Multiple Water Ionizers Comparison

ionizatoare apa comparate
ionizatoare apa comparate in UK 2016;conform celor  incepand cu 2019 modelele H2 au modificat celulele apa (membranele) pentru  mai bune performante in ceea ce priveste hidrogenizarea apei, dar cu ORP mai putin consistent


Comparing water ionizers & water filters

some water ionizers comparisons were made ​​by independent government laboratories Silver State Laboratories, U.S. EPA certified laboratories (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) based on tests conducted on the multiple water filtration – ionization devices.


only focusing on pH, ORP and the size of the electrodes IS A MISTAKE .

There is so much more to consider when deciding which water ionizer is a better choice for your personal needs – click; important differences are in water filtration power, technology , sophistication & design(i.e.:SMART electrodes & DARC II electrode cleaning systems,AutoAdjust optimal performance with low power ), manufacturing quality and durability of water ionizer.

Here is the logical way — the informed way — to compare water ionizers:
Water ionizer filtration-first you need ultraclean mineral rich water. did you know that some water contaminants can become worst after water ionization/electrolisys?
Manufacturer of water ionizers
How long have they been in business? Can you locate or verify them?
What type of certifications do water ionizers manufacturers  hold? Are they an assembler or manufacturer?
What is the track record of the product in the United States?

Importer of water ionizers
Who are they? How long have they been in the business?
Customer Support? Service Center?
Water expertise? Can they help solve YOUR water quality issues for clean water , optimal water ionization performane and a durable,constant top performing water ionizer ?

Performance of water ionizers
About water ionization performance –  pH and ORP, H2 .What type of water ionizer test can you trust- an independent third party one or one made by the seller?
Debunking the that myths of “bigger/more plate water is better” more power applied on electrodes / plates?read more about water ionizer electrodes/plates

Durability of water ionizers
Understanding the importance of different electrode cleaning systems in keeping electrodes/plates clean from hard water scale deposits , thus maintaining water ionization performance and ensuring your water ionizer doesn’t break .

List of significant features and brief explanation of each

Other considerations apply when deciding the best water ionizer for your specific needs

The Solution: Consider the FACTS!

We do not hide who we are or what brand we want you to buy.We are the Associated AlkaViva DealersWe have sold many top brands water ionizers(Kangen Enagic, Toyo, AlkaBlue, Nexus, KYK, Tyrent, Life Ionizer EmcoTech, BionTech

As importers, we have over 23 years of experience and expertise in selling alkaline water ionizers and providing top-notch customer service.
Collectively including our dealers, we have well over 200 years of experience. Some of our competitors have been in business for only a scant year or two, or offer water ionizers that have not stood the test of time. We would like to offer you the opportunity to benefit from our collective experience and our common conclusion: you can trust AlkaViva  to deliver top performance, quality and value year-in and year-out, long after many Johnny-come-lately’s have disappeared
We are the only company who represents two top manufacturers offering water ionizer models that fill different niches

We offer you the best of the best – in water filtrationwater ionizer performanceelectrodes , electrode cleaning system & durability and customer experience. That is choice. That is smart.

We want you to know:

The ability to produce high concentrations of molecular hydrogen at a pH of around 9.5 is probably the most important thing to consider when choosing a water ionizer.


compare AlkaViva H2 water ionizers & purifiers(2 filters)

The market focus for water ionizers is now on diatomic molecular hydrogen H2 water infusion/generation  performance.
The water cell – the heart and engine of the water ionizer – has two components: electrodes and (ion exchange) membranes.
Diatomic molecular hydrogen- Hwater Infusion Technology is based on the fact that water ionization cell membranes are as critical as the electrodes.

AlkaViva water ionization cell membranes are made in-house(NOT from outside sources) and are ultrasonically pressed, rather than bonded with chemicals. This provides you with a distinctly superior water ionization cell membrane that is designed to work specifically with AlkaViva SMART DESIGN electrodes, giving unmatched water ionization performance.

