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Uses Of Ionized Acid Water

Water ionizer home use – Uses Of acid Ionized Water

Skin & Hair

  1. Acid Ionized Water is used To lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face. Speeds up skin renewal process.
  2. Acid Ionized Water is used As a skin toner.
  3. Acid Ionized Water is used To lessen the appearance of age spots.
  4. Acid Ionized Water is used  For dry skin patches or rough skin.
  5. Acid Ionized Water  kills bacteria and is used  Carry a bottle around and use as a hand sanitizer.  It will not dry the hands out.
  6. Acid Ionized Water is used To replace expensive skin moisturizers and creams.
  7. Acid Ionized Water for hair is used As a hair conditioner.
  8. Acid Ionized Water  for hair is used For dandruff. Use as a final rinse.
  9. Acid Ionized Water is used For skin rashes or baby diaper rash.
  10. Acid Ionized Water is used To prevent shaving bumps.
  11. Acid Ionized Water is used As an aftershave.
  12. Acid Ionized Water is used For poison ivy and other plant rashes.
  13. Acid Ionized Water is used On skin for Eczema. Spritz three times a day and let air dry.
  14. Acid Ionized Water is used On skin for Psoriasis.Alkaline ionized water rich in hydrogen is also good for psoriasis if you drink it i.e.
  15. Positive effects of hydrogen-water bathing in patients of PSORIAZIS and PARAPSORIAZIS en plaques; Improvement of PSORIASIS-associated ARTHRITIS and SKIN LESSIONS by treatment with molecular hydrogen
  16. Acid Ionized Water is used On skin for Rosacea.
  17. Acid Ionized Water is used For acne of every type.  Spritz on after washing and let air dry.
  18. Acid Ionized Water is used To lessen the appearance of scars.
  19. Acid Ionized Water is used To spray in shoes to disinfect and deodorize.
  20. Acid Ionized Water is used In place of deodorant
  21. Acid Ionized Water for washing is used Pour into bath water to soften skin.
  22. Acid Ionized Water is used Spritz on face for a refreshing pick me up.
  23. Acid Ionized Water is used As a soak for sore rough feet.
  24. Acid Ionized Water kills bacteria and is used For Athletes Foot.
  25. Acid Ionized Water kills bacteria and  is used For jock itch.
  26. Acid Ionized kills bacteria and  Water is used For female yeast infections and other female issues.
  27. Acid Ionized Water kills bacteria and  is used For toe fungus.
  28. Acid Ionized Water kills bacteria and  is used For ingrown toenails.

Acid Ionized Water is used for Food Preparation

  1. Acid Ionized Water is used  To kill bacteria on fruits and vegetables by using the mist or dipping.
  2. Acid Ionized Water kills bacteria and  is used Use in meat and dairy product facilities as a sterilizing and cleaning agent.

Acid Ionized Water is used as Internal Disinfectant

  1. Acid Ionized Water kills bacteria and  is used As a mouthwash and gargle.
  2. Acid Ionized Water kills bacteria is used  As a toothpaste.
  3. Acid Ionized Water is used  For pink eye.
  4. Acid Ionized Water kills bacteria is used  For ear infections.
  5. Acid Ionized Water is used For infected tooth or gums.
  6. Acid Ionized Water is used As a gargle for a sore throat.
  7. Acid Ionized Water is used  As an enema.
  8. Acid Ionized Water kills bacteria  is used To treat bad breath.

Acid Ionized Water is used  as First Aid & Sterilizer

  1. Acid Ionized Water is used For burns.
  2. Acid Ionized Water kills bacteria  is used For minor cuts and scrapes.
  3. Acid Ionized Water is used To promote faster healing of cuts and wounds.Alkaline ionized water is also great for skin wounds if you drink it i.e. molecular hydrogen water for patients with pressure ulcer – effects on normal human SKIN WOUNDS
  4. Acid Ionized Water is used To stop bleeding in minor cuts.
  5. Acid Ionized Water is used Use on boils.
  6. Acid Ionized Water is used In doctor’s and dentist’s offices for cleaning and antibacterial.
  7. Acid Ionized Water is used In clinical applications to sterilize surgical instruments.

