AquaStrop Office Compact MAXI Water Cooler & Carbonating system with water filtration-ionization

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PROFESSIONAL WATER DISPENSER  with Water Cooler & Carbonating , filtration -ionization system
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  • NEW: COOL, STILL  OR SPARKLING ALKALINE IONIZED WATER OPTION- PLEASE CONTACT US FOR DETAILS !!!THE WATER DISPENSER SYSTEM CAN INTEGRATE a water ionizing filter for alkaline, cold, flat or carbonated ionized water – option available on request !!!

 Ideal for halls, factories, etc.
 Serves up to 200 people / day


• 1 large capacity cooling device (200-300 liters / h), with ice-based cooling, with built-in carbonator and 2 coils;
• 1 chromed service column with 2 faucets and compensator;
• 1 drip tray;
• 1 lift between the cooling device and the column;
• 1 primary pressure regulator CO2 of 7 bar (1 main body and 2 manometers);
• 1 set of installation kit;
• 1 professional water filtration – ionization system




Professional cartridges for water filtration 
• professional water filter cartridges are specially designed to filter municipal water of microorganisms and impurities larger than 0.5 microns.
• combines the technologies of ultrafiltration , Active carbon powder to eliminate chlorine and reduce the incidence of toxic metals with Silver with bacteriostatic role, preventing the growth and spread of bacteria within the water filter cartridges.
• HOLLOW FIBER innovative technology brings a degree of fineness of water filtration to 0.15 microns, removing 99.99% of microorganisms, providing a clean and safe water for consumption.
• Use of certain anionic resin in combination with specific substances successfully eliminates particles of arsenic, nitrates, iron and manganese.
• In order to reduce the water hardness degree of the cationic resins are used which are neutralized by calcium carbonate particles responsible for limescale.
• water filter cartridges have different water filtration capacities from 5,000 liters to 35,000 liters or 60,000 liters, depending on the type of cartridge.
• Water filter cartridges are CE certified and approved for consumption

water filters AquaStrop
water filters AquaStrop

Compact Office AquaStrop Mini – personalized solutions & services ; filtered water proposed by AquaStropOffice range presents multiple advantages to both the employer and employees because:
oferes filtered water PROFESSIONALLY, providing values falling within chemical parameters established by Law 458 / 08.07.2002;
 offers FREE WATER 24 h 24 h, thereby complying with directives Emergency Ordinance 99/2000 regarding the obligation to ensure the 2 liters of water / person / day;
 provide more varieties of ionized filtered water (cold plain water, plain water at the network, cold soda);
 assure low cost vis-à-vis:
• Supply PET and / or water bottles
• PET acquisition and / or water bottles
• transport PET bottles and / or canned water
• Storage PET bottles and / or canned water
 protect the environment by reducing the number of plastic bottles and plastic bottles used;
 Easy to use, simply by activating a button or a tap;
 easy to maintain, with minimal costs.

PRODUCER AquaStrop Romania

aquastrop office
aquastrop office
  • Water filtration system included in the price; without CO2 and labor installation tube; EXW TIMISOARA, RO



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