When you put together AlkaViva advanced SmartDesign electrodes to AlkaViva ultrasonically pressed  water ionization cell membranes, the result is a great level of diatomic molecular hydrogen H2 dizolved in water

Technology and better diatomic molecular hydrogen  H2 performance(meaning more molecular hydrogen H2 dizolved in ionized alkaline water). This is especially so at the better tasting lower levels of pH(7 up to 10)

Diatomic molecular hydrogen H2 infusion/generation Test Results for AlkaViva H2 water ionizers and purifiers  >>> Click here.


We compared the new AlkaViva water purifiers (2 filters) – ionizers  with  Hydrogen Infusion Technology H2 – Melody II H2, Athena H2, Delphi H2/Vesta H2 


What makes AlkaViva H2 water ionizers a very Smart Choice?!

alkaviva h2 water ionizers

AlkaViva H2 water ionizers use:


AlkaViva Vesta H2 water ionizer & purifier certifications
AlkaViva  H2 water ionizer & purifier certifications





Compare TOP Water Ionizers

The results IN THE TABLE ABOVE show that the latest Alkaviva H2 water ionizers outperform  other leading water ionizer brands in the key water ionization performance metrics – pH, ORP and diatomic molecular hydrogen H2 in ionized water.We have tested the latest Alkaviva H2 water ionizers against the leading models from Enagic/ Kangen, Life Ionizers and Tyent water ionizers and the results speak for themselves.

The new Alkaviva H2 water ionizers use the latest technologies(SMPS & AutoAdjust,SMART electrodesDARC II electrode autoclean, RealTime water flow control , H2 infusion Technology)  available  built upon more than 30 years of manufacturing experience that is more efficient and durable ensuring a long electrode / plate life and water ionizer life.  some  current water ionizers use outdated technology requiring larger electrode plates to perform adequately which degrade over time and require excessive electrical power to operate/ionize water (witch may lead to faults). ALKAVIVA has SMART electrodes as well as top electrode membranes  for top water ionization performance,

ALKAVIVA provides water quality issues support as well for top water ionization performance over time and a durable water ionizer

Alkaviva have dedicated extensive research into developing not only the best water ionizers but the best water filtration technology – Ultrawater. some water ionizers use cheap carbon and vitamin C water filters that do a poor job of filtering many common impurities such as fluoride, chlorine, hormones, VOC’s and heavy metals. Ultrawater filters have been tested and certified by EPA governmental lab  to removes all impurities by up to 99.9%.

Unfortunately there is a considerable amount of false claims and inaccuracies made on some water Ionizer manufacturer’s websites about the water ionization performance of their water ionizers versus other brands. We have been selling Alkaviva products for over 23 years and know the water filtration & ionization performance of the AlkaViva water ionizers  are TOP

In terms of reliability, water ionization performance, the 2016 Alkaviva H2 water ionizers are the TOP water ionizers for sale in the world.

Products Athena JS 205 (AlkaViva/



Life 9000 Tyent MMP 7070 Enagic SD501 Chanson M.A.X. KYK Generation 2 Melody JP104




Athena Water Ionizer Life 9000 Tyent 7070 Water Ionizer Enagic SD501 Water Ionizer Chanson M.A.X. KYK Generation 2 Melody Water Ionizer

Price is not necessarily an indication of quality. We know of some poor quality water ionizers that have highly inflated prices.

$2,295 $2,997 $2,895 $3,980 $2,195 $1,995 $1,695
Manufacturer and Importer Details

Anything can be said on a web site so for such an valuable investment it is wise to find out who you are buying from and who is the manufacturer.

USA Better Business Bureau Accredited Business?

To learn more about the Better Business Bureau visit

check A+ check A+ check A- check B+ check check checkA+
WQA USA Certified Staff?

Is your supplier just an internet merchant or a professional water authority able to help with all types of water issues?

check check check check check check check
Life Time Warranty on All Models check check check check check check check
How Long Has Importer been Selling Current Brand? * ~5 years ~2 years ~2 years ~7 years ~3 years ~1 year ~ 10 years
All Major Certifications including ISO 14001 Green Technology (10+) check check check check check check check
Where is Model Manufactured?

Obviously this is important. Japan and Korea have been working on water ionizer cell technology for over 30 years – not so other countries.

