RO-Economy 360 GPD Reverse Osmosys water filtration

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Domestic water purifier RO-Economy Direct Flow 360 gallons of water per day (about 1440 liters per day)

4 water filters (AIPRO1 M, AICRO12 M, 2×180 GallonsPerDay Pentair membranes)

Booster pump (allows low pressure operation up to 1 bar)

Tear-resistant steel surface glass


DO NOT use a water tank – it is a direct flow – CAN NOT be used as a water ionization pre-filter

One-armed faucet

EU origin

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RO-Economy 360 GPD

reverse osmosis multi step water filtration ; includes booster pump, one arm faucet  and AICRO12 M, AIPRO1 M, water filters, 2X 180 GPD Pentair membranes 

RO-Economy with pressure/booster pump captivates costumers by its refined, elegant appearance (rustproof steel and glass surface), modern faucet and its multi steps water filtration-purification system. Outer casing “INOX” of strong plexiglass and can be placed on the kitchen counter. Installation is simple . It needs to be connected from the back 4 terminal. The water filters are “Quick Connect” type.Booster pump makes it possible to operate when input water pressure is as low as 1 bar


· multi stage water filtration system and can add any water filter (i.e.: remineralizer) or UV lamp

· Auto-Flush

· Quick connect and easy maintenance

· Self-Adjusting, Self-Suction Pressure Pump

· High & Low pressure switches

· Outside Adapter

· Auto flush


·• In-line mechanical water filter cartridge with 1μm male quick connectors

• In-line active carbon water filter cartridge with fast, male connections      

·         Reverse osmosis membranes (2X 180 GPD PENTAIR)

Booster pump->         Operation pressure: 1-5 bar 

·         Maximum water salinity: 2000 ppm (mg/l)

·         Temperature of input water: 2-38 oC



·         Dimension (HxDxW): 420x160x330 mm


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