PRIME 501-R Water Ionizer Counter Top

1.250 1.200

PRIME 501-R  Water Ionizer

Counter Top water ionizer

-can be installed undersink with digital faucet



5 MESH electrodes/ Plates & AutoClean

Next Generation SMPS Power system(Max 300 Watts).

Widest range of pH and ORP.

Dual internal water filtration system – Premium Multi-stage Media.Ultrawater filtration upgrade available

BPA FREE tubing and fitting installation

Compact Sleek new Design

Complements the look of your kitchen

Stylish Prime Water Ionizer

Made in KOREA



New Larger Ultra Efficient, Multi-Level Electrolysis chambers/water cell
New Larger Titanium/Platinum electrodes / Plates

prime 501 R water ionizer water cell
prime 501 R water ionizer water cell

A MESH electrode / plate uses the same principle as the slotted electrode plate, but improves upon it by providing cross-channeling
to more evenly direct electron flow. The applied current more evenly saturates the electrode plate, increasing the effective delivery of electrical current to create better alteration/ionization in your alkaline water. MESH electrode/water ionization plate technology is just like the best irrigation systems



PURE (99.99+%)Platinum Titanium MESH Plate (125 X 60 mm) 

prime 901 R water ionizer MESH electrode
prime 501 R water ionizer MESH electrode

75,000mm 2


Plates Automatic Cleaning System

Automatically initiates a cleaning cycle for electrodes  after each water ionizer use, so you don’t have to wait for any inconvenient cleaning discharge cycles.

Because Prime Water ionizers do not use DARC electrode autocleanse technology, cleaning the electrodes with acid vinegar or citric acid is also recommended from time to time (every 3 months for 20 mins – water ionizer cleaning pump included in package)

Prime Water Electrodes DURABILITY – 10 years

Are you worried about durability for these large electrodes? Durability Test Conducted for Electrodes ; According to the analysis of the test results:
The tests were performed according to standard test methodology.
After each test was taken according to the different water flow rates and comparing the analysis to a range of standards, even when not using the standard amounts, water cell life was ten years

Learn more about Prime Water company electrodes technologies SAND BLASTING, Spot Welding, CLEAN & SAFE MATERIALS (platinum, titanium, plastics), Ion Exchange Membrane…here 



prime 501 r water ionizer smps 300 W
prime 501 r water ionizer smps 300 W

one of the most advanced power delivery systems on the market to insure that your water ionizer is producing the most powerful ionized water for years and years to come.

Unlike the old outdated transformers, the next generation SMPS system has been shown to last longer and run cooler. With the most up to date technology, you’ll never have to worry about the pH or ORP levels of your ionized alkaline water ionizer.

Worried about so much watts ?

Prime R water ionizers usually use a SMPS max  power 450Watts, but don’t worry, when we test in factory Max used watts  were about 350 Watts for 13 electrodes water ionizer and 280 watts for 9 electrodes / plates water ionizers….about 160 Watts for 5 plates used on ALK4

here are the data for 13 electrodes water ionizer from PRIME water

Level-1 alkaline ionized water: 20 Watts

Level-2 alkaline ionized water: 40 Watts

Level-3 alkaline ionized water: 100 Watts

Level-4 alkaline ionized water : 350 Watts (13Plates) 

5 Plates /electrodes water ionizer aprox Max Watts – 160 Watts when level 4 alkaline water selected .   



water flow rate 2.5L~3L / 1min 5Plates/electrodes 7Plates/electrodes 9Plates/electrodes 11Plates/electrodes 13Plates/electrodes
Alkaline pH ORP pH ORP pH ORP pH ORP pH ORP
Level-1 8~8.5 -20~-50 8.5~9.0 -50~-100 8.5~9.0 -100~-150 8.5~9.0 -100~-150 8.5~9.0 -100~-150
Level-2 8.5~9.0 -50~-100 9.0~9.5 -100~-150 9.0~9.5 -150~-200 9.0~9.5 -150~-250 9.0~9.5 -150~-250
Level-3 9.0~9.5 -100~-150 9.5~10.0 -150~-200 9.5~10.0 -200~-250 9.5~10.5 -250~-300 9.5~10.5 -250~-350
Level-4 9.5~10.0 -150~-250 10.0~10.5 -200~-250 10.0~10.7 -250~-350 10.5~11.0 -350~-600 10.5~11.+ -400~-800
2~2.5L/1min 5










Alkaline pH ORP pH ORP pH ORP pH ORP pH ORP
Level-1 8.78 -30 9.18 -41 9.56 -70 9.59 -72 9.84 -122
Level-2 9.52 -80 9.53 -80 9.89 -297 9.95 -305 10.37 -731
Level-3 10.02 -387 10.13 -507 10.31 -610 10.41 -759 10.67 -791
Level-4 10.25 -563 10.41 -620 10.7 -728 10.79 -787 10.91 -825

Prime R water ionizers allows you to program nearly any pH and ORP combination, so as to customize your pH and ORP level that’s right for you.

The higher you pH value, the higher ist also the dissolved hydrogen dH2 (up to 1200 ppm!).

Prime R water ionizers allow users to select from 1680 pH and ORP levels


prime dual water filters
prime 501 R  dual water filters

Multi-Stage Media  DUAL water  Filtration System

The Prime 501 R Dual water filtration system is made up of multi level /stage specialized media water filter and a premium activated carbon water filter.

The Premium Activated Carbon water filter is structured to improve the reduction of heavy metals and fluoride found in many city water sources.

The silver activated carbon portion of the water filter kills bacteria and keeps them from growing within the water filter and being passed through to the electrolysis chamber.

The multi level stage sediment water filter reduces additional sediment particles in the water

prime dual water filters 2
prime 501 R dual water filters 2

these are basic water filters  but see water quality :Prime Water filtration Quality and Safety Test-Prime Water-Updated April 2018

We offer an upgrade to PREMIUM AlkaViva Ultrawater filtration system with an external AlkaViva Ultrawater filter

Full Size Wide Color Display Panel

prime 901 R water ionizer display panel
prime 501 R water ionizer display panel


AutoDiagnosis System PRIME 901R water ionizer
AutoDiagnosis System PRIME 501R water ionizer

Water ionizer continually monitors internal operating systems, ensuring that you are immediately notified in the highly unlikely event of a problem.




8 Languages Available: Korean, Englisch, Chinese, Russion, Spanish, French, German, Italian.


8 languages prime 901 R water ionizer
8 languages prime 501 R water ionizer

Prime 501 water ionizer certifications

ISO 14001 & 9001, KFDA Medical Device, FCC, CE and others:


prime 501 r water ionizer technical specifications

prime 501 water ionizer full technical details
prime 501 R water ionizer full technical details

Bottom line:

PROS: nice ENTRY LEVEL water ionizer from Korean manufacturer. Low price , stylish, widest range of selectable /adjustable , pH and ORP levels, MESH electrodes with AutoClean & Next Gen SMPS, can be intalled undersink using digital faucet 

CONS: NO DARC electrode auto cleanse system (requires regular electrode cleaning with pump), basic water filtration(can be upgraded to PREMIUM  wich AlkaViva UIltraWater external filter)

Prime-R-series-English Manual

Prime-R_Function Manual for Admin

2 years warranty

free shipping

cleaning pump included

optional upgrade to UltraWater filtration available


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