Japan and Korea Chinese Cell – Assembled Korea Korea Japan Taiwan Korea Japan and Korea
Does Importer also Manufacturer Water Products

Is Importer also able to help with special water issues and after sales service?

check check check check check check check
Return Policy 60 days; no restocking fees 60 days with 15% restocking fees 60 days with 15% restocking fees 1 month with $380 restocking fee 60 days with 10% restocking fees 60 days with 15% restocking fees 60 days; no restocking fees
Rating checkcheckcheckcheckcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheck checkcheckcheckcheckcheck

(Is bigger really better – what is real value and what is not?)

Has Model been Independently Tested against other Brands? **


check check check check check check check
How often are Cells Cleaned? Every use (in background) ~once every 15 liters (have to wait while cleaning) ~once every 15 liters (have to wait while cleaning) ~once every 15 liters (have to wait while cleaning) ~once every 30+ liters (have to wait while cleaning) ~once every 15 liters (have to wait while cleaning) Every use (in background)
Not Oversized Compared to Average Model?

Please see our article on water ionizers sizes Here.

check check check check check check check
pH and ORP at highest settings (Certified Independent Lab rating*) 10.54 pH

-812mv ORP

10.7 pH

-164mv ORP

9.47 pH

-740mv ORP

9.46 pH

-578mv ORP

no data 9.48 pH

-482mv ORP

10.47 pH

-637mv ORP

Adjustments for Hard and Soft Water Unlimited 6 Levels 5 Levels 6 Levels 7 Levels 8 Levels Unlimited
7+ Plates check check check check check check check 5
Flow Rate at 9pH

This is an important measurement as cheaper water ionizer brands will need to reduce the flow rate to increase the pH

2.5 – 3.0 lpm not shown (assume slow flow rate) not shown (assume slow flow rate) not shown (assume slow flow rate) 2.0 – 2.5 lpm not shown (assume slow flow rate) check 5
Rating checkcheckcheckcheckcheck checkcheck checkcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheck checkcheckcheckcheck
Electrode Plate Specifications

In an water ionizer, an electrical charge is used to separate acid water from alkaline water. In electronics size typically decreases as technology improves.

Latest Mesh Plate Technology check check check check check check check
Amount of wattage needed to create ideal pH and ORP (Less Wattage means Greater Efficiency and Less Wear-Increased Durability) 110W 349W 280W 230W 80-120W 300W 110W
Small Plate Size (larger=less efficient) check check check check check check check
Rating checkcheckcheckcheckcheck checkcheck checkcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheck checkcheck checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Power System
Are SMPS or Transformer Power Used?

For an explanation as to why a transformer is superior to SMPS, see below.

Transformer SMPS SMPS Transformer Transformer/SMPS SMPS Transformer
Rating checkcheckcheckcheckcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Water Filtration

Excellent water  filtration is of paramount importance as this will not only extend the life cycle of your water  Ionizer but also ensure you are getting the cleanest (FREE from conaminants, NOT from healthy  minerals) water possible(.

Dual Internal water Filters check check check check check check check
water Filter Removes Chloramine and Chlorine check check check check check check check
Can you buy USA made and Certified water filters for water Ionizer?

Do you want to trust your water  filtration to a water filter made in China or elsewhere in Asia?

check check check check check check check
Internal Remineralizer Available (for R.O Systems) check check check check check check check
Rating checkcheckcheckcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheck checkcheck checkcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheck
Unique Options and Add on Features
Can be converted to Under-Counter Water Ionizer check check check check check check check
Rating checkcheckcheckcheckcheck check check check check check checkcheckcheckcheckcheck

*Silver State Laboratories

Foot Note: Comparing Transformers to SMPS Power Supply Systems.

A switched-mode power supply (also called SMPS) is an electronic power supply unit which differs from the more common linear, transformer type power supply. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. For example, while the SMPS power supply is lighter weight and typically less expensive to manufacture, it has been shown to respond more slowly and be less stable overall than the Transformer system. One clear advantage of SMPS has nothing to do with its electrical performance and this is that its lighter weight results in lower shipping costs.

