmcoTech / BionTech /AlkaViva H2 water ionizers even if these water ionizers are no longer under warranty or have not been purchased from us -please contact us first ; service operations/repairing for water ionizers include : full diagnosis , replacing faulty water ionizer parts , descale for water ionizers internal water circuit,water ionizer chamber & plates and others 
5. The greater the communication with the customer the less time the water ionizer spends in service – usually , if we have a good description of the problem and preorder the parts, your water ionizer can be repaired and  leave service the same day it came in.
6.the 5 year Water ionizer repair warranty period can be extended further – please contact us
The purchaser of the water ionizer is responsible for all shipping costs associated with  the water ionizer repair.
Water ionizers and products  that have not been assigned an RMA number will not be accepted.
This 5 year water ionizer warranty only covers failures due to defects in materials and workmanship which occur during normal use of the electric water ionizer(this is also applicable for NON electric water ionizers).
This water ionizer repair warranty does not cover damage which occurs in return shipment, or failures which are caused by products not supplied by the warrant or, damage due to mineral build up, or failures which result from accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, faulty water ionizer installation, misapplication, improper insertion of consumables, set-up adjustments, maladjustment of consumer controls, improper operation or maintenance, alteration, modification, power line surge, improper voltage supply, commercial use, or service by anyone other than an AlkaViva  authorized water ionizer repair facility, or damage attributable to acts of God.

Warranty for AlkaViva water ionizers does not cover repairs caused by customer neglect or by failure to stop the build-up of calcium in hard water areas. In no event shall AlkaViva or its dealers be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or special consequential damages to property whatsoever, arising from use of its products with improperly treated or untreated hard water. If unsure of your water quality then please contact an AlkaViva water specialist first before your water ionizer installation.

Please Note:

AlkaViva does not recommend using a water ionizer without water pretreatment of water that has one or more of the following measurements:

Hardness (or Calcium Carbonate) over 150ppm (8.5 grains)

Iron over .3ppm

TDS below 40ppm or over 600ppm

Calcium above 50ppm

Note: some reports will show “ppm” some will show “mg/l” – they are the same. 

Limits and Exclusions:
There are no express warranties except as listed above. The warrantor is not responsible for incidental or consequential damage; for damages arising out of the use of any unauthorized attachment; or for damages resulting from the use of the product with a defective water faucet.
This warranty does NOT cover repairs caused by customer neglect or by failure to stop the mineral build-up including, but not limited to calcium/iron in hard water areas.
If using untreated well water, it is always the customer’s responsibility to pretreat the water (PLEASE CONTACT US WITH A WATER ANALYSIS BULETIN AND WE WILL HELP YOU!) so it is safe and suitable for use with a water ionizer.
All express and implied warranties, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose, are limited to the applicable warranty period.
Repair and/or replacement will be at the final discretion of Alcalin Vita SRL.


Out of Box Defect

In the rare event that your water ionizer or other product  is defective as soon as you start using it: Contact our Customer Service department within 2 weeks of receiving your water ionizer / product.

As long as the item is in mint condition (apart from the defect) we will send you a new replacement item at no cost. Items returned without authorization will not be replaced for free.


in USA,  AlkaViva, offers a limited water ionizer LIFE TIME warranty on all AlkaViva/ Ionia/ Emco Tech/ Jupiter/ Alkaviva H2/ BionTech water ionizers purchased from 2011 onwards. Previously the water ionizer warranty period varied from model to model. AlkaViva decided on this world-first offer in support of our claim that AlkaViva water ionizers (if used correctly) are exceptionally reliable and made to last for many, many years. The AlkaViva water ionizer warranty provides five (5) years parts and labor, from purchase date. (Please note that if sending a water ionizer in for repair, the customer needs to pay for all shipping costs). Then after 5 years from purchase customer pays for shipping and labor while AlkaViva pays for all replacement parts.

Customers are required to phone first so that they can be issued with a Return Authorization Number.

AlkaViva has water ionizer repair depots on the east and west coast and has by far the largest, water ionizer, dealer network in the USA.

AlkaViva water ionizers are manufactured by the largest & best brand water ionizers companies in the world ( Ionia water ionizers/ Jupiter water ionizers/ Emco Tech water ionizers &  BionTech water ionizers)  and AlkaViva is their exclusive USA water ionizer ( RENO , NV ) distributor.



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