RO-Economy WP reverse osmosis water filtration

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Quick connect type in-line post water filter with silver impregnated carbon and 5% KDF55 media
can be installed under the counter,or countertop
compact design (requires small space)
Rustproof steel glass surface
can work with low pressure 1 bar

can be used as prefiltration for water ionizers (requires REmineralizer)

Place of Origin: EU

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RO-Economy WP

reverse osmosis 5 steps water filtration ; includes booster pump(min 1 bar input water pressure), one arm faucet, reservoir)can be used as water ionizer prefilter) and AICRO12 M, AIPRO1 M, AICRO-QM, water filters, membrane TLC-75P(max 300 liter per day)
RO-Economy with pressure/booster pump captivates costumers by its refined, elegant appearance (rustproof steel and glass surface), modern faucet and its 5 steps water filtration-purification system. Outer casing “INOX” of strong plexiglass and can be placed on the kitchen counter. Installation is simple . It needs to be connected from the back 4 terminal. The water filters are “Quick Connect” type


· 5 stage water filtration system and can add any water filter (i.e.: remineralizer) or UV lamp

· Auto-Flush

· Quick connect and easy maintenance

· 12 liter metal tank outside

· Self-Adjusting, Self-Suction Pressure Pump

· High & Low pressure switches

· Outside Adapter

· Auto flush


·         11” quick connect type, polypropylene 5 micron water prefilter

·         11” quick connect type, GAC water filter 

·         11” quick connect type, polypropylene 1 micron water prefilter

·         Reverse osmosis membrane (75 GPD PENTAIR)

·         Quick connect type in-line postfilter with silver impregnated carbon and 5% KDF55 media

·         Operation pressure: 1-5 bar 

·         Maximum water salanity: 2000 ppm (mg/l)

·         Temperature of input water: 2-38 oC



·         Dimension (HxDxW): 420x160x330 mm

·         water Tank/reservoir dimension: 430xØ280 mm

·         Weight: 13 kg ( booster pump included )


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