While some water ionizer manufacturers choose to employ SMPS for use in water ionizers, comparative research by Emco Tech into specific water ionization applications indicates an overall lack of stability and long-term reliability in the systems currently available. Following are the comparative results of EmcoTech’s research on SMPS versus Transformer power supplies in water ionizers, in a residential setting:

Much has been made in the internet marketing for water ionizers using SMPS. One example would be that SMPS can adjust the water ionizer’s performance to your water quality. Technically this would require an extremely fast power supply response time. Based on Emco’s research you can see that SMPS does not produce. While SMPS is employed in some electronics due to the weight and cost advantage, transformers remain the most prevalent, durable and most stable power system in home electronics. EmcoTech utilizes a transformer based platform in order to assure stable, long term and consistent power supply – and reliability for every customer.

Emco Tech comparison SMPS / Transformer electrical system

Transformer Stability


Noise and Ripple

Low 1-10 mv

Response Time

Fast .1 – 1ms

SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) Stability


Noise and Ripple

High 10-100 mv

Response Time

Average .5-10ms

INDEPENDENT Laboratory (CERTIFIED US EPA) TEST on water ionizers

EPA-certified-Lab-Report-water-ionizers – CLICK HERE


Name of water ionizer Alkaviva MelodyJP104 AlkaViva Athena JS205 Samsung Vesta GL988 EnagicTM Life Ionizer 9100 Life Ionizer 7500 Tyent 7070 Tyent 9090 KYK Harmony 9040
Overall Rating Overall Rating ****blank ***** ***blankblank ****blank **blankblankblank **blankblankblank **blankblankblank **blankblankblank **blankblankblank
Important things to consider about the manufacturer How long making water ionizers? 30 years 30 years 30 years 12 years 5 years 5 years 4 years 4 years 5 years
How long in US 14 years 4 years Just released in 2012 10 years 1 years 3 years 4 years 3 years 3 years
Quality Assurance Certification ISO9001 & 14001 and CE ISO9001 & 14001 and CE ISO9001 & 14001 and CE ISO9001 & 14001 and CE ISO9001 & 14001 and CE ISO9001 & 14001 and CE ISO9001 & 14001 and CE ISO9001 & 14001 and CE None
Owner  Previous IonLife (AlkaViva)Dealer  N.A.  N.A.  N.A.  NO  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES
water Filters Remove 99.9% Most Contaminants? YES YES YES NO NO NO NO NO NO
Important things to consider about the company you will buying from BBB Rating A+ A+ A+ A- B+ B+ A- A- A+
Certified Independent Lab Performance Rating pH at highest setting 10.4 10.5 Not Tested* 9.46 Not Tested* 10.72 9.47 Not Tested* 9.48
ORP at highest setting – 637 mv – 812.0 mv Not Tested* – 578 mv Not Tested* – 164 mv – 740 mv Not Tested* – 482 mv
Test results may vary depending on your water quality conditions as well as your flow rate & pre filtration if applicable. These statements, opinion & test results have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should consult your physician before beginning any new modified exercise program, diet or nutritional lifestyle change. Information on this site may be updated without any prior notice. Copyright 2012 All rights reserved.

*Silver State Laboratories, 2008   **Offered exclusively by AlkaViva


ALKAVIVAVesta GL988 JUPITER MelodyJP104 JUPITER Athena JS205 Tyent 9090 KYK Genesis Enagic Life Ionizer 9100 Chanson Miracle
Overall Rating blank blank blank blankblank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blankblank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank
Suggested Retail Price $2,995 $1,695 $2,295 $2,395 $1,695 $3,980 $2,597 $1,650
When Wholesaler first in USA 1986 1986 2007 2007 2005 2000 2007 2008
How Long Brand in USA 14 years 14 years 14 years 3 years 3 years 10 years 3 years 3 years
Does Filter

remove 99.9%

of most Contaminants?

Yes Yes Yes No No No No No
Independent Lab Result Best pH N.A. 10.47 10.54 N.A. 9.48 9.46 N.A. N.A.
Independent Lab Result Best -ORP N.A. -637.1 -812.0 N.A. -482 -578.7 N.A, N.A.
Independent Lab Result Flow Rate 3 LPM 3 LPM 3 LPM 3 LPM 3 LPM 7.6 LPM 3 LPM 3 LPM



