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(Română) studii si observatii referitor apa ionizata alcalina /apa hidrogenata si SANATATEA

a growing body of scientific and clinical literature shows increasing support for ERW as a “functional” drinking water that scavenges free radicals, diminishes systemic inflammation, and is a useful adjunct for treating ROS-associated diseases, including diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. From observations of the blood, it appears to mitigate early blood clotting and systemic inflammation seen as sticky, aggregated RBCs and fibrin. Collectively, this evidence points to ERW as a healthy drinking water

(Română) Studii clinice si stiintifice apa ionizata

(Română) Studii clinice si stiintifice apa ionizata
Oamenii de știință se referă la apa ionizata alcalina ca apa «negativa», apa redusa, sau electroliza apei reduse (ERW), din cauza sarcinii electrice negative apei.

Apă acidă, ionizata este numita apa de oxidare sau apa de oxidare electrolizata (EOW), din cauza că este pozitiva sarcina electrica.