Scale Guard Inserts (2 pcs) for water ionizers Jupiter, EmcoTech, AlkaViva,BionTech

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Environmentally-Friendly Anti-Scale Device

  • Protect your water ionizer from hard water (120-180 ppm)
  • dramatically reduces damaging scale deposits from forming inside the water ionizer & dissolves the existing calcium carbonate scale build-up inside water ionizer(de-scaling effect!).
  • uses a catalytic process to change the crystalline structure of calcium carbonate to a smooth soft spherical,non adhesive structure; NON magnetic , NON sacrificial (does not add salt or anything to the water)
  • 6 months lifetime per each scale guard insert-pack of 2 inserts-order with replacement filters for water ionizers



IonWays & AlkaViva has always made available to its customers a solution for hard water areas, to help protect the water ionizers from scale build-up.  First, there was an inline pre-filter cartridge and housing that was costly and slightly difficult to install for some.  Then, there was the EndOfScale water Conditioner which was much easier to install, but still a little pricey.  Both solutions required “in-line” installations between the water source and the water ionizer.

Now, the solution to hard water and scale buildp is both easy to install AND more affrodable.

Announcing the Scale Guard Inserts

 Your water professionals at AlkaViva are proud to announce the creation of the Scale Guard Inserts to address the issue of scale build up inside water inizers, caused by excessive calcium and magnesium in water .

These inserts are sold in packs of 2 for just under $30 and will last about as long as your water ionizer filter(s). A huge savings over the cost of the old EOS Mark II inline water filter.

Easy, affordable and effective!

Excessive scale is a challenge facing many homeowners, manufacturing and industrial water users around the world for decades. The build up of scale can cause damage or poor performance in hot water heathers, clothes and dishwashers, showerheads and other hot water using appliances/fixtures.

This situation is compounded when water is ionized since the scale causing minerals are more concentrated and will have a tendency to create scale build up on the alkaline spout and connected parts.

The traditional approach to hard water problems is sodium or potassium based ion exchange water softeners that waste water and dump high concentrations of salt into sewer systems and septic tanks. The IonWays Scale Guard insert is an environmentally friendly way to reduce the amount of scale in your water ionizer!

blankHow and Where does scale develop?

anti scaling deviceCalcium naturally occurs is in a crystalline structure which makes it adhere to virtually any surface creating a hard scale deposit that can accumulate as time passes. These deposits can build up in your pipes and appliances in the home increasing electricity consumption while decreasing the efficiency of machinery(i.e. water ionizers) performance in industrial applications. Hard water deposits can also decrease porosity of soil resulting in high water consumption, poor plant development and overly compacted soils. A water ionizer is susceptible to scale build up on the stainless steel spout and connected parts.

blankHow does the AlkaViva Scale Guard Insert work?

Aragonite crystals typically comprise hard water scale and have a similar feel to sandpaper that can stack very easily. The Vaterite crystalline form created by the AlkaViva Scale Guard is spherical, and since it is virtually impossible to stack ball bearings, scale build up is virtually impossible. It uses a catalytic process to dramatically change the crystalline structure of calcium carbonate to a smooth soft spherical structure that does NOT create damaging scale build up in your water ionizer. It is NOT magnetic nor sacrificial (does not add anything to the water) and dramatically reduces bothersome scale deposits from forming, and it also dissolves the existing calcium carbonate scale build-up (de-scaling effect!).

A vivid example of the impact of changing the physical properties of substances is the element carbon. Under certain conditions, carbon creates one of the hardest substances on earth (diamonds) and can also create an amazingly smooth lubricant when in a graphite form – yet each are 100% carbon.

blankThe AlkaViva Scale Guard Inserts Also MicroCluster! 

Independent laboratory testing concludes that another benefit of the materials used in the Scale Guard is that the water cluster size actually decreases. Micro-clustered water has been shown to enhance cellular hydration and detoxification.

NO maintenance needed. Simply place the insert into your calcium insert port (unscrews on top of the water ionizer). One insert will last about 6 months so the two provided will last for about one year. so ordering the set of two Scale Guard Inserts when you order your replacement water filters will ensure you’re fully protected from one set of water filters for AlkaViva water ionizers change to the next.

NOT to be used with the AlkaViva VESTA GL 988 water ionizer or Venus jp107 water ionizers. If needing a solution for hard water (scale) issues with these water ionizers. please contact us.

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“FAQ”]How do the Scale Guard Inserts work?

The Scale Guard Inserts use a type of resin that applies a protective coating on the inner tubing and water ionizing chamber which prevents calcium from “sticking” to the inside of your water ionizer. It doesn’t remove calcium, per say… but merely prevents the buildup from occurring to begin with.

I already have some scale buildup in my water ionizer. Can I still use these inserts?

YES, RECOMMENDED because  the Scale Guard Inserts have been shown to reduce pre-existing scale buildup from the inside of the water ionizer. So, using the inserts when you already have some scale buildup in your water ionizer is exactly what you should do.

How do I know when to change the inserts?

One way is to simply watch the water ionizer’s filter counter and replace the insert at the halfway point. Depending on which model of water ionizer you own, you’ll need to change the scale guard insert at either 2 bars or when the water filter counter reaches half water filter lifetime. If you don’t get the timing of the insert change right away, there’s no need to worry. The Scale Guard Inserts have a cumulative effect in your water  ionizer – as long as you change the insert near the halfway point, you are still protected. It’s important to note that when changing inserts, it’s normal to see residual media inside the insert baskets – although the media will not dissolve completely, it will start to lose its effectiveness.

Who can benefit from the new Scale Guard Inserts?

AlkaViva is now including an easy-to-use test strip with every water ionizer being sold. These test strips test for levels of CaCO3 (calcium carbonate), the mineral responsible for hard water scale. If your level is between 51 and 120 ppm, a BioStone Plus is all you should need. If your levels are between 121 and 180 ppm, you should take advantage of Scale Guard Inserts to better protect your water ionizer. If your levels are over 181 ppm, there are other means of scale prevention that would better suit your needs(i.e. Spartan shield for hard water, water softner+reverse osmosys ,etc), .

Contact us to find out about other options.

How do I use the Scale Guard Inserts?

The inserts are easy to use. All you need to do is open the mineral port cap at the top of your water ionizer, remove the clear plastic cap on the Scale Guard Insert basket, place it inside of the mineral port cap, and insert it back into your water ionizer. Your water ionizer is then protected from scale buildup!

Because they do not have a mineral port, there are several models of water ionizers that cannot use the Scale Guard system. If you have very hard water, and don’t own a model of water ionizer that has a mineral port or have any concerns about using your water ionizer with hard water, please contact us for treatment suggestions.