Manufacturer Manufacturer Manufacturer Assembler Only Import cell from ? Assembler Only Import cell from Taiwan Manufacturer Assembler Only Import cell from Korea Assembler Only Import cell from Taiwan
Water Expertise Certified WQA staff Certified WQA staff Certified WQA staff None Limited Limited Limited Limited
Number of Electrode Plates 9 Solid 5 Solid 5 Mesh 9 Holed 7 Slotted 7 Solid 9 Mesh/Solid 7 Solid
Manufacturing Process Electroplating Electroplating Electroplating Dipped Dipped Dipped Dipped Nano Coated
Plate Source Japan Japan Japan Korea? Taiwan Japan Korea Taiwan
Cleaning Frequency Continuous/ Post use Post use Every time used


Every 24-48 hours for 20 seconds Every 12 hours for 30 secs Every 15 gals for 30 secs Every 6 gals for 30 secs Depends on water source
Wait while Cleaning? No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stops Scaling on Plates Yes Largely Yes No No No No No
Water Flow Control Onboard Yes Yes Yes No No No No No
Mineral Port Yes Yes Yes No No Saline No No
Installation Options 2 options 3 options 3 options 2 options 2 options To tap with diverter only 3 options To tap only
Price of Filter $89 $89 or $99 $89 or $99 $199 $199 $100 $100 ?
Electrical Supply Advanced SMPS Transformer Transformer SMPS SMPS Transformer SMPS SMPS
Mineral Port No Yes Yes No No Yes In filter Yes
Power Usage 250W 110W 80W 355W 150W 230W 386W 150W
Number of pH Levels Adjustable 48 Settings 9 settings

plus control knob

Adjustable 48 Settings 9 9 7 7 7
Color Changing Screen Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Filter Life Indicator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, by actual liters.
Warranty Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime 5 year 5 year Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime
pH/ ORP Measurement Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Hot Water Alarm Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes
Flow Rate Indicator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes $55



GENERAL INFORMATION blank blank blank blank
Model Name Venus jp107 Melody jp104 Athenajs2p5 Delphiio400u
Model Number JP107 JP104 JS205 JD001
Year introduced 2009 2003 2007 2007
Year technology updated 2009 2007 2009 2010

Strength Rating

3 4 5 5
Warranty, years Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Price, USD 1,295 1,695 2,295 2,745
Alkaline Settings 4 levels 4 levels 4 levels 4 levels
Acidic Settings 4 levels 4 levels 4 levels 4 levels
Ionized Water Output Rate liters/min 3 lpm 3 lpm 3 lpm 3 lpm
Electrode Material Platinum-Titanium Platinum-Titanium Platinum-Titanium Platinum-Titanium
Plating Process Ion Polymer Separation Ion Polymer Separation on Polymer with new MESH technology on Polymer with new MESH technology
Number of Plates 5 5 5 5
Type of Plates Coated Coated Mesh diode Mesh diode
Plate Size (mm) 67X109X0.5 65X109X0.5 67X109X0.5 67X109X0.5
Calcium Port Yes Yes Yes Yes
Patented Auto Cleaning with

Reversible Chamber

Self-cleans but w/o reversible chamber Yes Yes Yes
Patented DARC (Double Action

Reverse Cleaning)

No No Yes Yes
Wait for Alkaline water while cleaning? Yes No No NO
Stops Scaling on Plates? Yes Yes Yes Yes


Display type LED LCD LED Module
Voice confirmation No Yes Yes Yes
Filter Life indicator LED Digital Counter Digital Counter LED Indicator
Method of flow control Tap and Flow valve Tap & Under-sink Tap/ Patented

SOL Valve

Tap/ Patented

SOL Valve

Flow rate indicator No Yes Yes Yes
Low flow alarm No Yes Yes Yes
Hot water alarm Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connects direct to tap Yes Yes Yes No
Connect direct to mains Yes Yes Yes Yes
Undersink installation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions 13″X9.75″X5.5 13″X10.5″X5.75 13.5″X12.75″X6″ 13″X9.65″X5″
Boxed weight 13.4 lb 14.9 lb 16 lb. 18.5 lb.
Water inflow pressure 1.5psi/0.7-5kgf 1.5psi/0.7-5kgf 1.5psi/0.7-5kgf 1.5psi/0.7-5kgf
Elect. Consumption 0.5 A 0.5 A 0.5 A 0.38 A
Applic. Water Temp 50-86 F /10-30 C 50-86 F /10-30 C 50-86 F /10-30 C 50-86 F /10-30 C
Input voltage 110V or 220V 110V or 220V 110V or 220V 110V or 220V
Overheating Protection Bimetal Bimetal Bimetal Bimetal

If you have further questions about how various water ionizers compare, please CONTACT US


More AlkaViva water ionizers compared


Download the PDF file .


