PREMIUM-AlkaViva Delphi H2 UnderSink water ionizer & purifier/filter

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NO extra customs and VAT taxes for buyers from EU countries

THE BEST undersink  water ionizer from THE BIGGEST South Korean water ionizer manufacturer

  • water purifier
  • alkaline and hydrogenated water apparatus (molecular hydrogen generated / dissolved in alkaline ionized water up to 1.6 ppm – saturation level *)
  • super alkaline water (detergent water) (max. pH approx. 11.3 – 12.5 *)
  • acidic beauty water and
  • super oxidative acid water (antibacterial and antiviral – minimum pH approx. 2.1 – 3.5 *)
    * depends on water source, water  flow and other factors

    This is the best undersink water ionizer, produced exclusively for AlkaViva , from the largest South Korean manufacturer ( BionTech) , which you can buy and probably  THE MOST POWERFUL HYDROGENATED WATER IONIZER IN THE WORLD

  • compare best water ionizers


Unmatched DUAL UltraWater Filtration
DARC II-Dual Auto Reverse Cleaning  for electrodes
9 SMART platinum titanium electrodes – Mesh Technology  
  • AutoAdjust™ optimizer automatically adjusts the water ionization power giving the best water ionization performance &durability plus optimum water ionization for your particular water source & minerals in water.
  • Smart Switch™ next generation SMPS power supply provides the most stable and efficient power platform.
  • At an optimum pH between 8 to 10, AlkaViva 9 electrode H2 water ionizers can produce a remarkable  up to 1.6 ppm of H2 in drinking water becoming the world's most advanced water ionizers ; tested for PH up to 12 (and even more) and ORP less than -900 mV
Great & water ionization molecular hydrogen infusion performance.
Gorgeous Design
ionizator apa AlkaViva Delphi H2 water ionizer
ionizator apa AlkaViva Delphi H2 water ionizer
Pure elegance.
The AlkaViva Delphi H2 water ionizer
5 years WARRANTY
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AlkaViva Delphi H2 Undersink Water Ionizer

ionizator apa AlkaViva Delphi H2 water ionizer 2
ionizator apa AlkaViva Delphi H2 water ionizer 2

The Safety of DUAL UltraWater Filtration


UltraWater filter is the only water ionizer filter that is USA-made and has certified independent test results for 172 water contaminants, reducing virtually all of them up to 99.9%. The healthiest water starts with clean , mineralwater.

UltraWater is the most advanced water ionization filtration available and gives you the highest level of water filtration (while keeping the healthy, natural minerals) as shown in independent tests from a USA government testing laboratory.

Alkaviva H2 water ionizers UltraWater filter
Alkaviva H2 water ionizers UltraWater filter


UltraFiltration 0.01 microns with impregnated NanoSilver(optional, for well water)

Dual water Filtration – on-board including AlkaViva unrivaled UltraWater & UltraFine filters .  This means the cleanest water for less cost and less hassle. in case of need for extra water ionization performance and water ionizer durability, extra external water  filters and cartridges are available as  “custom” water filters fo areas of very hard , soft or well water .


Water Filter Replacement Alert – an LCD water Filter Counter displays the water filter life as you use it. Voice and icon reminders alert you when it is time to change your water filters.


Genuine/fake/used water filters recognition


Twin Hot Water Protection – twin sensors – one before each water filter – protect your water ionizer against the damage that can be caused by inadvertent hot water.

9 Smart  MESH Electrodes


The highest quality, Japanese titanium covered in platinum, along with precise Korean engineering, are what create the smart water ionizer electrodes. The most efficient, longest lasting and highest performing electrodes. That’s smart.


SMPS & AutoAdjust Advanced Power Supply

autoAdjust PH

The last piece of the water ionization performance puzzle is power delivered and used by electrodes. The answer is not high wattage and power consumption, that eventually burns out electrodes. AutoAdjust automatically modulates the NextGeneration SMPS-Smart Switch Power Suply power as input water hardness changes as it pulses to the electrodes ensuring you get maximum water ionization efficiency plus optimal – and lasting –water ionization performance. Automatically.


New and Improved DARC II Cleaning for electrodes 


 We introduced DARC –Dual Auto Reverse Clean the best way to automatically clean your electrodes and ensure lasting water ionization performance.


The new DARC II autocleaning system for electrodes has been improved to be more effective and more reliable. More peace of mind.

Molecular hydrogen H2 Infusion Technology


Top water ionizer performance requires more than just great electrodes. Our proprietary membrane manufacturing combined with Smart Electrodes create molecular hydrogen H2 Infusion Technology…and unmatched molecular hydrogen H2  water infusion performance.

