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prime water ionizer filters standard
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PRIME R/RV standard Water Ionizer filters

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Product Description

prime dual water filters

2 double filtres d'eau brute

prime dual water filters

PRIME R/ RV water ionizer filters-set of 2


Multi-Stage Media ULTRA DUAL Filtration System

The Prime R/ RV Dual water filtration system is made up of multi level /stage specialized media water filter and a premium activated carbon water filter.

The Premium Activated Carbon water filter is structured to improve the reduction of heavy metals and fluoride found in many city water sources.

The silver activated carbon portion of the water filter kills bacteria and keeps them from growing within the water filter and being passed through to the electrolysis chamber.

The multi level stage sediment water filter reduces additional sediment particles in the water

these are basic water filters  but see water quality :Prime Water filtration Quality and Safety Test-Prime Water-Updated April 2018

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