Company Jupiter Water Ionizers Enagic Life Water Ionizers Tyent Water Ionizers
Overall Rating Rating 4.5 Rating 4 Rating 3 Rating 2
How long making water ionizers? 39 years 21 years 14 years 13 years
How long in US 23  years 19 years 10 years 13 years
Quality Assurance Certification ISO9001 & 14001 and CE ISO9001 & 14001 and CE ISO9001 & 14001 and CE ISO9001 & 14001 and CE
Owner Previous IonLife Dealer? N.A. NO YES YES
BBB Rating A+ A- B+ A-
pH at highest setting 10.4 9.46 Not Tested* 9.47
ORP at highest setting – 637 mv – 578 mv Not Tested* – 740 mv


Don’t just Buy the Advertised Features – Buy the Real Value!

We want you to make an educated choice and have assembled essential information to help you determine the best water ionizer for your budget and needs.


AlkaViva understands there are quite a few competitors in the marketplace and important differences between the various brands of water ionizers.

Unfortunately, tricky marketing and questionable sales tactics are often used to avoid answering important questions such as who is behind the water ionizer you buy and how reliable and proven will your water ionizer be.

The charts in this article show technical and basic differences between multiple brands of water ionizers and between water ionizers in as unbiased a manner as possible. It may not be as “interesting” to read as on other sites, but hopefully will provide you with essential and accurate information.

Comments/ Helpful Advice

The details in the charts are accurate to the best of AlkaViva knowledge.

For more information on any brand please CONTACT US

1. There are a few very misleading water ionizers comparison sites now on the internet. These are not true comparison sites but sites put up by an importer to make sales by showing dishonest or misleading information.

It pays to check the “facts” and talk with internet dealers that sell many brands for their opinion of what is best and the most reliable. AlkaViva tries to hold a high ground, but will provide independent comparison test results from a truly Independent Laboratory upon request.


2. Copy models from China/Taiwan are beginning to show up in the USA and EU.

Be careful of products that have not been made for the USA or EU market and have no track record here.

These models can disappear as quickly as they have appeared, leaving customers without any backup service, filters or parts.

we have been around for more than 23 years

3. AlkaViva water ionizers are still some of the few water ionizers to always give alkaline water (even when cleaning electrodes). This patented system means that there is no waiting, no risk of drinking acid water by mistake and also means that scale build up on the plates is minimized -> ALWAYS TOP water ionization PERFORMANCE & INCREASED DURABILITY.

4. ** Most water ionizer units use only genuine Platinum Titanium. This is because Platinum is by far the most effective and stable element for water ionization.

Some models made in Taiwan(i.e:CHANSON) are using Platinoiridium or Platinum mixed with Iridium. They don’t use platinum titanium because platinum titanium is 7 times more expensive than iridium. The Japanese and Korean governments do not allow any company to sell iridium for drinking water applications because it is bad for your health. The EP units made for the US market do not use iridium while the same models in Taiwan/China do use iridium.

Also there are new models on the market using ‘white gold’ for their plating. This is very misleading as there is no such thing as “white gold” since gold is always yellow. “White gold”, in fact, is actually an amalgam and contains at least 62% silver and other minerals. Platinum is about $1250 an ounce while Silver is about $12 an ounce. Obviously all the Japanese manufacturers and Jupiter Science etc would use “white gold” if it was any good.

Some companies use cheap electrodes/plates that are dipped in iridium instead of been baked which is a more expensive and effective method.

more about water ionizers electrodes 

5. A few manufactures make a lot of profit from replacement filters.

While most brands have reasonable water filter prices there are some that don’t. But regardless why buy an water ionizer if the water filter does not remove most of the contaminants in the water?

