industrial water treatment products and systems

Please find below the list of our industrial water treatment products:

  • Residential water softeners
  • Narrow residential water softeners (slim)
  • Residential water softeners ECO series (saving water and salt)
  • ECO series residential water softeners (water and salt saving) narrow (slim)
  • UV sterilizers
  • UV (ultraViolet) water sterilizing lamps, quartz bottles
  • Semi-automatic water softeners
  • Simplex industrial water softeners with time control
  • Simplex industrial water softeners with volume control
  • Duplex industrial water softeners in parallel
  • Alternating industrial duplex water softeners
  • Water deferencing stations with BIRM filter medium
  • Water dewatering-demanganization stations with PYROLOX filter medium
  • Greensand granulated water dewatering-demanganization stations
  • Water dewatering-demanganization softening stations, ammonia filtration with Ecomix-A filter medium
  • Water softening stations with Ecomix-C filter medium, deferrization-demanganization, ammonia filtration and organic matter
  • Nitrogen water filter stations with volume control
  • Arsenic water filtration stations with GEH filter medium
  • Total water desalination plants with combined resins
  • Time-controlled activated carbon water filters
  • Mechanical water hyperfiltration stations with time control
  • Control valves / valves
  • water Filter media
  • Regeneration of combined resins
  • Pressured water  tanks
  • Caps, threaded reducers
  • Brine tanks
  • Cabinets for water softeners
  • Parts for water softeners
  • Industrial water filtration stations with reverse osmosis
  • Reverse osmosis membranes
  • Cases for reverse osmosis membranes
  • RO reverse osmosis control units
  • Conductivity measuring devices
  • flowmeters
  • Gauges
  • Static mixers
  • Mechanical water filters
  • Chemical dispensers
  • Tanks for chemical dispensers
  • water-meters
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Dear (potential) customer please allow me to outline the general aspect of these industrial water projects:

Industrial water treatment equipment is not cheap, so a correct sizing is absolutely necessary to protect your “pocket”

The volumes of water to be served are generally large and often those waters require complex treatments, so the equipment that can serve your requirements is large and complex.

In all cases it is, in addition to water chemistry it is necessary to know:

  • description of the water application: where will it be used?
  • maximum flow (m3 / hour)
  • cumulative water consumption per unit of time (day, month)

We are at your disposal with the technical offer and the price of the equipment:

  • water treatment chain required
  • the necessary equipment
  • technical data, dimensions, weight, etc. of the equipment
  • prices of equipment, consumables, spare parts
  • transport of the goods to the consignee, if required
  • 12 month warranty for equipment

Due to the distances, we cannot come personally do the installation and commissioning of the equipment, nor the maintenance and service services, but we can offer you remote support

We want to limit ourselves to water treatment systems – it is better for you to decide on water storage and transport solutions.

Believe me, it is much healthier to do our homework (to get all the information needed to design the system), and only after that make offers to customers.

Kind Regards,

Cristian Gologan

General Manager

Alcalin Vita SRL

Mobile Romania: +40 758 638 401




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