Protective RISC Circuitry


RISC processors consume less power and offer the highest performance. RISC’s advanced technology performs self-diagnosis on the water ionizer each time you use it. It protects your water ionizer if there is any type of fault and notifies you on the LCD display.

ionizator apa AlkaViva Delphi H2 water ionizer 3
ionizator apa AlkaViva Delphi H2 water ionizer 3


one touch selection

One Touch Convenience – One Touch Technology allows you to easily and precisely control your water ionizer’s functions … with one touch.

8 ionized water pH Selectable Levels – Choose the level of ionized water pH that suits your needs.

Water Cell Safe Technology – the BPA-free water cell is made using NSF certified material and pressure rated to 90 psi.


Technical Specifications-AlkaViVa Delphi H2 water ionizer

Water ionizer weight 20 lbs.
Country of Manufacture South Korea
Dimensions 9 3/8″ Tall | Long Spout: 5 1/2″ | Short Spout: 4 1/2″
Electrodes 9 Platinum / Titanium Mesh Diodes
Electrolysis Method Continuous
Electrode Cleaning DARC II Cleaning System – Dual Automatic Reverse Cleaning
Water Filter Replacement UltraWater + Pre-Filter
Ionized water levels Alkaline Water (5 Levels), Purified Water, Acidic Water (2 Levels)
Maximum Power consumption 150 W
Rate Voltage available in 220V or 120V / 60Hz 
Tap Water Temperature Available 40 ~ 86F
Water Pressure Range 15 ~ 90 psi/1~6 atm
Ionized water Generating Capacity Standard (1.5 l/min. at 28 psi), Max (3.5 l/min. at 90 psi)



IDENTICAL to AlkaViva  Vesta H2 water ionizer

ionizatoare apa comparate
ionizatoare apa comparate


ionized water Benefits backed by research.

Over 600 peer-reviewed studies show that molecular hydrogen – or H2 -water  has a therapeutic benefit in every organ of the human body and positively affects over 150 disease models and health conditions.

Get your antioxidants – in your water!

Free radical damage causes oxidative stress and is one of the primary causes of aging. Oxidation causes iron or apples to “rust”. Antioxidants prevent or slow that damage. Unfortunately, anti-oxidants are non-selective neutralizing both beneficial and harmful radicals. The molecular hydrogen Hin UltraWater selectively targets only the damaging radicals – making it the “ultimate” antioxidant.

Drink more. Improve your health.

When molecular hydrogen  H2 neutralizes damaging oxygen radicals, it creates water (H2O) – increasing your cellular hydration.Great tasting, silky-smooth, alkaline UltraWater is also easier to drink. When you drink more, you enjoy optimal hydration and better health.

Ease your aches and pains.

Oxidative stress damages your cells, causing pain and inflammation. As we age, inflammation increases. Studies show that H₂ neutralizes the damaging radicals. Drinking UltraWater can ease chronic and acute aches and pain.

Go longer. Go stronger.

ATP powers your cells. It is the source of your energy. Research shows molecular hydrogen(water) H₂ helps increase ATP production giving you more energy while decreasing lactic acid levels. Athlete? Exerciser? Just want more pep? UltraWater helps improve performance and recovery.

Help balance your pH.

UltraWater is alkaline and ionized making it rich in naturally occurring beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium that help you alkalize and maintain a healthy pH balance.

Molecular hydrogen water overview-definiton, benefits, research , studies  ,safety

Molecular hydrogen (water) benefits/effects in disease models, human diseases, treatment-associated pathologies, and pathophysiological conditions of plants

more about molecular hydrogen water


Before buying a water ionizer please consider the following information

#water– Ionizers compared- click

The ability to produce high concentrations of molecular hydrogen at a pH of around 9.5 is probably the most important thing to consider when choosing a water ionizer.




You will also want your water ionizer supplier to be around to take care of your needs many years after you make the purchase.
This point can not be emphasized enough. In the last three years alone, approximately 8 new water ionizers manufacturers have come and gone in the market.
With AlkaViva(IonWays) you buy with absolute certainty that your company will be around to support you – long after the other Johnny-come-latelys have left some people high and dry.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty in US & MINIMUM 5 YEARS in EU  for AlkaViva Delphi H2 water ionizer


You can rest assured that the the new updated UnderSink water ionizer & purifier/filter AlkaViva-Delphi H2 provides you TOP WATER FILTRATION & WATER IONIZATION PERFORMANCE with ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE.


Contact us for any questions!





ionizatoare apa comparate

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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