EconomySoft s25Slim-Water Softeners

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slim water softner from Economy water – made in EU
Extending the lifetime of plumbing, domestic appliances, and provides
Built-in bypass valve is used to set up-to 0 hardness (completely soft water). However, you can set up-to any hardness level.
Volume & time controlled operation
Slim design and can be placed in tiny/limited space
Place of origin: EU
12 months warranty
HUGE DISCOUNT when purchased with water ionizer and reverse osmosys system



Slim-Water Softeners

EconomySoft Slim is the slim designed central domestic water softener which carries out the water softening for flats, houses and buildings etc. Its preventing the formation and growth of hard water lime scale, thus extends the lifetime of household appliances(we recommend this in conjunction with a Reverse Osmosis( with remineralizer and 5 gallon reservoir)prefiltration if you want to use your water ionizer in areas where water is harder than 250 ppm)

The principle of the water softener:

The ion-exchange water softeners use an ion exchange resin organic compound technology which dissolved calcium and magnesium ions in the water and replaced by sodium ions(the sodium can be further removed by Reverse Osmosis – then the water can be optimally remineralized and used as input water for a water ionizer) . With this technology, the solution is maintained and water cannot precipitate hardness minerals under any circumstances.



  • Removal of calcium and magnesium and certain other metal cations in hard water
  • Using ion-exchange resins to treat the incoming water
  • The process is the ion-exchange, the exchange of calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions which result in a softened water of 0 0dH (German hardness).
  • Top/side mounted multiport valve of ¾”/1” sizes
  • It is easy for you to choose the right model of water softener according to your usage. Different models are available with different usage volume for flats, houses/villas, building and Industries etc.  


Product number

EconomySoft Series

Salt and water

consumption / regeneration



Inst. size

H x W x D






EconomySoft S8

Slim Household water softener with built in by-pass and air check valve

3 / 4”

1 kg NaCl+ 49 l H2O

640 x 230 x 450

8 liter

0,8 – 1,2

EconomySoft S18

Slim Household water softener with built in by-pass and air check valve

3 / 4 “

2,3 kg NaCl+ 110 l H2O

1110 x 230 x 450

18 liter

1,5 – 1,8

EconomySoft S25

Slim Household water softener with built in by-pass and air check valve

3 / 4”

3 kg NaCl+ 140 liter H2O

1110 x 230 x 450

25 liter

1,8 – 2,0



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