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Apa ionizata Boli de inima si accident vascular cerebral

Dr. Robert O. Young – bolile de de inima si accidente vasculare cerebrale sunt cauzate si declansate de aciditate si cum sa preveniti si tratati, cu apa ionizata alcalina

Kangen si Enagic®

(English) Recently there has been a lot of talk about the unique and health-giving benefits of a type of treated water being described as kangen and the MLM company Enagic®.

The Enagic® Corporation of Japan is the owner of US registered trademarks KANGEN WATER® and ENAGIC®. This interest in kangen, in the USA, coincided with a push into the alkaline water market by the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company Enagic®. Enagic® corporation has been doing a fantastic job of introducing the concept of alkaline and acid water to many people who otherwise would not know about the wonderful, healthful benefits of such treated water.

This article is written with the intention to address some of what is been said on other web sites and in public meetings regarding the treated water known as KANGEN, so that customers wanting the best value for their money, are able to make an informed opinion about Kangen and Enagic® water ionizers models, without the misunderstanding.

Ionizatoare apa -mai mari NU sunt mai bune

Care ionizatoare apa sunt mai bune si de ce :cele cu placi mai mari si mai multe ,ce necesita mai multa putere ?