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Effects of drinking molecular hydrogen water on the quality of life QOL of cancer patients treated with RADIATION therapy

Effects of drinking molecular hydrogen-rich water on the quality of life of cancer patients treated with radiation therapy tumors of liver
Molecular hydrogen dissolved in water improved the QOL of (liver) cancer patients receiving radiotherapy
Molecular hydrogen water mitigated oxidative stress marker during radiotherapy
Molecular hydrogen water did NOT compromise the radiation cancer treatment efficacies
Molecular hydrogen water treatment did NOT alter liver function or blood composition during radiotherapy

hydrogen-rich water protects LIVER function of colorectal CANCER patients during CHEMOTHERAPY

The hydrogen-rich water group exhibited no significant differences in liver function before and after treatment, whereas the placebo group exhibited significantly elevated levels of ALT, AST and IBIL. Thus, hydrogen-rich water appeared to alleviate the mFOLFOX6-related liver injury

Hydrogen-rich water for improvements of MOOD,ANXIETY and AUTONOMIC NERVE FUNCTION in daily life

Hydrogen-rich water for improvements of mood, anxiety, and autonomic nerve function in daily life

Effects of hydrogen rich water on prolonged intermittent EXERCISE

Effects of hydrogen rich water on prolonged intermittent exercise

Hydrogen-rich water affected blood alkalinity in physically active men

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