We now offer for FREE our ULTRAWATER filters, in addition to the standard factory water filters, that will remove ALL known water contaminants (including Chlorine, chloramine, Fluorides, pharmaceuticals, nitrates, etc) with an OUTSTANDING 99.9% accuracy -lab testing proof available

Ultrawater offers the BEST possible water filtration from ALL known water contaminats with an outstanding precision of 99.9% , including chlorine, chloramines nitrates, fluoride ,  etc), but WITH healthy, natural minerals to pass (we even remineralize water)(as opposed to dangerous distilled & purified water (i.e.Reverse Osmosis) our water is a fountain of HEALTH, detoxifying your body without depleting it from essential minerals

6.Don’t be fooled by  thinking “bigger, is better”.

With electronics quite the opposite is true (consider how the radio, camera, computer and TV have evolved). Effective conductivity is the primary determinant – NOT electrode size – of effective delivery of voltage into the water needed to create electrolysis. The larger electrodes draw 3-4 times more power DECREASING the electrode life with NO additional benefit to the water quality. See our report on “Why Bigger is Not Better” Here

Generally the larger electrodes have poorer conductivity due to inferior plating processes or the grade of materials, so they have to be larger.

Similar things  can be said about extreme pH or ORP values

As opposed to other brands that focus on producing wide range of pH & ORP, though ALL our water ionizers can and will produce ionized water with wide range of pH & ORPALL our water ionizers are designed to optimally ionize your water – with a unique history of over 30 years research and experience , collaborations with hospitals , medical centers, specialists and researchers,we think that what nature creates should be a reference point .NATURALLY occurring alkaline and ionized water is NOT generally over pH 9 nor does it have artificially high – ORP. We know – we went to Vilcabamba, Ecuador to meet with the people in the Valley of Longevity and tested their water. If interested, please ask for our FREE DVD on this trip contact us or leave your mail address( we will not share it with anyone)

Experts do NOT recommend drinking water over pH 9.5 -such as Dr. Theodore Baroody (author Alkalize or Die), Dr. Robert O. Young (The pH Miracle), Sang Wang (Reverse Aging) and the Korean FDA plus Japanese Ministry of Health.

7. When looking at what brand to buy look also at the level and quality of ongoing support you will be getting.

This point can not be emphasized enough. In the last  years alone, approximately 8 new water ionizers manufacturers have come and gone in the market

With AlkaViva you buy with absolute certainty that your company will be around to support you – long after the other Johnny-come-latelys have left some people high and dry.
We will be there for any ongoing support.0

8. By US tested we mean that the company have been selling in the USA for at least one year. It takes a number of years to show that a water ionizer is reliable (less to show it is not).

9. We do NOT recommend models that use UV lighting as a means for moving bacteria or viruses. UV light has to shine through a clear surface but in time these surfaces tend to become opaque or dirty (especially where there is hard water). Also the UV bulb may stop working and UV light may not work well with fast water flow. In comparison anti-bacterial filters will always work at optimum strength as long as they are replaced in time. All water ionizers that use water filters have a water filter counter inbuilt.

10. inbuilt ORP meters. Although a good idea this is still only at this stage gimmickry. It is very hard to get an accurate ORP reading and an ORP meter needs to regularly recalibrated and cleaned (since its points quickly get oxidized). In our tests using water ionizers with inbuilt ORP we found that the readings were very inaccurate and misleading when compared to the results from a proper ORP meter.

Why But an AlkaViva(IonWays) Water Ionizer?

Consumer Buying Guide and Checklist on water ionizers


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WARNING: What you See may NOT be What you Get

Emco Tech (Jupiter Science) water ionizers have been sold in the USA since 1995 and recently the great success of AlkaViva/ IonWays/Ionlife as the industry leader, has resulted in many new water ionizers

Because new players have little to lose and possibly a lot to gain it is very tempting to put up a good looking site that compare water ionizers, then manipulate, cover-up or not reveal facts and figures to fool the unwary.

AlkaViva has been, and is, happy to let our customers and dealers speak for themselves.

But there comes a time when it is necessary to get involved on another level.

As an example of what is NOT a true, independent site, comparing water ionizers, please go to

Is it obvious who put up this site and for what purpose?

Are you told this is not an unbiased compare water ionizer site (it is owned and run by Life Ionizers)?

And why are the only links on the home page to Gold Fox (a non-competing low end model) and Kangen (a not for retail/wholesale MLM company)?

