RO-Economy Reverse Osmosys water filtration

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Quick connect type in-line post water filter with silver impregnated carbon and 5% KDF55 media
can be installed under the counter,or countertop
compact design (requires small space)
Rustproof steel glass surface

can be used as prefiltration for water ionizers (requires REmineralizer)

Place of Origin: EU

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reverse osmosis 5 steps water filtration ; includes  one arm faucet, reservoir and AICRO12 M, AIPRO1 M, AICRO-QM water filters, membrane TLC-75P
RO-Economy With Pump captivates costumers by its refined, elegant appearance (rustproof steel and glass surface), modern faucet and its 5 steps water filtration-purification system. Outer casing “INOX” of strong plexiglass and can be placed on the kitchen counter. Installation is simple . It needs to be connected from the back 4 terminal. The water filters are “Quick Connect” type


·   PENTAIR 75-GDP reverse osmosis membrane, thus produces the highest quality water

· 5 stage water filtration system and can add any water filter (i.e.: remineralizer) or UV lamp

· 12 liter metal tank outside


·         11” quick connect type, polypropylene 5 micron water prefilter

·         11” quick connect type, GAC water filter 

·         11” quick connect type, polypropylene 1 micron water prefilter

·         Reverse osmosis membrane (75 GPD PENTAIR)

·         Quick connect type in-line postfilter with silver impregnated carbon and 5% KDF55 media

·         Operation pressure: 2.5-5 bar 

·         Maximum water salanity: 2000 ppm (mg/l)

·         Temperature of input water: 2-38 oC



·         Dimension (HxDxW): 420x160x330 mm

·         water Tank/reservoir dimension: 430xØ280 mm

·         Weight: 11 kg 


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