Economy Water reverse osmosis filtered water dispenser

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reverse osmosis filtered water dispenser
Reverse Osmosis Economy Water Dispenser
White ABS water dispenser with stainless steel door panels with ReverseOsmosis water purification system in 4-stage – water filters:
-AIPRO 5M (In-line mechanical water filter cartridge with 5μm quick connections,
-AIPRO12 (In-Line Active Carbon water Filtering Cartridge with Quick Connections,)
-TLC-75P Membrane Reverse Osmosis Membrane Pentair 75 GPD (Gallons per Day) – about 300 liters filtered water per day
-AICRO-In-line active carbon filter cartridge (T33)


reverse osmosis filtered water dispenser

Economy water dispenser incorporates reverse osmosis water filtration and is directly connected to the drinking water supply (does not require tanks / water balloons). water purification by reverse osmosis is about 95-98% pure  leaving the water without contaminants  like sodium nitrite , chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants with a pleasant taste. The dispenser may include a cartridge of minerals.


· PENTAIR reverse osmosis membrane 75 GPD, producing the highest quality water

· Multistage water filtration system that can add any water filter (ex .: remineralizing-RECOMMEND !!!) or UV light



AIPRO water PREfilter 5M (in-line water cartridge filter with mechanical quick connection, male 5 mm) – water filter of 20 microns o which removes the suspended particles greater than 20 microns – replacement interval  6 months

-water PREfilter AIPRO12  (active carbon water filter cartridge in-line with quick connections), water filter of active carbon and 95% removal of chlorine & organic impurities .replace every 6 months 

• reverse osmosis membrane (75 GPD PENTAIR – up to 300 liters of purified water per day) 0.0001 micron filter, removes approx. 98% impurities – replacement interval 24 months

– water POSTfilter with silver impregnated carbon and 5% KDF55 removes  unpleasant taste and odor of the water. replacement interval  6 months

Filters featured extra

  •  remineralizer/ alkalizing water filter – replacement in 12 months
  •  energizing bioceramic filter

Technical characteristics of the Economy water dispenser :

Basic functions:

  • Cold water  5 liters (3-10  degree C)
  • Hot water (2.5 liters (85-92   degree C),  security /  limited access for children)
  • 8 liters of water at room temperature
  • has an  “overflow” tray easy to empty and maintain

The total water capacity:  15.5 liters

Performance:  the amount of maximum purified water is up to 300 liters / day. 

Technical parameters reverse osmosis water dispenser Economy Water:

  • Size: 320 x 390 x 1030 mm (width x depth x height)
  • operating input water pressure range of 3-6 bar
  • Maximum input water salinity: 2000 ppm (mg / l)
  • Input water temperature: 2-38 ° C

installing reverse osmosis water dispenser water economy:

  • 230 V / 50 Hz voltage source .
  • a source of water  (Dutch side 1 “, 3/4”, 1/2 “and 3/8″ match). The dispenser receives water from  6mm or ¼ ” hose thus water source must be within 5 meters.
  • for sewerage in sewer connection is required through a conduit 40.


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