Excito-CL NON electric water ionizer purifier

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5-stage water purifier& ionizer

Compact and modern design.

Water filters included in Excito CL water ionizer:
water filter 1 (AIPRO-1 M-CL) 1 micron polyethylene sediment pre-filter – filters impurities such as rust, sand, etc. – replace every 6 months

Water filter 2 (AISTRO-L-CL) : water softener contains high-quality resin, which decreases the hardness of the water. replace every 6 months

Water filter 3 (FCCBL-S-LC) : activated carbon , 2 steps: step 1 filters chlorine, chloramines and organics and derivatives. step 2 filters substances that give the unpleasant taste and odor of water. replace every 6 months

water filter 4 (AIFIR-200) : NON electric water-ionizer filter – alkalizes and gives a negative ORP – replacement every 12 months

Water filter 5 (AICRO-AB): coconut shell & activated charcoal antibacterial postfilter for taste and smell. replace every 6 months

Compact and modern design.


excito-CL water purifier – ionizer is a 5 stages  filtering NON electric water ionizer that produces filtered , alkaline, antioxidant, ionized water. Water filters remove sediment (eg. sand, rust), chlorine and chloramines, organic substances, water-hardness, reduces the concentration of heavy metals, bad taste and odor from water . Water filters do not retain minerals necessary for human body.

-Excito-CL  NON electric water ionizer & purifier includes “nanosilver” technology  – filters incorporate silver ions that make them resistant to bacteria that can NOT multiply in these water filters. 15-20 ppb (parts per Billion) nanosilver material incorporated in each filter  

 Package contains:

  • Filters housing
  • Chrome valve with one arm, the ceramic element
  • Cold water pipe connection piece ½ “
  • inlet water hose ¼ “
  • Equipment fitted ready for connection
  • Instructions for use

Dimensions:  438 mm (height) x 100 mm (depth) x 360 mm (width).

input water temperature:  2 a C – 45  a C (cold water is only used)

Filtered and ionized water flow: 2.8 l / min (74 gpm)

Manufacturer: Aquafilter Europe

Country of origin :  EU (Poland)

Warranty 24 months


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