Acid Ionized Water is used for Cleaning Purposes

  1. Acid Ionized Water kills bacteria and  is used To sanitize bathrooms and kitchen counters.
  2. Acid Ionized Water is used On cutting boards.
  3. Acid Ionized Water is used To spray directly in refrigerator for foul odors.
  4. Acid Ionized Water is used To spray on carpets and rubber bathtub mats.
  5. Acid Ionized Water to clean windows is used As a streak free glass and mirror cleaner.
  6. Acid Ionized Water is used For cleaning wood floors (a light mist is all that is needed).
  7. Acid Ionized Water is used To clean dirt and grime all over the house (removes fingerprints from drywall), etc.
  8. Acid Ionized Water is used To sanitize the interior of your washer and dryer.
  9. Acid Ionized Water is used On household sponges to extend their life and prevent foul odors.
  10. Acid Ionized Water is used To spray into laundry baskets to kill mold and fungi.
  11. Acid Ionized Water is used To disinfect human and pet bedding.
  12. Acid Ionized Water is used For auto glass.
  13. Acid Ionized Water is used For chrome polishing.
  14. Acid Ionized Water is used To sanitize phones.
  15. Acid Ionized Water is used To sanitize computer keyboards (light spritz).
  16. Acid Ionized Water is used To disinfect doorknobs and handles.
  17. Acid Ionized Water is used For deodorizing.

Acid Ionized Water is used for Pets

  1. Acid Ionized Water is used In cat litter boxes to kill odors and bacteria.
  2. Acid Ionized Water is used On animal’s skin for any kind of skin issue.
  3. Acid Ionized Water is used Spray in bird cages.  The water will not hurt the bird.

Acid Ionized Water is used  for Bug Control

  1. Acid Ionized Water is used to Spray on ant trails to deter them.
  2. Acid Ionized Water Kills many types of spiders and insects.

The best part about using acid ionized water for your skin and as a cleaner is that you can now get rid of all those potentially dangerous chemicals lying around the house!

water ionizer home uses ( Alkaline, neutral, acidic )


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Ionized hydrogen water uses(alkaline, neutral, acidic)

water ionizer for home uses ( Alkaline, neutral, acidic )

Drinking alkaline ionized water, Cleaning and washing  with highly alkaline ionized water  rinsing, embalming and disinfecting with acidic ionized water.

  • As explained in this articleWATER IONIZER WORKING PRINCIPLE : ALKALINE IONIZED WATER – WHAT IS IT? –    through a water ionizer purifier and alkalizer machine,  by performing water electrolysis , the input filtered water (that enters the water ionizer chamber and comes in contact with the water ionizer platinum plates ) is split into 2 output streams :

    1.  ionized alkaline water that is also antioxidant due to molecular hydrogen gas dissolved in it via electrolysis ( a water ionizer is a generator of hydrogen in water ) this alkaline ionized water is for drinking (pH <10) or for washing machine / laundry, fruits and vegetables washing , cooking etc – details below

     2 . acid(pH<7) ionized water that is oxidative and is usually used externally for disinfecting wounds, skin, eczema or surfaces as strongly acid ionized water kills bacteria : you can use acid ionized water to rinse hair , clean windows and other surfaces ; details below


    • Alkaline ionized Water (hydrogen water) ( a water ionizer pH levels range from about 7.5 to about 10.5-11 (we obtained above  12 pH with the alkaviva Delphi H2 water ionizer in Tenerife – the best water ionizer on the market!) on the alkaline side . Alkaline ionized water is harder than any other water to store in such a way as to keep the pH / ORP qualities. Therefore An entire page to show you exactly how to store alkaline ionized water well. 
    • Filtered / purified water (not ionized water , usually neutral pH water (it will have the same pH as your source water). For babies and toddlers it’s best to use filtered / purified water which is neither alkaline nor acidic. pH range 7-8. Also, when you are taking medication filtered water is best as alkaline ionized water increases  nutrients and supplements adsorption.
    • Acid ionized water: If you set your water ionizer unit on and Acidic-level, alkaline ionized water [which is drinkable by the way] will come out the bottom water ionizer hose, Otherwise, acid ionized water comes out of the bottom water ionizer hose or spout when you are pouring alkaline ionized water. Acidic ionized water stores very well. You can keep it in an open container, tub, etc. and it will remain the same acidity as when you poured it.


here are a few examples (more will be given at the end of the article):

ionized water for kidney disease/ kidney failure:

  • Does alkaline ionized water from ionizer have any side effects /negative effects ?
  • If the water ionizer pH is lower than 10 there are no water ionizer health risks that we are aware of so far (please read the link above hydrogen water safety – you will also find answers regarding water ionizer benefits,water ionizer research, water ionizer study etc ) .
  • If the water ionizer pH is above 10 please do not drink this ionized alkaline water (at least not for a very long time ; rather use this highly alkaline ionized water for cleaning you laundry / washing machine ,  fruits, vegetables and cooking)
  • Cleaning & Laundry using highly alkaline ionized water:
  • At the highest levels of alkalinity [10.5 – 12 pH] the ionized alkaline water will emulsify oils. This is great for soaking non-organic vegetables in, because soaking in it will help to naturally remove the oily pesticides from the outer layer of the vegetable.
  • High alkaline ionized  water also has another great use as a stain-remover. Some water ionizer consumers report have had success with completely removing chocolate, blood, blue-berry stain, peanut butter, pet-stains and other stains from clothing, carpets, tile-grout, and furniture over the years – use ionized water high alkaline  for laundry in the washing machine( don’t put the water ionizer in the washing machine, just the high alkaline ionized water 🙂 ) .
  • Here are some other ionized water home use ideas for using the highest water ionizer pH water for cleaning [we’ll cover the lowest acid-water later]:
    • You can pour a bowl of the high alkaline and a second one of acidic water… for cleaning fine washables [like stockings, silk skarf, etc.]. When you do this I suggest to let it soak for several minutes in the high alkaline, then agitate and wring-out the garments. Follow this up with a soak in the low acid water, which will act as a germicidal, softener [removing any residual alkaline minerals], and freshen it up.
    • water ionizer for laundry / washing machine : You can pour 2 – 4 gallons of high alkaline ionized water in the washing machine for laundry and not need to use detergent.
    • You can use high alkaline ionized water to clean windows and other greasy areas,  , floors, stoves and countertops.


  • Medications: A neutral 7.0 – 8.0 pH filtered water is perfect for taking medications. For 20-30 min. before and after taking medications it is suggested to only drink filtered water. The chemical make-up of medications and the predicted rate of absorption into the body can be altered by consuming microclustered, ionized water with them. Rather than take a chance of messing up your doctor’s plans, it’s better to just take the safe route described here.
  • Infants & Todlers: A neutral pH is perfect for babies. Give babies and todlers “filtered” water, not ionized water, until they are about 2 years old. After that, you can slowly introduce them to ionized alkaline water [i.e., over the next 2 – 3 years use level 1, then do the same for level 2, etc.]. At about 9 or 10, a child can drink the same water ionizer pH level as an adult.


Properties & Benefits of Ionized , Alkaline Water

Properties & Benefits of Ionized , Alkaline Water

Possibly The Most Important Health Advance of The 21st Century

by Blake Sawyer why ionized water There are two things to remember when it comes to water:

  • It’s the most important substance to all life on this planet
  • Our bodies are made up of more than 70% water

Distilled, reverse osmosis, spring, bottled, tap and mineral are all water. But is all water the same or even similar? Is one better than another? Volumes have been written on the subject. But the facts are facts… Ionized alkaline  water is different than any of the before mentioned waters. It has twelve different properties to it that no other water (save glacier milk) has. Here are a few differences:

  • Ionized alkaline water is hexagonally shaped (like a snowflake). It is considered to be the healthiest water in the world to drink. [Fish, plankton or algae quickly die in de-ionized, distilled pentagonal water]
  • Ionized alkaline water is structured water with hydrogen bonding. All bio-mechanical processes of the human body function at the cellular level. It is the hydrogen bonding of structured water that provides the greatest support for these vital processes.
  • Ionized alkaline water is living water.

What is / about living water?

All electrons in water are either spin / rotation left or right. The higher the spin speed the more water left electrons is considered to support the vitality, the living water. Only Alkaline ionized water has this quality.

Did you know that AlkaViva water ionizers have been tested in Canada laboratories see  to what extent they give vitality to water load (how much life force water acquires once it passes through them), and compared  with other waters considered to be living including Kangen Water?