Next click on the link that goes to the comparison chart.

Did you expect or hope that the information here would be unbiased and accurate?

And do you see here that Life Ionizers has changed “manufacturer” three times since 2007?

Now please click on the “Independent” Comparison Lab Tests button

These compare water ionizer tests were apparently run on hard water (where the pH is high to start with) and apparently show the Athena hardly able to change the pH at all, unlike the Life Ionizer unit that gets an impressive 10.9 pH.

Well, we know these results are not true because:

  • The Athena  JS 205 water ionizer  is our top selling water ionizer and in government certified tests shows it outperforming other brands -See EPA-certified-Lab-Report-water-ionizers – CLICK HERE.
  • AlkaViva would not be in business as the leading water ionizing company with over 600 dealers in USA plus Agents in about 28 other countries if we did not get great results in pH, ORP and reliability. We know AlkaViva water ionizers compare well to any other brand and with the patented DARC cleaning system we know our water ionizers will keep performing like new for many years after others have failed due to scale buildup and breakdown of the plates etc.
  • The person in the white coat was employed by Life Ionizer in 2008 as a salesman and was employed with no experience in water ionization and with no scientific qualification.
  •  Do a web search for dealers that sell Emco Tech models AND other models.  Ask them what they think of Emco Tech and what results they have achieved.

Now read on … this gets interesting!

So, on July 22, 2008, we decided to call Aquatic Consulting & Testing Inc to see how these test results that compare water ionizers were obtained. The technician, we spoke to, knew about the water ionizer tests and told us that he was never sent any water ionizers!.

Instead what he was sent were water samples in the mail, by a dealer of Life Ionizers, with the name of the water ionizers on the outside!!! He did what he was asked to do and now what you see is what Life Ionizers wants you to see.

Another example of a bogus compare water ionizer site is  All the “information” on this site was put up by the importer selling the unit. The guy in the video was Rob Gray of Tyent. And guess which unit “appeared” to perform the best?

Please notice

a) how the “tests” are performed with completely un-credible and non-scientific methods and protocols and

b) how answers to obvious questions are ignored such as, “How old is the unit?”, “What was the water source?”, “What levels are used in testing?” and “What type of meters are used and are they cleaned and calibrated?” Etc.

Also these compare water ionizer sites ignore a very important issue; who are you buying from?

AlkaViva has been selling water ionizers into the US market longer than any other company (18+ years). We provide better service, more post sale tools like installation and user DVDs, and have excellent customer service and manuals. We have already been and will continue to be around a lot longer than our competition.

Let’s shift the conversation about comparisons to include ALL the salient questions. AlkaViva water ionizers perform extremely well and will continue to, long after others have built up tremendous scaling, and we provide the best certainty and service.

So when you look at videos that show a man in a white lab coat testing water ionizers or see performance charts or read about this company being the biggest and best then please ask questions and check around. We will happily provide evidence to back up everything we say on our site.

Allow us to show you why-click here:


Our, AlkaViva water ionizers are the BEST available – regardless of price.

For test results from a certified independent government laboratory EPA-certified-Lab-Report-water-ionizers – CLICK 

Our RETURN RATE & REPAIR RATE are  the LOWEST in the industry(less than 1%).

Our customer service and support is second to none.

Our customer satisfaction rating is the highest in the industry.

And thank you for giving us this chance to help level the playing field.

Search no more: AlkaViva is the TOP choice.






Search no more. REASONS WHY ALKAVIVA IS TOP CHOICE -click here

EPA-certified-Lab-Report-water-ionizers – SEE EPA lab RESULTS TAB

LifeForceTesting-AlkaViva-IonWays-water ionizers- CLICK HERE



What can LIVE AlkaViva water do for your health & well being – click here

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For independent advice from Rob Thomas of

“If I had to give one piece of advice to anyone looking to purchase a water ionizer…”

To see how much LIFEFORCE /how ALIVE water becomes once it passes through AlkaViva /IonWays water ionizers see test performed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada by  

LifeForceTesting-AlkaViva-IonWays-water ionizers- CLICK HERE

For further comparison with Enagic’s “Kangen” water, click here: Kangen Water: Myth and Fact



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