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Your feedback & satisfaction  plays an important role in our development, so we encourage you to send us your comments and suggestions.

Please let us know about ANY QUESTIONS / CONCERNS / SUGGESTIONS about PRODUCTS(water ionizers & purifiers/, water filters . water ionizer accessories, etc) , prices,  PAYMENT,SHIPPING,   WARRANTY ,SERCVICE and any other questions, concerns, suggestions – either by phone, email or chat (DOWN, RIGHT )

Our specialists will contact you in the shortest time.

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contact details :


Phone: +40758638401




If you live in US/North America please visit: (to place an order / sale inquires) or

If you live in Australia  please visit AlkaViva Australia


If you live in NEW ZEELAND  please  visit AlkaViva New Zeeland

If you live in Canada visit BESTWATER



7 thoughts on “Contact AlkaViva”

  1. bonjour
    j’aimerais passer commande mais il semble que mon pays n’est pas référencé dans votre liste de destination
    et les frais de port ne sont donc pas calculables.
    pouvez vous s’il vous plait rajouter
    Reunion ( ile de la ) – code postal 974 , qui est un departement français au même titre que la Martinique
    merci d’avance
    Jp BABET

  2. Hello,
    Can I order sample of this AlkaViva Undersink water ionizer mount Kit – Double Spouted Faucets ? How much it will cost? How much is the shipping to Bulgaria?
    How much is the minimum quantity for order?

    Best regards,

    Simona Georgieva

  3. Gracias por su envío.
    El producto de filtros para mi Vesta H2 han sido perfectos.
    Aunque su página web es un poco desordenada, sus productos son los oficiales y los envíos rápidos. Seguiré con su empresa en el futuro.
    Un saludo

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