  • Ionized alkaline water is the only water that has a low surface tension. Surface tension is measured in dynes. This allows for greater absorption of water and nutrients into the body.
  • Ionized alkaline water has a very alkaline pH. It can be from 100 to thousands times more alkaline than all the aforementioned waters. Alkaline water removes acidosis from the body, the environment in which all diseases dwell, as well as the cause of most diseases.
  • Ionized alkaline water has Super Conductive properties. Only ionized water holds an electrical charge. This is what gives water it’s vitality.
  • Ionized alkaline water is in clusters of 4 to 6 H20 molecules. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance has shown that this is one third that of other waters, which has clusters of 10 to 15 molecules. This cluster reduction helps cells absorb ionized water quickly and efficiently.
  • Ionized alkaline water is ‘pure’ or ‘virgin’ water. Everything water has been exposed to leaves an electromagnetic frequency signature or imprint. Negative frequencies (example: is your tap water recycled sewage like in most major cities?) are associated with diseases. Ionized water is virgin water because the EMF have been ‘reset’.
  • Ionized alkaline water has millions of hydroxyl ions per glass. No other water has this incredible benefit. Hydroxyl ions help ‘neutralize’ unhealthy cells that cause destructive free radicals in the body.
  • Ionized alkaline water oxygenates the body via an increase in the Oxygen/ Hydrogen angle. All other water is void of this benefit.
  • Ionized alkaline water has positive polarity. Almost all other waters are negative in their polarity. Only positive polarity water can efficiently help flush out toxins and poisons in the body at the cellular level.
  • Ionized alkaline water is highly positive charged. This allows the cells to efficiently transmit photons to each other. This allows productive vital cell to cell communication.
  • Ionized alkaline Water is thousands times more healthful to your body than any other water. And the proof “is in the pudding” so to speak. Everyone who drinks ionized water, either in it’s natural state as glacier milk, or from a properly built and functioning water ionizer, lives in a state of health light years beyond those that don’t.
  • Did you know that 15% of the population of Japan that drink ionized alkaline water from water ionizers have a 10 plus year longer life expectancy than those in the United States? And they have been drinking the ionized water for an average of only 12 years! Just think if they would have started drinking ionized water from birth!
  • One glass of ionized alkaline water can hydrate your body better than gallons of any other water.
  • Ionized alkaline water alkalizes your body better than the only other method (eating a 100% organic and raw vegetarian diet).
  • Ionized alkaline water removes damaging free-radicals from your body more efficiently than consuming bottles of vitamin C!.
  • Ionized alkaline water oxygenates your body more effectively than any other ‘oxygen’ therapy.
  • Ionized alkaline water can help flush many toxins and poisons out of your body better and with considerably less negative effects than any other detox program/protocol.
  • Myth 1:Adding baking soda to your water will change the pH. However, you will not get any antioxidant benefits or the same hydration benefits or any other of the above mentioned benefits  that you can get from an electric water ionizer.
  • Myth 2:
    • Bottled alkaline water is wonderful, but there are many drawbacks. It costs over 40 times more than getting water from a water ionizer. Plus, alkaline water is best when it is fresh.
    • Electric water ionizers and non-electric “ionizers” are the same.
  • Myth  3: Non-electric units create only alkaline water, not ionized water. There is a big difference. Only electric water ionizers will give you the antioxidant charge, lifeforce, etc-see above  that fights free radicals and keeps you looking and feeling your best. So what is the healthiest alkaline water choice and how is it made?

“Some of the researched benefits of drinking ionized/alkalized water are:
1. It may help to normalize insulin and body weight
2. It may help to maintain proper cholesterol levels
3. It can help to normalize your blood pressure
4. It can help to reduce systemic acidity
5. It can help to maintain proper electrolyte activity
6. It may have anti-aging qualities
7. It helps to promote an increase in energy levels
8. It has been shown to increase bone density
9. It can help to regulate digestive health, and increase immune function
10. It can increase hydration levels
11. Some research has been done that shows it may have anti-carcinogenic qualities
12. Alkaline ionized water can be effective in reducing constipation and diarrhea, and can help to treat skin disorders” Dr. James Lembeck  – a consultant to the nutrition industry for over twenty five years; he owns a product development and design company (Colorado Therapeutic Enterprises LLC). He has authored well over seven hundred published articles during this time period, as well contributing material for books now in print. You can find a wealth of additional health, herbal and nutrition information on his web site: http://www.health-compendium.com.

What to expect from drinking ionized alkaline water?