industrial reverse osmosis water filtration system RO EconomyClear-RO-1200

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industrial ReverseOsmosis water filtration station with 75% water recovery rate, with membranes

Technical parameters:

  • System with continuous operation
  • Water filtration capacity: 1410-1200 liters / hour
  • Input connection: ¾ ”
  • Output connection: ½ ”
  • water Pressure pump: Grundfos, centrifugal, 2.2 kW
  • water Pre-filtration: 1 pc FCCPS-20B005
  • RO membrane: 4 x ULP21-4040

1. for the protection of the industrial reverse osmosis system we recommend the use in conjunction with:
– DUPLEX activated carbon water filtration system previously mounted on osmotic membranes (to remove chlorine from water)
– DUPLEX water softening system upright before osmotic membranes (for water softening)

2. for systems that use a tank (pressurized or not) we recommend the installation of a UV lamp for water sterilization, POST tank

please contact use with the water analysis bulletin and the detailed description of your problem in order to configure your water filtration and treatment solution according to your need.

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