PREMIUM-AlkaViva Elita Pure H2 NON ELECTRIC water ionizer & purifier/filter

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AlkaViva èlita Pure H2

Mineral-Rich water Purification


  • The only water filter combining two revolutionary technologies:
  • UltraWater™ Filtration – tested to reduce virtually all contaminants from tap water, up to 99.9%.
  • .01M UltraFine water Filtration targets bacteria, fungi, cysts & viruses.
  • Available as:
  • Elita Pure Standard water Filter (clean, filtered water only), or
  • Elita Pure H2 Enhanced water Filter (offers pH, H2, ORP).
  • Non-electric water ionizer. Ultimate water Filtration. Affordable. Stylish.

The èlita Pure Advantage

Unsurpassed contaminant and microbial reduction available in two water filter options:

The èlita Pure EPS – for ultra-clean, great tasting filtered water

  • UltraWater Carbon Block Technology plus .01M UF Hollow Membrane water Filtration Technology.
  • Provides ultra-clean water with naturally occurring mineral content.

The èlita Pure EPH2 – clean, great tasting water with health enhancing properties

  • UltraWater Carbon Block water filtation Technology plus .01M UF Hollow Membrane water Filtration Technology.
  • Naturally ionized (-ORP), alkaline pH water.
  • Creates high level of dissolved Molecular Hydrogen (H2) in water.


ALKAVIVA Elita Pure filter inside
ALKAVIVA Elita Pure filter inside

Step 1 – water Sediment Shield

Remove gross particulate and sediments in water prolonging water flow rate and water filter life.

Step 2 – UltraWater impregnated .5m carbon block + .01M water filtration

Reduces virtually all micro-organisms from water. Tested to reduce virtually all other water contaminants up to 99.9% while improving taste.

Step 3 – Offer water filter options

  • The èlita Pure EPS water Filter
  • The èlita Pure EPH2 Enhanced water Filter

Step 4 – Prevent bacterial buildup between uses.

Advanced antibacterial agent prevents buildup between uses – a problem in other water filters.


The èlita Pure EPH2 Alkalizes, Ionizes water and Creates the Powerful Benefits of molecular hydrogen water H2

beneficii apa hidrogenata
benefits of molecular hydrogen water


The èlita Pure EPH2 : Unique Features with Unmatched water filtration & non electric ionization Performance
  • Produces excellent water pH by infusing the water with alkaline minerals, chiefly magnesium which complements and balances the naturally occurring calcium.
  • pH alteration is more stable.
  • The best regeneration rate (required time to achieve max performance) of any non-electric water  ionizer available. Competitors’ units require hours of re-gen. The èlita regenerates to pH 9 and 1.5 ppm* of molecular hydrogen H2 in one hour!


  Tap water  ElitaPure H2 water
pH pH 7.25 pH 9 – 9.5
ORP +425 mV -400 mV to -500 mV
molecular hydrogen H2 0 ppm 1.5 ppm – 2 ppm


*water ionization  performance based on Reno tap water. Performance will vary slightly depending on source water quality.

The èlita Pure Easy Replacement water Filter System (Patent Pending)
inlocuire filtru apa AlkaViva Elita Pure
elita pure filter replacement
  • Easiest water filter replacement system available.
  • Takes less than 60 seconds – anyone can do it
  • Change the water filter using a unique lever-operated mechanism.
  • No spilled water mess, unlike other water filter replacements.No wrenches, no struggle required – just flip the lever!



Smart Alarm Alerts You When it’s Time to Replace the water Filter inside Elita Pure H2


  • Practical and convenient.
  • No guessing when to replace your AlkaViva EPH2 water filter.
  • Never compromise your safety or health by drinking from an expired water filter.


Calculates water consumption. Visual and audio alarm notification system alerts you to change the AlkaViva Elita Pure H2 water filter.


inlocuire filtru ALKAVIVA Elita Pure
ALKAVIVA Elita Pure filter replace alert

Normal water Filter Status:

GREEN LED light (3,600 L / Approximately 12 Months*)

Expired water Filter Status:

Flashing RED LED light / Audible alarm when water filter expires.

*Based on 10 L consumption per day.




Don’t Want the AlkaViva élita Pure on the Counter? The élita Pure UnderSink

alkaviva elita pure ionizator apa subchiuveta
alkaviva elita pure undersink water ionizer non electric


Streamlined and compact, the èlita Pure US is the undersink alternative to complement any kitchen. The èlita Pure US offers the same two water filtration options as the countertop Elita Pure H2.*


Ultimate Peace of Mind


Enjoy the safety of a fully rated undersink pressure vessel and the convenience of a digital filter life indicator. You’ll know precisely when to replace your expired water filter – no guesswork!

*Also available with the same two water filtration options as the countertop AlkaViva Elita Pure non electric water ionizer– EPS Standard water Filter and EPH2 Enhanced water filter.



 AlkaViva elita Pure H2 Specs  
Model Number EPS Standard water  Filter / EPH2 Enhanced water Filter  
Water Filter Technology UltraWater Impregnated Carbon Block + Hollow Membrane Technology  
Water Filter Origin USA (Media) / South Korea (Assembly)  
Water Filter Replacement Method Easy Replacement water Filter One-touch lever method  
Water Filter Replacement Interval 1 Year (based on 10 L per day)  
Water Filter Capacity 3,600 L  
Installation Options Countertop with diverter / direct plumb. Also available as undersink non electric water ionizer  
Temperature (° C) 5° C ~ 35° C / 41° F ~ 95° F  
Water Pressure 1.5 kgf / cm2   –   7.0 kgf / cm2   –   21 – 100 psi  
Water Flow Rate 1.5 – 2 LPM  
Weight Unboxed 4 lb.  
  Boxed 5 lb  
Size (W x D x H) Unboxed 5.1 x 8.6 x 12.2 in.  
  Boxed 7 x 10.5 x 14 in.  
  Filter Dimensions  
Weight Unit weight 1.5 lb / Unit shipping weight 1.8 lbs  
Size (W x D x H) Body 3.6 x 8.7 in / Box 4.1 x 4.1 x 9.8 in  
ALKAVIVA Elita Pure dimensiuni
ALKAVIVA Elita Pure dimensions

Minimal Size

Smaller than handspan – 13 cm / 5.1 in

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