PREMIUM-ALKAVIVA Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier (2 filters)

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This is the cheapest water ionizer in the AlkaViva PREMIUM water ionizer range, with a water cell with only 5 electrodes, but all the technologies and advantages + quality of the most expensive premium water ionizers (AlkaViva Athena H2, Vesta H2, Delphi H2 ) –

If you want a ‘cheap and good’ water ionizer – this is your choice !!!


AlkaViva best value priced water purifier – ionizer Melody JP104 has been upgraded to offer you DUAL water filtration and AlkaViva’s new cutting-edge Hydrogen Infusion Technology, DARC Version 2 (DUAL Auto Reverse Cleanse for electrodes) & Real Time Flow Control System ,SMPS & AutoAdjust pH.

Melody JP104 water purifier – ionizer  was the proven leader and top seller in the value-priced water ionizer – purifier category over the last ten years. Introducing the Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier(2 filters) – a trusted and proven water ionization performer just got better!

The new Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier(2 filters) has been updated to improve water ionization performance while still offering you the same solid reliability that it has been known for (and which lower priced water -ionizers often lack).

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The AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier(2 filters) offers : 

DUAL water-filtration system.Don’t buy an expensive single water filter water ionization-purification system or one with cheap Vitamin C or carbon water filters. The New AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier (2 water filters) offers you the protection of dual water – filtration to give you healthy water and peace of mind!

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    • UltraWater filtration UPGRADE NOW AVAILABLE!!!
    • Alkaviva H2 water ionizers UltraWater filter
      Alkaviva H2 water ionizers UltraWater filter


      AlkaViva Vesta H2 water ionizer with UltraWater filters-Test-Results-Button
      AlkaViva  H2 water ionizer with UltraWater filters-Test-Results-click
    • H2 water – ionization performance. Designed specifically to create molecular hydrogen in ionized alcaline water – H2, the New AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier(2 water filters) gives you better water ionization performance at this price range than any similarly priced water-ionizer. We , AlkaViva guarantee it!
    • H2 performance at lower, drinkable levels of pH that taste great!Most other water ionization & purification systems can create at least a low level of hydrogen (H2) in ionized water. Any water ionizer that creates decent hydrogen (H2) in ionized water also creates it in ionized water that is dangerously high in pH – always well above 10 pH. Not only is it questionable in health terms, but water that high in pH tastes bad! The New AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier(2 water filters) is better than other water purification-ionization systems in its price category at delivering H2 water ionization performance, especially at lower more drinkable – and safer – pH levels of alkaline  ionized water . Cleaner, healthier and better tasting water. Step up!


  • 5 Advanced SmartDesign ElectrodesWe do not believe in over-sized or over-powered electrodes, which are often a sign of inefficient design. Due to electrode size & power applied on them they degrade faster and have questionable effect in water ionization performance. AlkaViva’s SmartDesign Electrodes are engineered to deliver top water ionization performance, absolute (time tested) reliability and to run with maximum efficiency and lasting durability(time tested). The New AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier(2 water filters) gives you the same number of 5 highly engineered SmartDesign Electrodes, the right amount of power to run them, a good water flow rate and solid, optimum  water ionization performance.
  • compare BEST water ionizers


  • Fully Automatic DARC Version 2  Electrode Cleaning System. Clean the electrodes with every use. Keeping your water ionization plates or electrodes clean is essential to getting great H2, water ionization performance as well as solid reliability & durability(mineral buildups can influence water ionization performace as well as induce faults ). We pioneered lasting water ionization performance with our DARC DOUBLE electrode auto cleaning in Athena JS205 & UltraDelphi IO400U water ionizers. The New AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier(2 water filters)  continues that tradition, giving you the convenience of never having to think about cleaning the electrodes(aka water ionization plates-the heart of every water ionizer) or wait for a electrode cleaning cycle to have ionized water . Ultimate insurance, fully automated ,DOUBLE Reverse Auto Cleanse system for electrodes .
  • AutoAdjustTM optimizer automatically adjusts the water ionizing power giving the Best Water Ionization Performance & depending real time on the water you put into your water ionizer With AutoAdjust the power can be adjusted to the optimal level for your water ensuring you get peak H2 in ionized water performance each and every time you use your Melody Hwater ionizer & purifier
  • Real-time Water Flow Control System. Optimal water flow rate is also critical in achieving optimal hydrogen water ionization performance (pH, ORP, H2 levels in ionized water) . The New AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier(2 water filters)  ’s Real-time Flow Control System provides you an LCD display and a selectable water flow control valve that allows you to set easy and precise control of your water flow rate – every time you use the New AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier(2 water filters) 
  • Top water ionizer certificationsAlkaViva’s 13 years in business means you can trust the New AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier(2 water filters) , AlkaViva and our manufacturing!
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Your New AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier(2 filters)  comes with:

  1.  a pH test kit (liquid reagent and a pH color chart) to make sure you are drinking at your ideal level of ionized alkaline water.
  2. a beautiful AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier(2 filters)  manual that was written by  AlkaViva and is a fantastic resource.
  3. an inline sediment water filter
  4. all AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier(2 filters) installation acessories

5 years Warranty &  FREE SHIPPING

Here are Athena H2 ( Melody II with 7 electrodes UPGRADE) and Athena JS 205 outperforming most other top water ionizers in the world(Kangen Enagic SD501, Vesta GL988, Nexus Smart 7p, Tyent)-SEE VIDEO TAB

Technical Specifications AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer & purifier :

  • Rate Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz EU  120V / 60Hz US
  • Water ionizer Power Supply:  Next Gen. SMPS & AutoAdjust 
  • AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer Power Use:  130W
  • AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer dimensions:  12.5” x 14.5” x 5.5” (WxHxD)
  • AlkaViva Melody II H2  weight:  12.75 lbs (14.75 Shipped Weight)
  • Water Pressure Available for AlkaViva Melody II H2  water ionizer :  15~90 psi
  • Tap Water Temperature Available for AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer:  40 ~ 86F
  • AlkaViva Melody II H2  water ionizer Protection Devices:  2 built-in temperature sensors
  • Electrolysis(water ionization) Method: Continuous
  • Electrodes:  SmartDesign Platinum / Titanium, SOLID, ELECTROPLATED
  • ionized water Generating Capacity of AlkaViva Melody II H2  water ionizer: Standard (1.5L/min. at 28psi), Max (3.5L/min. at 90psi)  
  • water ionization power settings of AlkaViva Melody II H2  water ionizer:  Alkaline Water (5 Levels), Purified Water,  Acidic Water (2 Levels)
  • Electrode Cleaning of AlkaViva Melody II H2  water ionizer:  DARC V 2 Cleaning System – Dual Automatic Reverse Cleaning
  • Water Filters Replacement:  Cartridge Type (2 water Filters)
  • Water Filters Life:  1,000 gallons
  • Voice Recognition:   Yes
  • Display of AlkaViva Melody II H2 water ionizer:   Negative LCD
  • Display Control:   Full Touch Screen (Letter and Image)
  • ON/OFF Valve Method: Real-time Flow Control System  
  • AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizers Manual-Melody H2, Athena H2, Vesta H2

Additional information

Weight 7 kg


Athena H2 VS Athena JS 205 VS Kangen Enagic SD501 VS Vesta GL988 vS Nexus Smart 7p VS Tyent: DVD


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