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ionized water, Heart Disease & strokes

Ionized water & Heart disease

by Dr. Robert O. Young,PhD

Dr. Robert O. Young
As always, Dr Robert O. Young is ‘on the money’ about averting serious disease. Here’s his latest missive about heart disease:

“Do YOU know what sets off a heart attack or stroke?

The answer is a four letter word – A C I D!

Heart attacks, strokes, and cardiac arrests seem like they come out of the blue, but they do not.They usually appear after cholesterol-rich acidic plaque has festered in the arteries that nourish the heart and brain.

So what makes one happen at a particular time?

A trigger, reports the July 2007 issue of the “Harvard Heart Letter.”

Important triggers include:

Waking from sleep. Before you wake up, your body trickles acidic stress hormones into the bloodstream. This helps you get up, but also slightly stresses the heart. That, along with dehydration that occurs overnight and the overnight fade in protection from acidic heart medicines, may explain why heart attacks are most common in the morning.

Heavy physical exertion is highly acidic. Shoveling snow, running, and other strenuous activities can be acidic triggers. But don’t be afraid to exercise – exertion is much less likely to cause trouble in people who exercise and are living and eating alkaline regularly.

Anger is a highly acidic emotion. A bout of anger can increase the chances of having a heart attack up to 14-fold during the following two hours.

Outfections of acidity. Pneumonia, flu, and other outfections can be potent acidic triggers for heart attacks and strokes.

An acidic meal of meat, alcohol and dairy will tenderize and weaken the heart and lead to a cardiac arrest. Just like Heinz 57 steak sauce tenderizes a steak so acid from meat (especially chicken and pork), alcohol, and the lactic acid from dairy products will tenderize and weaken your heart setting you up for a heart attack or cardiac arrest.

Other triggers include sexual activity (if not alkaline), overeating (highly acidic), severe hot or cold weather, air pollution, natural disasters, drug use (always acidic), grief lack of sleep and cholesterol lowering drugs.

Of course, most people with heart disease (or an acidic heart) get out of bed in the morning, shovel snow, make love, get angry, and suffer through the cleansing effects of the flu just fine. Still, knowing what sets off heart attacks, strokes, or cardiac arrests can help you avoid triggers or blunt their power, says the “Harvard Heart Letter.” Your insurance policy for preventing a heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrest is very simply – get off the acidic foods, drinks and emotions and start alkalizing your body with the pH Miracle Living Plan.” ~ Dr Robert O. Young

Dr Robert O. Young ENDORSES OUR water ionizers(NOT other brands) as a great addition to an alkaline lifestyle, to help prevent & fight disease & illness caused by acidosis

Water Ionizers Plate Power

Water Ionizers Plate Power


Technical reasons why Bigger water ionizer plates implies LESS ionization performance & LESS durability for water ionizers.

Many of our competitors misleadingly claim that when it comes to water ionizers and plate size that “bigger is better”. This is an easy argument to make and savvy – yet misleading – marketing.

For scientific & technical reasons, it is simply NOT true.

The truth is that efficiency and the resulting performance are a direct result of how the electrical power is applied to the plates. NOT plate size.

It is a fact that all water ionizers  use the same standard source of power – 120 volts in North America/220 volt in UE.

What happens to that power is the critical consideration – not the plate size. When the standard 120v/220v power is applied to the smaller sized plates, the power is more concentrated. The concentrated power is also delivered more efficiently by OUR industry leading MESH plate design.(as found in our Athena & Ultra-Delphi water ionizers) The mesh grid provides specific channels which very effectively distributes the electrical power in an even and controlled manner across the surface of the entire plate to achieve better alteration to the pH and ORP.

The opposite occurs in larger plates. When the same 120v/220v input voltage is spread out over a larger surface area it diffuses or dilutes the power. The larger plate size also provides more resistance requiring our competitors to use a faster flow of electrons (amps). This actually creates more stress on the plating, making it susceptible to more degradation over time. Additionally , solid plates (as opposed to mesh) do not provide a uniform means to channel the current. This results in a very diffuse delivery of power which is inefficiently or unevenly dispersed and a less efficient and effective alteration to the pH and ORP.

This information is easily depicted in the table below. You can see that our plates deliver almost one volt for every square inch of our plate; our competitor(brand we used to import in the past) spreads one volt over almost four square inches:

AlkaViva Athena Kangen SD501
Square inches of plate surface    110 sq in 466 sq in
Voltage 120VAC 120VAC
Watts 110W 230W
Amps 1a 2a
Volts per square inch 110 sq in / 120v = one volt per every .916 sq in 466 sq in / 120v = one volt per every 3.88 sq in
Watts per square inch 110sq in / 110w = one watt per every square inch 466 sq in / 230w = one watt for every 2.02 square inch


More concentrated power delivered more evenly and efficiently is why we can do more with less.

The easiest way to substantiate the effect on performance is to view the Certified Independent Laboratory Testing. This EPA analytical lab clearly showed OUR SMALLER MESH plates with more concentrated and efficient power delivery out perform the competition’s larger plates.

NOTE: WE are always willing to test & compare our water ionizers right in front of you with any other brand using the same source of water.

In summary, our competitors use more watts and amps, spreading the same input voltage over a plate surface area that is over four times larger. They do NOT deliver the power evenly or efficiently and must do so with greater resistance.

More power means more heat, which means the platinum plating breaks down faster on the surface of the electrode. This equals poor performance over time.

So now you can see that in truth, bigger is not better. This is why the electronics industry (and others) has shown that when technology advances, it typically results in smaller, more powerful and devices. Why would water ionizers be any different?

The truth is they are not.

Bigger water ionizer plates implies LESS ionization performance & LESS durability

If interested please contact us for a more detailed and scientific report on this subject.

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INDEPENDENT Laboratory (CERTIFIED US EPA) TEST on water ionizers

Lab  Report:

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