osmoza inversa RO economy 200 GPD

Traditional 360 GPD Reverse Osmosys water filtration

410 400

Domestic water purifier RO-Economy Direct Flow 360 gallons of water per day (about 1400 liters per day)

4 water filters 

Booster pump (allows low pressure operation up to 1 bar)


DOES NOT use a water tank – it is a direct flow – CAN NOT be used as a water ionization pre-filter

One-armed faucet

EU origin

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Product Description

RO-Tradițional Direct Flow 360GPD


Reverse osmosis 5 stage water filtration;includes booster pump &  one arm faucet,  FCPPS1005, FCCTO-10, FCPPS1001 water filters,  2 X 180 GPD PENTAIR membranes

RO-Traditional can remove up to 95 % of the contaminants from water using one of the world’s best water filtration/purification technology. The quality of the purified water depends on water pressure, temperature and level of contamination as well. Due to its 5 stage filtration system RO-Traditional removes a significant amount of chlorine and chlorine derivatives, odor and bad taste, viruses and bacteria that may arise.Booster pump makes it possible for the Reverse osmosis to work with low pressures such as 1 bar.


· 5 stage water filtration system and can add any water filter(i.e.: remineralizer) and/or UltraViolet lamp

· Traditional 10” water filters


· water Filter 1: 5 micron water prefilter

· water Filter 2: CTO activated carbon water prefilter

· water Filter 3: 1 micron water prefilter

· water Filter 4 & 5 : 2X PENTAIR 180-GDP reverse osmosis membranes

· Capacity from 1440 litres of water per day filtering

· Operational water pressure: 1-5 bar

· Temperature of feeding water: 2-38 °C


· RO system size: 330 x 430 x 160 mm (width x height x depth)


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