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AlkaViva UltraWater EXTERNAL fluoride arsenic filter

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EXTERNAL Fluoride Arsenic water filter – AlkaViva UltraWater

Fluoride and Arsenic in drinking water are a growing concern for many and AlkaViva has created a water filter the external UltraWater Fluoride Arsenic Shield. By using the newest cutting edge techniques, AlkaViva has created an external water filter to reduce Fluoride and Arsenic to very low levels in laboratory testing.

Please note: Intended for use outside of your AlkaViva water ionizers,an external water filter housing is needed. AlkaViva external UltraWater Fluoride Arsenic shield is good for approx 700 gallons/2800 liters of filtered water .

Product Description

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AlkaViva UltraWater Flouride and Arsenic filtration for use with EXTERNAL CASINGS
 Uncompromising filtration results. Safety you can count on.


The ONLY domestic water filter to remove lead, arsenic, fluoride, and other harmful contaminants with 99.9% accuracy.

These include :

, while allowing the healthy minerals to pass through.



The ONLY water ionizer filter to be tested in an independent US laboratory certified under the strictest EPA/ANSI protocols and NSF Standards 42 and 53.

COMPARE TO distilled water ,Reverse Osmosis (RO) or bottled water


The ONLY water ionizer filter created using WQA certified water specialists, engineers & doctors.


Created  with doctors & does NOT remove natural,healthy minerals from water(i.e.:like Reverse Osmosis and others) .


Create an income stream by helping others enjoy CLEAN & HEALTHY water.


100% chemical FREE, all-natural and sustainable media.


Reduce plastic waste by up to 95%.


Say NO to bottled water forever.

COMPARE TO distilled water ,Reverse Osmosis (RO) or bottled water

Built upon almost two years of research and development, AlkaViva’s exclusive and patented new UltraWater filtration technology provides an environmentally sustainable way to create the cleanest and healthiest water available, any time any place. UltraWater technology will reduce virtually all contaminants in tap water to non-detectable levels. These include :

, while allowing the healthy minerals to pass through.

Once cleaned, the healthful properties of the water are enhanced through natural alkalization and ionization.

The AlkaViva UltraWater filter has taken our years of experience, knowledge, and expertise and combined technologies in a proprietary process to provide the ultimate protection from drinking water contaminants.

The UltraWater filter uses the highest quality medias available and then transforms them into solid forms to literally block contamination from passing through and ending up in your glass. This creates a greater contact time with the water and removes much higher percentages of water contamination than traditional loose media beds. The UltraWater Filter offers superior removal of chlorine, chloramines, disinfectant byproducts, VOC’s, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, nickel and iron (most to non-detectable levels in laboratory testing – UltraWaterResults). In addition it greatly improves water taste and odor giving you a great tasting and clean glass of water.

AlkaViva is glad to offer you the opportunity to take back your tap and use the most advanced water ionizer water filter available in our industry.

Only AlkaViva offers UltraWater filtration Technology that removes most water contaminants to non detectable levels.


Capacity : 700 gallons/2800 liters
Best Used For: ALL  Water Types
UltraWater Filter Media: Patent-Pending Proprietary Media
Estimated Life (1-2 people): 9-12 months
Estimated Life (3-5 people): 6-9 months

Don’t we need fluoride ?!

NO. It is now well established that fluoride is not an essential nutrient. This means that NO human disease ““ including tooth decay ““ will result from a “deficiency” of fluoride. Fluoridating water supplies is therefore different than adding iodine to salt. Unlike fluoride, iodine is an essential nutrient (the body needs iodine to ensure the proper functioning of the thyroid gland). No such necessity exists for fluoride.

Does fluoride occur naturally in water?

As a general rule, the only fresh water with high levels of fluoride (other than waters polluted by fluoride-emitting industries) is water derived from deep wells. Rather than being something to celebrate, high levels of naturally occurring fluorides have wreaked havoc on tens of millions of people’s health around the world. People consuming water with naturally high levels of fluoride have been found to suffer serious health ailments including disfiguring tooth damage, bone disease, ulcers, reduced IQ, thyroid disease, and infertility. Because of this, international organizations like UNICEF assist developing nations in finding ways of removing fluoride from the water.Thankfully, most fresh water supplies contain very low levels of fluoride. The average level of fluoride in unpolluted fresh water is less than 0.1 ppm, which is about 10 times less than the levels added to water in fluoridation programs (0.7 to 1.2 ppm). The frequent claim, therefore, that “nature thought of fluoridation first” does not withstand scrutiny.

Where does the fluoride added to drinking water come from?

The main chemicals used to fluoridate drinking water are known as “silicofluorides” (i.e., hydrofluorosilicic acid and sodium fluorosilicate). Silicofluorides are not pharmaceutical-grade fluoride products; they are unprocessed industrial by-products of the phosphate fertilizer industry. Since these silicofluorides undergo no purification procedures, they can contain elevated levels of arsenic – moreso than any other water treatment chemical. In addition, recent research suggests that the addition of silicofluorides to water is a risk factor for elevated lead exposure, particularly among residents who live in homes with old pipes.

What are the risks from swallowing fluoride?
Fluoride has long been known to be a very toxic substance. This is why, like arsenic, fluoride has been used in pesticides and rodenticides (to kill rats, insects, etc). It is also why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now requires that all fluoride toothpaste sold in the U.S. carry a poison warning that instructs users to contact the poison control center if they swallow more than used for brushing.Excessive fluoride exposure is well known to cause a painful bone disease (skeletal fluorosis), as well as a discoloration of the teeth known as dental fluorosis. Excessive fluoride exposure has also been linked to a range of other chronic ailments including arthritis, bone fragility, dental fluorosis, glucose intolerance, gastrointestinal distress, thyroid disease, and possibly cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.While the lowest doses that cause some of these effects are not yet well defined, it is clear that certain subsets of the population are particularly vulnerable to fluoride’s toxicity. Populations that have heightened susceptibility to fluoride include infants, individuals with kidney disease, individuals with nutrient deficiencies (particularly calcium and iodine), and individuals with medical conditions that cause excessive thirst. The most comprehensive information about the dangerous effects of fluoride can be found on the Fluoride Action Network’s web site at


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