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compare AlkaViva H2 water ionizers & purifiers(2 filters)

We compared the new AlkaViva water purifiers (2 filters) – ionizers with Hydrogen Infusion Technology H2. All these water purifiers-ionizers(Melody II H2, Athena H2, Vesta H2) are water purifiers -ionizers with Double Reverse AutoCleanse System for electrode / water ionization plates DARC, water purifiers – ionizers with SMPS power source and AutoAdjust technology (that dynamically & real time varies the power applied to the electrodes according to the varying mineral content of the filtered water that enters the water ionization cell), water purifiers-ionisers with SmartDesign electrodes (low power, small in size but energy effective),water purifiers – ionizers with 2 water filters (a water prefilter and water filter) , and water purifiers – ionizers with the most recent AlkaViva technology: infusion of hydrogen H2

water ionizer working principle : alkaline ionized water – what is it? And what is water ionizer pH & H2?

(Română) Ce sunt apa ionizata alcalina, pH-ul si ORP?
Ce proprietati si beneficii are apa ionizata ?
Cum funtioneaza un ionizator de apa?